PySpark replaces Null by Array

After a join by ID, my data frame looks as follows: ID | Features | Vector 1 | (50,[...] | Array[1.1,2.3,...] 2 | (50,[...] | Null I ended up with Null values for some IDs in the column 'Vector'. I would like to replace these Null values by an array

The use of Null in the basic JOIN request is invalid

I am trying to run the following query in Access: SELECT CompareByOrderAndDescr.BOrder FROM CompareByOrderAndDescr LEFT JOIN OrdersNotReceived ON CompareByOrderAndDescr.BOrder = OrdersNotReceived.BOrder WHERE OrdersNotReceived.BOrder Is Null However,

How to insert a NULL value into a database with CodeIgniter?

I have the same problem, and do not understand the answer #5343141 titled "The proper way to insert a NULL into a database with CodeIgniter". I tried all given answers, without success. This is my MySQL table: The 2 last columns: `id_etablisseme

Check if a Postgres composite field is empty / empty

With postgres composite types you can basically build a field with the structure being defined as another table. I have the composite field called "recipient" of type "person". This recipient field is often left empty in my specific sc

How does JPA handle null values ​​in entities?

Let's say I have entity: @Entity public class foo(){ String field = null; //getter and setter } In database column field has default value "bar". If I persist this entity without setting field property to anything other than null, will the field

How can I avoid the print nothingness at the end?

I have coded this function that prints-out the state of the board, but in the end, due to the fact that there isnt no return the function prints an nil! Function: (defun show-board (board) (dotimes (number 8) (dotimes (number2 8) (let ((pos (aref boa

how to get NULL from sqlite in xcode

I want one application that has sqlite DB. in my sqlite DB exist 5 records that any record has 2 column. (Name,ID,key) one of all ID is NULL and I want get this. (ID is INTEGER variable) this is my code but when run it application is crashed. do { sq

How to allow temporary tables to accept NULL values

If you create temp tables using "insert into" in SQL Server it uses the first insert to determine whether a column accepts null value or not. if the first insert has null value the column become nullable otherwise it will be non-nullable. Is the

Initializing global variables in JavaScript

If I have the following line at the top of my .js file how come when I call a function that uses clickButton it says it's null? In the HTML <input type="text" onkeydown="toggle()" id="txt1" /> <input name="aButt

SQL return row if no result found

I have two tables: person id name car name person_id Currently the query goes like: SELECT FROM person, car WHERE = car.person_id Now this works fine if there is a car associated with a person. However if there isn't, t

DateTime null data from the database

I've been through the various answers here with this one already, but none give an answer that actually works. The core issue (obviously) is that DateTime hasn't any concept of NULL, so the usual string dateValue = myReader.IsDBNull (4) ? null : myRe

How can I find null elements in a table?

i have a bunch of questions and answers, the un answered questiones must be thrown at the top with error message, the answers are in array and if un answered the array stores the value as undefined array element. I tried to retrieve the position of t

Type of IOS null variable

i am actually debugging my iOS Application: i want to test if a variable is null or not: Stupid question huh ! if (var !=nil) { doSomeWork ; } So if the variable var is equal to nil and we want to print this result in the debugger area we will have s

WPF Property return int null

I have an int property in my viewmodel that returns a custom class property. I check if the class reference is null, and in that case I want to return some empty value to the view in order to NOT show any value. The code is like this: public int perc

Hibernate, MySQL, Enum and NULL

I am using MySQL database with Hibernate and there are certain Enum fields that allow NULL or empty values. It is all fine until a query is made and Hibernate tries to map the empty value on the Enum defined. I am unable to define a value in Enum tha

I do not want to make 2 API calls for this

The following code does two things: Checks to see if the item has the key "checkins" Gets the checkins value if it has the key I really don't like making two API calls for this. Its really slowed my code down but I'm forced to because if I make

Integration with SAP

I am creating a system to integrate with SAP. The client gave me the function and parameters, according to him, this function was usually performed in SAP but in my code when I try to retrieve the parameter, it returns me null. Here my code SAPFuncti

How to use the isset and null variables in functions

I have a fairly simple question I'm guessing. I have the following code at the beginning of my function, but it must not be correct because it causes the blank to turn blank. If I comment out the IF statement, everything runs fine. What am I doing wr

checking field values ​​for null

I've been working through this for a while and I'm missing the obvious. I'm trying to make sure that if a textbox value is left blank an error isn't thrown and instead a simple message is displayed in the textbox. However, what I've got and several o

In Java to delete an element in a table can you set it to null?

I am trying to make a remove method that works on an array implementation of a list. Can I set the the duplicate element to null to remove it? Assuming that the list is in order. ArrayList a = new ArrayList[]; public void removeduplicates(){ for(a[i]

How can I return my grouped records by NULL and NOT NULL?

I have a table that has a processed_timestamp column -- if a record has been processed then that field contains the datetime it was processed, otherwise it is null. I want to write a query that returns two rows: NULL xx -- count of records with null