Angular 2 HttpPost at Oauth2

I'm doing an HttpPost and is giving to me error 401 but I've searched a lot on StackOverflow and I guess my call is OK, but the problem is when I execute this HttpPost on my ARC if I do not put the authorization: user:password it will popup a message

Understand oauth2 on the resource server side

I have a little question because I am trying to understand the notion of authentication server. I saw lot of diagram explaining for example oauth. But there is something I do not understand. It is the validation of the token to let access to the reso

CAS combination with OAuth

We are already using CAS for single sign on for several web applications that we are hosting. Now we are going to deploy several HTTP/REST services in our network and those need authentication and authorization. Would it be a good idea to combine CAS

Create a user accesstoken for the Android app

I am making an android app where users have the option to register via email, facebook and gmail. I would like to provide the users with an accesstoken once their registration (irrespective of method) is confirmed. So every time the user does an api

Which user is provided by App Engine Devserver

What user is provided by App Engine's devserver when requesting the user from UserService, OAuthService or Cloud Endpoints Injection?Deploy this Api class in an endpoints project: import; import

How to check if the access token has expired or not?

I am following Oauth 2.0 authentication protocol. There, it's said in the Authorization code flow after getting the Oauth Access token we need to refresh it using the refresh token if Access_toke is expired. My question is how do we know whether the

How to get an OAuth token from CloudFoundry

I want to get data from cloud foundry using curl, but I'm not able to authenticate (oauth against CF). Please, could someone point me to and example how to get oauth token? I want to use login name and password. ThanksThis isn't exactly what you aske

Integration of OAuth2 with ExactOnline

I am trying to integrate our app with Exact Online website using OAuth2,or more specifically i am trying to create hour registration which should include "Employee","Project","Hours","Hours type". function registerT

Where do you find GoogleOAuth2AuthenticationOptions?

I feel like I am missing something pretty basic however I have had a solid effort at resolving it. Basically I am trying to follow this question's answer here: It makes use of a GoogleOAuth2AuthenticationOp

google oauth error invalid_client no support email

I try to implement google oauth, following the Google OAuth2ForDevices. My App is registered on Google Cloud Console, as native App. When I try to follow the OAuth2ForDevices using Google Chromes - Advanced Rest Client Application, I get the json res

Oauth 2.0 Validity of refresh_token in the Box v2 API

The oauth docs says Each access_token is valid for 1 hour and each refresh token is valid for 14 days. To use the refresh_token to get a new access_token, make a POST request to In this response, you'll receive both a

OAuth 2.0 server for PHP

I have been struggling to find an active open-source PHP project that supports OAuth 2.0 as a server. There are tons of client examples that connect to Facebook, Twitter, etc. but as more and more people want to expose their own services through an A

How to allow OAVR 2.0 from appscript in Google APIs?

I'm playing around with AppScript and try to get an oAuth 2.0 access token. Any sample out there how to get this working in AppScript?I am working on a cleaner tutorialized version of this, but here is a simple Gist that should give you some sample c

getLoginStatusURL () migrates to OAuth2

When attempting to call getLoginStatusURL(). I get the message: Please migrate to OAuth2 and use the new /dialog/oauth endpoint. extern/login_status.php is no longer available. The getLoginStatusUrl method in the SDK has not been kept up-to-date with

Authentication with OAuth2 for an application * and * a website

I'm developing a website that is primarily accessed via an app, and I want to use OAuth2 for user registration and authentication. Since it is an Android app I will start using Google's OAuth2 stuff, since it provides a decent UI on Android. Google s

Is HMAC needed if all API calls are made via https?

If all api calls are sent through https, does HMAC add any extra security? For example, in oauth 2, the client sends its secret key to the provider without any hashing whatsoever. Is this considered secure because it's over https? While not strictly

PhoneGap and OAuth2

I am developing a PhoneGap application and require my users to sign in through Google with OAuth2. Is this possible directly through JavaScript? I have almost no experience with JavaScript (and jQuery). What are the options? I have thought of a cumbe

OAuth 2.0 customer definition

I am developing a REST based API for our system. We are going to have several types of clients: Web browsers - those will be accessing our API after loading an HTML5 app Mobile apps developed by us Mobile apps developed by 3rd parties I wanted to ask

multiple oauth providers and implicit user account creation

I'm learning oauth 2.0 and was wondering about the following scenario say I want a website to allow login with both twitter and facebook when a new user logs in for the first time using twitter, the server checks if a user with this twitter id exists

Facebook and Ajax authentication

I am building a Facebook application, and using the oAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication/authorization. When a user first visits my app I am using the protocol and store the access token in order to make future requests to the Graph API. The problem