Separate a painting in C

So i have a buffer (array) : char *buf; buf = malloc(1024); the buf is like "foo\0bar\0foo\0bar\0\0\0\0\0\0\0..." it contains strings separated by the null terminator. I need to separate every string. I tried using the strtok() with \0 as the de

Define users in partials

I am new to ruby on rails, and know this is a beginner error. I'm trying to create an application that displays user comments within a post. I have a comment partial pointing to my post#show, and when requesting to display <%= image_tag(comment.user.

How can I test a decimal for null?

I've got this code intended to convert null decimal vals to a "zero" value: decimal paymentTot = TryConvertToDecimal(boxPaymentAmount.Text); if ((null == paymentTot) || (paymentTot < 0)) { paymentTot = 0M; // or simply 0? } private decimal Tr

Null pointer exception in the action bar

good morning every one, I am using swipe tabs in fragments but getting null action bar. Code snippet is given below: @Override public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container, Bundle savedInstanceState) { View rootView = inflate

SQL Multiple NOT LIKE with NULL values ​​possible

I am trying to pull data where multiple fields that are not like '%1%', '%2%', and '%3% However, one or more of these fields are prone to be NULL, which is causing them to be neglected in the results. I want the results with NULL values as well. I am

R How to replicate NULL values ​​in a list

list(list(NULL,NULL),list(NULL,NULL)) The result is: [[1]] [[1]][[1]] NULL [[1]][[2]] NULL [[2]] [[2]][[1]] NULL [[2]][[2]] NULL Supposing I want to do this for larger numbers than 2, is there a way to get the same list structure with replicate?Use r

The null value of the ng-repeat filter is not displayed

Why won't angular display values that are null when I apply: ng-repeat="p in foo | filter: filter2" where filter2 is $scope.filter2 = function(p){ if (p.state === null){ return p.state; } else{ return; } }; here's a plnkr with what I'm saying: h

mysql will not take null, instead 0

I am trying to insert a NULL value into my DB, I tried different examples but the result kept turning up as 0 so I forced it, note the line below //********** $gefid = null; yet is still shows up as 0, have tried with and without quotes, capitals, yo

Java.lang.NullPointerException error. Checking a null object

So what I'm trying to do here is to check if an object exists or not through if( and I'm getting an error for that which won't let me access a null object. I also get the same error when trying to modify an object for e.g. The c

set the header to NULL ('NULL': undeclared identifier)

I defined a linked list in C++. I am trying to set a NULL value to the variable head (in the constructor of Movie_LinkedList), but I got: movie.h(40): error C2065: 'NULL' : undeclared identifier please note that I can't include any library except of

NULL checks in GLSL

I'm trying to check inside the shader (GLSL) if my vec4 is NULL. I need this for several reasons, mostly to get specific graphics cards compatible, since some of them pass a previous color in gl_FragColor, and some don't (providing a null vec4 that n

Mysql returns the result if no result in Table 2

Let's say I has this sql line: SELECT (something) FROM user_data, user_profile_image WHERE user_data.user_id='6' (AND user_profile_image.user_id='6') How do I make sure that it returns informations from the user_data field if there is no containing d

iOS: NSString loses the URL, (null) is displayed

This is my Code so far: NSString *listedImageURL = listedProduct.image; NSLog(@"URL: %@", listedImageURL); This Code works fine and NSLog shows me the correct URL. But when I try the following Code, NSLog shows up (null): NSString *listedImageUR

Why do some people do not check NULL after calling malloc?

Some time ago I downloaded a sourcecode from the Internet. There were several malloc calls, and after that there was no check for NULL. As far as I know you need to check for NULL after calling malloc. Is there a good reason for somebody not check fo

Java Loops Arrays Null Strings

So I was given a set of emails, and I am supposed to read them in, store them in an array, remove the duplicates, and print the "leftovers". I am almost able to do this, but after removing the duplicates, when I print the leftovers, it prints an

Select * Except null fields

i'm having a problem with my database. I have the folowing: create table book ( name_b varchaR(50) primary key, typee varchaR(50) not null, nmbr integer unique not null, yeare numeric(4,0) default null, ) create table story ( id integer identity(1,1)

How I handle if a NodeSelect is null in C #

Ok so I am new to C# but a very experienced developer in other langauges but i dont know how to handle if the NodeSelect is nill DirectoryInfo root = new DirectoryInfo(root_path); XmlDocument xmlDoc = new XmlDocument(); //* create an xml document obj

Loading an NSArray file from a .plist file

OK, so I know this question seems really basic, but I can't find a solution to my problem anywhere - I have a .plist file within my project entitled 'feelings'. My plist file reads: <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>feelings<

How could I fix a NullPointerException of the following code?

I have this code and when I run the script, I pass in valid parameters, but I keep on getting a NPE. Help? Code: private static Date getNearestDate(List<Date> dates, Date currentDate) { long minDiff = -1, currentTime = currentDate.getTime(); Date mi

Why value types can not be null

I know that it is possible to have Nullable value types that wraps the value type and gives ability to store null. But is there a technical reason do not allow the value type to be null or the reason is only conceptual?A reference type is storeed as

Hibernate HQL Query Columns

I have a simple HQL SELECT query. When the columns are not null, I'm able to retrieve the records. But if one of the columns are null, I don't get that record that has a null column. Here's a sample HQL query: SELECT as name, p.price as price

is this explicit casting necessary when I know it's not bad?

I have the following: MyEnum? maybeValue = GetValueOrNull(); if (null != maybeValue) { MyEnum value = (MyEnum)maybeValue; } What I want to know is if that explicit (MyEnum) cast is necessary on an instance of type MyEnum?. This seems like a simple qu