Get null uri from the selected pdf file

I want to get the pdf file uri, in order to send it via java mail api, the problem that I'm getting null uri. I have tried many solution but not worked with me. Here is the code: GetDocument Method public void getDocument(View view) { Intent intent =

MailComposeViewController Error: Unexpected Found Null

I'm trying to save the email and time of an email i sent, to a table view. The emails send fine, but I get this error (Error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value) whenever I click the send button. I'm not sure where is the error

Rails Test Default value in the database fails

Ok, so I am running a Postgres database in Rails 4 and for one of my models Offer the attribute :offer_status should default to declined. Here is my migration: def change create_table :offers do |t| t.integer :offer_status, default: 0 t.timestamps nu

Unform WebGL locations are null

I'm learning WebGL and I'm quite new to Stack Overflow too. So sorry if I do something wrong. My problem is that lighting doesn't quite work. I think I isolated the problem. Some of my uniforms locations are null. Searching for a solution I found out

HashSet still empty after an exception in addAll ()

Set<String> set = new HashSet<String>() { public boolean add(String arg0) { if (arg0 == null) { throw new IllegalArgumentException("Cannot add null to Set"); } return super.add(arg0); } }; set.add("s0"); Set<String> t

getParameter (); returns null

My html looks like: <form id="idForm3"> <center> <fieldset style="width:30%;"> <legend>Edit Elements:</legend> Nome:<input type="text" size="20" maxlength="20" value="

(Java beginners) Why is my table null?

Here's my method: public int randomIntegers() { array = new int[20]; Random r = new Random(); for(i =0; i<20; i++) { int intRandom = r.nextInt(1000); if (intRandom >= 100) { array[i] = intRandom; } } return array[i]; } Println: System.out.println(ar

ArrayList is nulled when the method calls another method?

I'm trying to debug pickPlayers. The list "players" is populated successfully after it adds "choice", but when "isPlaying" is called, it's null. Can anyone see why? I made sure to push the first element picked in so it should

Can not get NULL columns in sqlserver for some columns

I am working in sqlserver 2008 Security Id Accrued Into Default Accrued Out of Default Amort Into Default Amort Out of Default Security Code Geneva Investment Code Has Position WERE000015 NULL NULL NULL NULL mysec1 02635PTP8 0 WERE000016 NULL NULL NU


I'd like to limit my query to show only rows where a certain field is not empty. I found this thread where someone posed the same question and was told to use IS NOT NULL. I tried that, but I'm still getting rows where the field is empty. What is the

Why NULL bytes do not work?

I have created a simple website based on my knowledge but I discovered that it suffers from a Local File Inclusion (LFI) vulnerability. I want to test exploiting it on my computer but whenever I try to bypass with null bytes that doesn't work. I wrot

The instance variable is null when accessing from the block

I'm using the EventKit API to fetch a user's Reminders. The fetch API is done asynchrounously and when the fetch is finished there is a completion block you can use. However after I have fetched the user's Reminders I assign it to the self.eventKitRe

disable the null value in mysql search

My database table has many columns. I want to do a search based on multiple columns. Sometimes it may not be the value of some columns. How do these fields in sql query to be ineffective? Thank you. for examle: $C1=$_POST[c1]; $C2=$_POST[c2]; SELECT

iOS: NSString variable returning null

I am probably missing something obvious (still learning about Objective-C!) but for some reason one of my NSString variables has a null value in my if statement and I don't know why? I have even output to NSLog and I still can't see why it's behaving

How to recover NULL values ​​in Mysql via joins?

I want to fetch NULL values in Mysql. My query is like this-: Select sc.message FROM shipping_comment sc, sales_flat_order sfo where sfo.shipping_comment_id = sc.shipping_comment_id AND sfo.increment_id = 100000429 so If for the order no. 100000429 i

C - fopen works sometimes, and sometimes not

I'm using "Visual Studio 2010" on "Windows 7 32bit", and I'm working on my "debug" build. In my program I use fopen to access a file using this code: FILE *f = fopen("simple_test.asm", "r"); When I run (F5

Steno for isset and! empty

Stupid question, I know, but if I don't know whether a variable $var is set or not, should I use isset($var) && !empty($var) to check if it has any value in it, or is !empty($var) enough? Would there be a problem if $var is null in the second case

iReport Report / Subreport Displays Data as Null

Newbie here! I've searched high and low but I cannot find an answer that makes sense to me. I'm using iReport 4.1.1 and I want to generate a subreport containing a table using a CSV as my data source. I can successfully generate the subreport as PDF.

Java null printing

This question already has an answer here: Why does null reference print as "null" 3 answers On execution of following line : System.out.println(null); the result comes out to be null printed on console. Why does that happen?Telling from the sour

Check if an object is null in C #

I would like to prevent further processing on an object if it is null. In the following code I check if the object is null by either: if (!data.Equals(null)) and if (data != null) However, I receive a NullReferenceException at dataList.Add(data). If

Managing null values ​​in variants using Delphi

I'm working with a COM component which exposes a lot of Variant properties, but sometimes these values are null. When I try to convert these values to string (or another Delphi type) the application raises an exception like this: Could not convert va

SSAS - Always show zeros - NOT whites

I have a cube that I access via Targit (BI Solution). When I browse / use that cube I want all quantity results to be a zero if null / blank NOT a blank, but no matter what I try I get blanks. I have changed the Null Processing property for the measu

dereference the null pointer

int* p = 0; int* q = &*p; Is this undefined behavior or not? I browsed some related questions, but this specific aspect didn't show up.The answer to this question is: it depends which language standard you are following :-). In C90 and C++, this is n

Can PCGE regex be a null character?

I have a text source with nulls in it and I need to pull them out along with my regex pattern. Can regex even match a null character? I only realized I had them when my pattern refused to match and when I pasted it into Notepad++ it showed all the nu

Why is NULL = NULL set to false in the SQL Server?

In SQL server if you have nullParam=NULL in a where clause, it always evaluates to false. This is counterintuitive and has caused me many errors. I do understand the IS NULL and IS NOT NULL keywords are the correct way to do it. But why does SQL serv