How to get the item from the listview list using getChildAt

This question already has an answer here: What is a NullPointerException, and how do I fix it? 12 answers I have a custom view (which has checkbox) for listview. I also added a checkbox in activity layout to select all checkboxes. I'm getting all the

Why NPE works but not Exception and FileNotFoundException

This question already has an answer here: Why can't overriding methods throw exceptions broader than the overridden method? 12 answers I have overridden a method from parent and added a throws declaration on that method. It gave me error when I added

InvocationTargetException and NullPointerException JavaFX

I am using SceneBuilder to create a GUI to get information from the user via text feilds. I get this InvocationTargetException and stack trace when I click the calcPremiumButton button. > Exception in thread "JavaFX Application Thread" java.l

Suggestions Android Search slider at line X returned exception

I have been trying to get this piece of code to work but with no joy. Here is the error from logcat Search suggestions cursor at row 0 returned exception. java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'java.lang.String

NullPointerException from empty table cells

Using Java and no IDE, but rather the command line, I'm supposed to write a basic-ish phone book program focusing around arrays in which the user has three options: search for a name in an array and print the name and phone number if the name is foun

Linked list Java NullPointerException

In LinkedList we normally assign null value to last node and also use this condition to check for the last node. I am checking for the last node with the same condition either its "next" node link is null or not. But I'm unable to handle NullPoi

how to handle NullPointerException on ArrayList

My code is throwing a NullPointerException, when i select an null Arraylist this is the stack trace: javax.el.ELException: /jsf/projet/phases/viewPhases.xhtml @27,170 value="#{PhaseComponent.listPhaseTaches(PhaseComponent.phase.idphase)}": java.

setOnClickListener (this) blocks my application

I have a problem with btn.setOnClickListener(this). I have a simple project that works good, but when I add an action to the button I get the message: unfortunatelay (app name) has stopped When I comment btn.setOnClickListener(this) out the project w

NullPointerException in an array of integers

I am having a problem with a null pointer exception. Please specify some general cases of it. Here is my code: public class GuessActivity extends ListActivity implements OnClickListener { EditText GNum; Button nxt; int[] a = new int[4]; int[] d = new

Android get support Action Bar always returns NULL

I'm using the support library v7 on a certain project. I'm trying to instantiate the support action bar like this: ActionBar actionBar = getSupportActionBar(); actionBar.setDisplayHomeAsUpEnabled(true); actionBar.setDisplayOptions(ActionBar.DISPLAY_S

Unknown NullPointerException

I'm writing a simple class to simulate an airplane reservation system. Unfortunately, I keep having my plan-to-hog-all-first-class-seats glee interrupted by multiple null pointer exceptions, and I can't find them anywhere. Here is my completed work:

Java InvocationTargetException

I have used EMC Documentum Foundation Classes to perform some actions in documentum repository. The code was working fine. I exported the project as a runnable JAR and then tried to run it. However I got following error and I am not able to understan

When is it possible to catch NullPointerException?

Effective java recommend that we shouldn't catch NullPointerException. Is it always right? In many cases of catching NullPointerException, catch body only calls printStackTrace(). If I don't catch NullPointerException and call printStackTrace(), how

Android: transmitting data (extras) to a fragment

I'm new to Android programming and I'm having problems while passing an ArrayList of a Parcelable to a fragment. This is the Activity that is launched(working well!) where feedlist is an ArrayList of a parcelable Music. Intent in = new Intent(context

Android - NullPointerException at setOnCheckedChangeListener

I'm trying to customize an AlertDialog by adding RadioButton and CheckBox to ask for information from users. However, the app crashes when loading the dialog and I get NullPointerException when adding setOnCheckedChangeListener to both radio buttons

ArrayList.toArray () throws NullPointerException

I have declared two ArrayLists in my main class. One is an ArrayList of Routine objects, the other a String array of Routine names. Everytime a routine is constructed, that Routine name as well as being stored in the routine is stored in the Names ar

ViewFlipper causing a null pointer exception

I have a program which uses view flipper I am getting a NullPointerException as follows when the activity is called. I wish to cycle through a set of images as long as the activity is being run. 06-13 18:52:05.358: E/AndroidRuntime(368): Caused by: j

NullPointerException in Android onClick

ERROR/AndroidRuntime(545): at no.jarle.f02.myActivity.onClick( public void onClick( View v ) { tvTextView.setText(editText1.getText()); <--- line 38 } <application android:icon="@drawable/icon" android:label="@strin

The Android SDK does not compile applications correctly

It seems that the Android SDK doesn't compile my android app correctly. After building an app, I sometimes get seemingly random exceptions. The error goes away if I comment out the offending code, rebuild, uncomment the code, then rebuild again. For

Make the Java version of Notepad and I have a problem

I am trying to load all types of files (like Microsoft Notepad). The SwingWorker I have can load normal text just fine but when a file such as mp3, pdf, etc. is attempted to be loaded I receive a NullPointerException. Can someone take a look at my co