grc.bashrc no such file or directory

I am newbie to OSX, I tried to install bash, but when I running the terminal I got this error msg: -bash: /usr/local/Cellar/grc/1.5/etc/grc.bashrc: No such file or directory so how I can fix it?Reading the output of brew info grc grc: stable 1.5 http

Mac OS X Lion / Mountain Lion Cache Missing Profiling

Is there any tool to profile cache misses on Mac OS X Lion and iOS. If you know how to do that in instruments please help. Shark (CHUD package) do not install on Mac OS X Lion and later, so I can't use shark. At the same time I can't find the functio

NULL function pointer, function declared in a header file

I have a problem handling a function pointer.I have made a class Control that has a function pointer as member: void (*mouseFunction) (Control*, Event*); The member is protected, and it has setter and getter: void (*getMouseFunction()) (Control*,Even

Mountain Lion Helper Privileged Helper Daemon Status

I'm building an app for 10.8+ which among other things has to patch files. Because of this functionality I have created a "PrivilegedHelperTool" and installed as KeepLive = YES RunAtLoad = YES (so it's always running). I also use XPC over mach f

Screen: Can not find terminfo entry for 'xterm-256color'

When I run screen on the remote host(running Linux), I obtain the following error: Cannot find terminfo entry for 'xterm-256color'. I am running terminal on Mac OSX Lion to access the remote host. I have googled to find out the solution to this probl

Mac C ++ preprocessor indicator for sdk

I have an include file which I need to include if building against the 10.7 SDK or higher, but should not be included otherwise (i.e. for 10.6 sdk). What preprocessor flag can I use in this case?Have a look at the Availability.h header, the __MAC_10_

git add -i keeps returning perl no user error on Mac OSX Lion

git add -i is giving me the following error perl: no user 502 It has always worked fine but now, out of the blue, I am getting this error. All other commands like git add <filename>, git status, git commit are working fine. What's going on here? Thi

Get permissions to create a new folder using NSFileManager

I'm having some problems trying to create a folder using NSFileManager in MacOS X. I'm creating the software in Lion if that changes anything. Anyway. The program structure is something like this: Fill in some fields. Choose a folder using NSOpenPane

No longer able to call Curl or Ruby in OS X Terminal

I am running OS X 10.7.3. I installed Git. I then git cloned cloned NVM: git clone git:// ~/.nvm Since I git cloned NVM, simple commands such as "curl" and "ruby" are no longer recognized in my terminal. Di

Use gcc not llvm-gcc with Mac OS X Lion

gcc is symbolically linked to llvm-gcc on Mac OS X Lion. prosseek ~> ls -alF /usr/bin/gcc lrwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 12 Nov 12 14:39 /usr/bin/[email protected] -> llvm-gcc-4.2 How can I setup to use gcc-4.2 when gcc is called?As of Xcode 4.2 in Lion, Apple no longe

Is the OSX Lion Preview application scriptable?

Is OSX Lion (or older OSX) release of Preview scriptable?Preview is not now, and have never been AppleScript-able, which does suck. It'd be nice if it were, though. From this blog: However, from 10.4–10.6 it was possible to enable the default Cocoa s

How to add row-span in NSTableView based on the view?

I'm trying to get a table layout as shown below working with view-based NSTableViews that have been introduced in Lion. There were multiple approaches described for cell-based NSTableViews, e.g. Mimic the artwork column, but these don't really apply

nanosleep () ever & ldquo; wake up & quot; on OS X Lion

I'm using XCode 4.2 in Lion. When I compile my app with the Debug profile (Pressing Apple+R to run it), then when I call nanosleep it never returns from that function. Ever. If I profile the code (building Release profile) then it does return. I'm ju

How can I tell bundle that I installed Ruby 1.9.2 on OS X Lion?

I installed Ruby 1.9.2 on OS X Lion using brew install ruby and updated gem to 1.8.11 using gem update --system. However, on my Rails 3 project, bundle is still using the Ruby 1.8 path (/System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8/Ruby) to

Lion + Xcode 3.2.3 starting problem

I just got a book for iPhone programming from the library which is based on Xcode 3.x so I want to start with that. Fortunately I updated from SnowLeopard to Lion with Xcode already installed so I didn't have problems to get it installed or running i

Build Android 2.2 on Mac OS X Lion

I want to build Android 2.2 for Mac OS X Lion, I initialized build environment and fetched the source code from android repository as mentioned in their site. I installed jdk 1.5 also. Everything went fine expect for an error regarding libSDL. ld: wa

Multi-thread test

I'm trying to make sure that my implementation of ObjC multithreading is proper when I transfer the application from single-thread to multiple. Right now I have unit tests set up to make sure everything works properly in the single-thread environment

os x lion macport problem

I'm trying to install tomcat6 on OS X Lion using via macport 2.0. However, there is problem during the installation of one of the dependencies "commons-dbcp" The messages are as follows ---> Building commons-dbcp Error: Target org.macports.bu

How to solve GPS error Xcode 4.1 (LION)?

My project worked perfectly on simulator+device, but now, after upgrading to lion os and xcode 4.1, I get this error when gps is active! server did not accept client registration 68 It's a gps based application, and i'm nervous to not debug app in si