Spring MVC does not insert a value in a foreign key

i really need some help and cant find the answer anywhere, and probably really basic i am trying to create a crud with spring MVC , and it is working with a single table, but when trying to add a second one with in a one to many relationship spring d

Use of orphan disposal in Hibernate

I am working in Spring-Hibernate application.My question is related to orphan removal as described below in the code. @Entity public class User { ........... @OneToMany(mappedBy = "user", orphanRemoval = true, cascade = CascadeType.ALL) List<

Odoo: One2many domain does not work

I've encountered strange behaviour of a one2many field in Odoo. This is my code: models.py: class mrp_bom_inherit(models.Model): _inherit = 'mrp.bom' producten_tussenmodel = fields.One2many(comodel_name='tussenmodel_wc_producten', inverse_name='bom_i

One to many joins but only the first row

I have 2 tables that I need to join via ID without getting the duplicate values For ID, InfoA, and InfoB. I do not need the data in column InfoB2. When I join the table on ID because it is a 1 to many join I end up with duplicate values and want to g

How effective is Last_insert_id?

I recently came across a problem where I needed to be able to grab the last ID of a query I've inserted on a page. The process was quite simple, but I'd like some reassurance on how the process is done. Here's how my code is: $query30 = $db->query(&quo

Synchronization of a one-to-many relationship in Laravel

If I have a many-to-many relationship it's super easy to update the relationship with its sync method. But what would I use to synchronize a one-to-many relationship? table posts: id, name table links: id, name, post_id Here, each Post can have multi

EF 6 - One to many mapping still null

I can't seem to resolve my mapping issue; The relationship is one user may have many venues, A venue must have a user. My venue class looks like: public class Venue : BaseObject, IBaseObject { [Required] public virtual User Owner { get; set; } [Requi

@OneToMany and different primary key

I have small problem with JPA. I have three tables (OTHER table is not relevant here, but I add it just to explain why there is table USERS without PK): ADDRESS id (PK) user_id (FK) street USERS users_id(FK) name_of_user OTHER users_id (PK) And those

DataBase Design: One to Many Database?

I am very new to database designing. I have a doubt. The question is very basic. But please help me out. i will try to expain it through an example. Suppose, I got books in one table and their authors in the other(assuming that one book is written by

EF 5, one to many, more than one table

I'm having a little of trouble with the following classes: public class TwoVariableDetails { public TwoVariableDetails() { MovementsPerBlocks = new HashSet<MovementsRow>(); MovementsPerShiftTypes = new HashSet<MovementsRow>(); MovementsPerMach

How to update a basic data object in an NSMutableSet?

I've seen many posts showing how to add or remove core data objects from an NSMutableSet for a "to-many" relationship. However, how do you update an existing one? Specifically, I am displaying a table of objects from the "many" side of

Powershell go from one association to several

I am wondering if it is possible to create switch cases with more than 1 value per case. I am trying to take in user input in different ways. The menu looks something like: $database = Read-Host "[1] db 1 [2] db2 [3] db3 [4] ALL dbs" This is the

Design efficiently a relationship between classes

I want to know if the below relationship model between classes can be improved. I am using MongoDB as a database layer. public class TodoItem { private String description; private Person person; } public class Person { private List<TodoItem> items;

@OneToMany size limit of the mapping list

Is there any way to limit the list's size of the @OneToMany relationship in JPA? Here's my code sample: @OneToMany(mappedBy = "publication", cascade=CascadeType.PERSIST) private List<Comment> commentList; I'm using EclipseLink 2.3 JPA impl

Building a JPA query for a OneToMany relationship

I've those 2 entities Class A { @OneToMany(mappedBy="a") private List<B> bs; } Class B { @ManyToOne private A a; private String name; } 1) I would like to construct a query that says get all A's that have at least one B with name ="mo

How to manage Form Collection on Symfony2 Beta?

I have an entity User and an entity Address. There is a relation One-to-Many between User and Address : class User { /** * @orm:OneToMany(targetEntity="Address") */ protected $adresses; [...] } I have a class AddressType, and class UserType : cl

JPA how to remove parents without removing children?

I'm trying to remove a parent, but I keep getting a Foreign Key violation. If I put Cascade.ALL in the parent, it delete the children too. And it's now what I want. I have my parent class : Docteur //bi-directional many-to-one association to Patient

How to add a many-to-one relationship in PostgreSQL

I have two tables: "Stock Master" and "Stock In", how do I create a many-to-one relationship between them? "Stock In" records many different stocks by different dates and quantities, but "Stock Master" must show and

How can I know the address of the proprietary object in C ++?

I would like to create in C++ a Notifier class that I will use in other objects to notify various holders when the object gets destroyed. template <class Owner> class Notifier<Owner> { public: Notifier(Owner* owner); ~Notifier(); // Notifies t