How to add a third party dependency in osgi Liferay DXP

I am working with Liferay DXP and I have created a service-builder module. In this module, I have to use the "oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver" class because I have developed a FinderImpl in order to add a method. This method calls a procedure wh

How to automate bndtools constructs

I am relatively new to the OSGi world and need help to understand how to automate my build process. I got myself familiar with using bndtool in Eclipse and I learnt how to resolve dependencies, run, test, debug and generate a standalone jar. I also w

Is there a way to get CRX content without using OSGI?

Is there any way to get CRX content without using OSGI service? Am looking for an use case to implement a top navigation for a website which is required to read page names and its properties via javascript framework like angular JS.You could get it a

Importing internal packages into OSGI

I have recently begun converting existing maven projects to OSGI bundles and am confused about what all I need to list in the <Import-Packages> tags in the POM file. Initially I put an asterisk to see everything OSGI thought is need and was surprise

Can not save a filter in the CXF bundle of my bundle

I am having trouble using the Pax Web Whiteboard service to register a javax.servlet.Filter to a running JaxRS endpoint registered through CXF. I have tried a few different approaches, namely registering the Filter as a service, and using the org.ops

Using declarative services with the built-in Felix framework

I am developing a desktop OSGi app with declarative services on Mac OS X using Netbeans and Maven. I start the Felix framework from within a Java application and load my OSGi bundles using AutoProcessor.process(). However, I cannot get services refer

Karaf - Kafka OSGI bundle - Producer problem

I am trying to create a simple bundle for Kafka producer in apache Karaf version 4.0.3 . Here is my Java code Properties props = new Properties(); props.put("bootstrap.servers", "localhost:9092"); props.put("acks", "all&

Deploying a simple Spring web application on OSGI with Karaf

I'm trying to run a simple Spring Web application on OSGI - Karaf 3.0.1 with no results. On my fresh Karaf instance I've installed following features: spring 4.0.2.RELEASE_1 spring-web 4.0.2.RELEASE_1 pax-http 3.0.1 pax-war 3.0.1 war 3.0.1 pax-jetty

Dozer: ClassNotFoundException in the Osgi Environment

I am using Dozer in Osgi environement(Apache karaf). Version user 5.4.0. Pom dependency looks like below. <dependency> <groupId>net.sf.dozer</groupId> <artifactId>dozer-osgi</artifactId> <version>5.4.0</version> &

Osgi bundle ActiveMQ-Client?

i was searching for a ready to use osgi bundle of activemq-client (5.9.0>=). It seems like the jar manifest does not contain any OSGi markup by default. I also came across the activemq-osgi bundle - which contains way too much stuff i will not need a

osgi security with signed war file

can anybody help me? I would like to use osgi security in my application. Therefore i wrote a security bundle, that grant all bundles that was signed by my keystore. One of my bundles is a war file (Bundle10). If i start the server (glassfish with fe

Package imports from org.osgi. * Are they treated differently?

In OSGi, the resolution process of defined dependencies, i.e. Package imports and exports, is pretty strict when using version numbers and version ranges. If for some package import of version 1.2.3 no corresponding export with a range containing 1.2

Does zookeeper work with equinox or only with felix?

I have been looking at a tutorial on Hadoop to get ZooKeeper working, but I'm not sure if it will work in a Equinox Framework or only Felix? Any ideas?I don't have Equinox to test, so if someone else answers with personal experience, mark theirs up.

Can not Start Fragment Bundle When Using JSP with OSGi

So, I am trying to use JSP and JSTL to build the UI to work with OSGi environment. I've added the required bundle for the JSTL to work: - com.springsource.javax.servlet.jsp.jstl_1.2.0.v20110728 I have also added all the required bundle in the environ

install / update / remove package programmatically

I'm new to osgi and wonder if it is possible to have a centralized mechanism to update, install or remove bundles.Yes. You can do this programmatically, which means there are a large number of bundles that provide you out-of-the-box solutions. It is

Is there a non-Java alternative to OSGi?

Is there an OSGi like framework that is based on C/C++? I have plenty of legacy code in C/C++ that would be too expensive to be ported to Java.Here is a list of OSGi-like C/C++ frameworks I know of (and which are still active): Apache Celix [Language

How to Update Bundle in Apache Felix OSGi Framework

I'm having troubles updating my bundle from the gogo shell. I have a gogo shell running on terminal. My bundles are active in there. Now when I make changes to the code, what steps are necessary to forward these changes into the running OSGi framewor

Jboss4 in OSGI

Is it possible to run Jboss 4.2.3 as a bundle inside OSGI container? What would be the challenges associated with it? For those who cares, I am looking at running dcm4chee inside OSGI.While not impossible it would be incredibly hard, a simpler altern

web.xml in the OSGi container

pros! Looks like basic question, but I just can't find what I am looking for. I have Equinox and want to run Spring in it (bootstraped in Servlet). I can't use dm-server, nor can I use the http-bridge, just plain standalone Equinox. On the other side

Disable the cache in Apache Felix

i'm trying to follow the instructions in this thread ( to disable file system bundle cache in felix. I couldn not find a concrete example online. Can somebody help me with this? Is this reall

How to use OSGi from the Java application

I'm new whith OSGi, but it is interesting. Is it possible to interact between osgi bundles and java application? If it is possible, how? thanks! The context is that I have a big Java SE application(author is another programmer) with many dependencies

How can I manage OSGi build dependencies?

We've embedded an OSGi runtime (Equinox) into out custom client-server application to facilitate plugin development and so far things are going great. We've been using Eclipse to build plugins due to the built-in manifest editor, dependency managemen