visible odoo status bar widget

How to only show selected items from selection to statusbar. I inherited a view which Selection has only 'draft' and 'sent'. Then I added 'cancel'. state = fields.Selection([ ('draft', 'Draft'), ('sent', 'Sent'), ('cancel', 'Cancelled'), ] I wanted t

Odoo: employee entry based on department_id, a one2many domain

from this picture here when i click on the add new item, i want employee list that show up is only employees from the selected department, in the pict case is "IT" department. iam using odoo v8 ive tried this in my o2m field : class overtime(mod

Filter in Many2one

I need Many2one field only show names that are in a specific group. For example: show all members from group purchase_managers in drop down. Please help me =) I have .py assigned_to = fields.Many2one('res.users', 'Approver', track_visibility='onchang

Openerp - How to set the default value for fields.binary?

Anyone now how to set default value for fields.binary ? I succeed to put data in the fields.binary with the default_get() method, but when I try to open the file (by clicking 'Save As' button), I get this error message : Firefox cannot find the file

Disable a button based on CONDITION in Odoo?

How can i add disabled class with attributes to field based on CONDITION? I tried as below methods, 1) <t t-if="product.qty_available <= 0"> <attribute name="class">btn btn-primary btn-lg mt8 js_check_product a-submit di

Odoo removes the plus icon in the kanban view

I am developing a module and I need to remove the '+' icon into kanban view I try to set the flags 'create' to false but that also remove the create button <kanban default_group_by="state_id" create="false"> So, how I can only re

Odoo - How to get report data according to company_id

I'm trying to get payroll data for each company's employees in a report based on company_id. Here's my code: in my wizard: class hr_wps_report(osv.osv_memory): _name = '' _description = 'WPS Report' _columns = { 'date_from'"

How to get JSON data into an Odoo controller?

I am trying to send some JSON data to an Odoo controller, but when I send the request, I always get 404 as response. This is the code of my controller: import openerp.http as http import logging _logger = logging.getLogger(__name__) class Controller(

Odoo. Hide some options in the field selection

I have some selection field in my model. Here example: class MyModel(models.Model): _name = 'my_app.my_model' example_selection = fields.Selection( [ ('first', 'First'), ('second', 'Second'), # etc. ], string='My selection', ) In some cases I need hi

More colors in Odoo Tree View

Good Day! I just want to have a multiple color in tree view in Odoo, This will show if a Record state == approved colors is blue state == post colors is red Right now I only have a one color in Approved State. Many Thanks for the Help!!hi dear please

Point of sale Odoo + Posbox: how to modify the receipt

I need to modify the receipt of Point of sale In Odoo point of sale, the are two templates to print receipt : XmlReceipt and PosTicket As I use a Posbox I guess I have to modify XmlReceipt. I wonder if there is a way to inherit the original template

Calculate the own class fields and different class? - Openerp

I have problems with this code. I Hope could have some help. class demo(osv.osv): _inherit = 'compresores.datos' def _buscar_compresor(self, cr, uid, ids, context=None): auxpower = self.browse(cr, uid, id).power obj = self.pool.get('compresores.datos

Odoo: One2many domain does not work

I've encountered strange behaviour of a one2many field in Odoo. This is my code: class mrp_bom_inherit(models.Model): _inherit = '' producten_tussenmodel = fields.One2many(comodel_name='tussenmodel_wc_producten', inverse_name='bom_i

Full access openerp for a group

How to set full access to a group in my custom module in OpenErp? Now some users doesn't have access everywhere because they are filtered by domain_filters.You can create an ir.model.access.csv file, and give access rights to all the objects you want

OpenERP V7, restrict the programming of the last days

I want the calendar users can not schedule meetings or sales in the past. For example, if today is January 28, no user can schedule meetings on the 27th January. i hope u can help me Thanksi never worked with meetings so far, but its a model anyway.

Get the file path from the binary data

Is it possible to get the path of a file from binary data? I have only binary data which came from reading the file, but have no information of file path. Does the binary data have the information of path? if yes then How can I get it. I need to read

How to change the alignment of the table in the RML file?

I am working with OpenOffice designer to edit OpenERP reports, I set the alignment of table to left or right and I save and send to server. When I print the invoice report, the table is always in the center. So I am going to edit it from RML file but

OpenERP many2many fields - python

I have the table: Employees, which contains only the field 'name' and 'login' (it's associated to the table users) class Employees(osv.osv): _name = 'Employees.Employees' _columns = { 'the_name':fields.char('Name:', size = 50), 'user_id': fields.many

how do i convert to string?

I select field in database using sql command partner_obj = self.pool.get('res.partner'). browse (cr, uid, ids, *args) partner_name = partner_obj.ids customer = (partner_name) cr.execute("select from res_partner a, res_partner_address b where b

dynamically add images to an openerp rml report file

I want to do something like this in a openerp report, how would I need to go about to create this file path: <image file="images\[[]]" x="72" y="72"/> Are there ways to create variables in rml that I could then fe