getAttribute returns the value when it does not exist

I use setAttribute to store some info on an element, so later I can restore the value to its innerHTML. My question is what exactly element.getAttribute("attr") return value will be when the attribute does not set (exist)? It seems that it retur

Current issue Null condition using the linq query

I used joins and select query for passing dynamic values for the particular entity, Some fields are null in db. So i check the condition !=null condition but the whole select statement is throwing error if i use that field. My code as follows, @place

Could not return the appropriate value, NumberFormatException

I have all my code working correctly, this program is supposed to read in a file then print it out and calculate the BMI, prem costs and display it. I am only have issues with trying to display the total price of all prems.Seeing the output, I know t

Why is @Model so bad?

View: Registration.cshtml @model MyNameSpace.Models.NewPatientRegistrationViewModel <div> ... All the HTML </div> Model: AccountViewModels.cs namespace MyNameSpace.Models { public class RegistrationViewModel { [Display(Name = "Date of Bir

Comparing two NSNumbers using the isEqualToNumber method

While I compare two NSNumbers using isEqualToNumber, it is returning a false if both numbers are nil. Why a comparison of sort [nil isEqual:nil] always returns false while nil == nil returns true ?It is the standard behaviour. You will get the same r

using sql - Is not null in a select statement

I can't seem to figure out how to use the opposite of isnull or ifnull statements in sql. I need to say if a.Error1 is not null -- then print the ' - ' and the + CHAR(13)+CHAR(10). Basically There should be no dash or no new line break if the a.Error

form_for: method not defined `new 'for nil: NilClass

Things have been working fine, but I've just updated the gems via bundle update and now my /register page is showing an error: NoMethodError in Users#new_signup undefined method `new' for nil:NilClass The error is on the form_for line in the view. Th

Recording a POJO in MongoDB with null fields using Jongo

so I have a POJO object that I am creating and saving to a MongoDB collection using Jongo: import java.util.Map; public class MyObject { private String name; private Map<String, String> mappings; public MyObject() { } public MyObject(String name, Ma

Is null an undeclared variable?

If I declare a class attribute like this: private static String month; I don't know if later in the code is right to check like this: if(month == null){ month = "January"; } My main question is, is null a non-declared variable? What is the best

Why is this object null?

Im fairly new to Java and I am getting an "java.lang.NullPointerException" Both textfields are coming back as null and Im not sure why as I used .setText() and it shows up in the textfield Essentially what I am trying to do is pass the value in

Postgres NOT IN (null) gives no results

I'm using Postgres with this query select * from Entity this_ where (this_.ID not in (null)) Why does this give me no results? I would expect to get all rows where id is not null with (this_.ID not in (1)) i get the expected resultsThe result of [not

return a null value from the database as a string value

I am extracting records from a database and some of the fields do not have values (null). I would like to extract them as string values, how can I do this? I have tried the following but get an invalid cast exception. string tc = (string)dbread["Cust

Null in context.Request

How to allow null in Context.Request: context.Response.Write(retrieveList(context.Request["SalCode"].ToString(null), context.Request["groupKeyword"].ToString(), context.Request["text"].ToString())); Firstly, Request["...

how to set a value of char array to null?

for example when I wrote: Char[] test = new Char[3] {a,b,c}; test[2] = null; it says Cannot convert null to 'char' because it is a non-nullable value type if I need to empty that array of char, is there a solution?Use a nullable char: char?[] test =

Why is there no reference & ldquo; NULL & rdquo; in C ++?

I was reading the C++ FAQ - "8.6 - When should I use references, and when should I use pointers?" and in particular this statement: Use references when you can, and pointers when you have to. ... The exception to the above is where a function's

optional reference types

Possible Duplicate: Why Option[T]? Reference types provide the special value null meaning "absence of a value". Value types have no such value, which is why C# introduced optional value types (along with special syntax for them). Scala's Option[

? (existence) operator to ruby?

Is there a .? operator in Ruby that checks if an object is nil before calling a method on it? For instance if I have to code: if person and person.neighbor and and do

Android tests for null

Ola, Android/JAVA question, I need to test if a object is not NULL and if it's not NULL check a value, thus avoiding runtime error. As my background I'm used to; if (not BackgroundWorker1 = nothing) andalso (backgroundworker.status = running)

how to set null as an integer value on the mysql server?

I need to allow saving null as integer value on mysql server, how can I do this?Assuming your question is about the "Incorrect integer value" error message... mysql> CREATE TABLE `foo` ( -> `foo_id` INT(10) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, -> `

Sort by dates (including none) with NSFetchedResultsController

In my NSFetchedResultsController, I set a sortDescriptor that sorts based on the date property of my managed objects. The problem that I have encountered (along with several others according to Google) is that nil values are sorted at the earliest en

Treat nils in the sort function

I don't know how to handle nils my sort function gets. When I have this checking in it, table.sort crashes after some calls. if a == nil then return false elseif b == nil then return true end With this error:invalid order function for sorting. But ac

Non-zero foreign keys as standard database

Background: today, an issue arose while using SQL Server Reporting Services. It seems that SSRS drop-down parameters in the report viewer don't allow you to indicate a (null) option so that you can see a report where that parameter is null. Basically

SQL Select python with possible NULL values

I'm new to python and have hit a problem with an SQL query I'm trying to perform. I am creating an SQL SELECT statement that is populated with values from an array as follows: ret = conn.execute('SELECT * FROM TestTable WHERE a = ? b = ? c = ?', *val