How to add multiple NSArray objects to an NSDictionary key

This question already has an answer here: Rebuild an NSArray by grouping objects that have matching id numbers? 5 answers I have a Object with some keys/values. After that, It was added into a array. ContactAlphaB *contact = [ContactAlphaB contactWit

how could I combine NSString with NSArray

I have NSString*url ,and i want to combine with NSArray of number to load the picture ,i struggle for many days still doesn't work anyone know how to do it p.s I want to replace NSString %@ with number of array This is my NSString *url = http://flick

How to get the unselected table in NSArray in iOS

I'm making a matching game in iOS using objective-C there's a 12 set of cards (3 columns and 4 rows) which is an array of UIButton connected to IBOutletCollection,the problem is when you tap the first card, you can also tap the other cards simultaneo

How to separate the values ​​of NSArray?

NSArray has 3 values @[@"addd:etyrhetwrwr", @"fdfdd:jjjjhhhh", @"fsuy:jjhwgggggg"] And I want to put this array into the UILabel with word wrap. So when I run, it should show like this in label. addd:etyrhetwrwr fdfdd:jjjjhhh

How to get the first NSArray string

Pretty straightforward question: I have an array like so: @[@"John Doe", @"Mister Appleseed", @"Steve"]; if it has two (or more) words, I want to delete them all but the first, so the output array should looke something like

Read-only message for parsing tables

I am using Xcode 5.0.2. When I run analyze on my project, it gives me dead store messages for the stop argument in NSArray indexOfObjectWithOptions:passingTest: . The message is - Value stored to 'stop' is never read. The sample code is NSUInteger in

Filter arrays in objects using NSPredicate

I need to filter an array by a property from an object that is inside another array. Let's say that I got two classes like: StoreList.h @interface StoreList : NSObject { NSMutableArray *storesArray; //Array containing Store objects } Store.h @interfa

how to convert this table to json (iOS)

Here is a array: 2011-1-1 2011-1-2 2011-3-3 2012-1-4 2012-1-5 2012-6-7 2012-6-9 2013-1-3 2013-1-8 2013-9-1 2013-9-2 2014-3-7 2014-3-13 2014-4-1 2014-4-17 I need convert this NSDictionary with nested NSArray to json like this(use objective-c): { "y201

Get NSARM data from JSON

The data inside my NSArray is a JSON object which looks like this: <modelObject 0x1714abe0> { key = 165825004; value = Hello I am the data } There are about 20 such objects in the array and I am trying to display the "value" from this obje

how to access the values ​​of the table json

I have some NSData coming back from my server that is of type Json. I would like to know how to access the values present in the json and put them into there own NSString objects. this is what the structure of the JsonArray looks like This is the cod

Locate an NSArray

I've been localizating my app with this method: .m file ... initWithTitle:NSLocalizedString(@"CONFIRMACAO_TEL", @"Message") Localizable.strings file "CONFIRMACAO_TEL" = "Do you want to call?"; The last data that I'v

Skip NSArray to Detailed View Using Plist?

I'm currently using the following plist to create a drill down table view. However, I'm having problems passing the array of children over to the DetailViewController. <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>Food</key> <arra

How to sort the SKProduct table by the price value

I am trying to sort the array of SKProduct I received from Apple Server after sending the list of product id. I want to sort just by using the following: NSSortDescriptor *lowestPriceToHighest = [NSSortDescriptor sortDescriptorWithKey:@"self.price&qu

Sorting a table by parent-child

I have an array of custom objects. The objects represent segments in a binary file. The property loc holds the objects own location in the file, where prev holds the location of the "previous" object. In this context "previous" and &qu

ios - convert NSArray to NSDictionary

i want to convert an nsarray to nsdictionary i'm using to - (NSDictionary *) indexKeyedDictionaryFromArray:(NSArray *)array { id objectInstance; NSUInteger indexKey = 0; NSMutableDictionary *mutableDictionary = [[NSMutableDictionary alloc] init]; for

Compares NSArray elements with all other NSArray elements

I have an NSArray of NSStrings and would like to know how to compare each item in the array with every other item in the array to see if there is any strings different from the rest. I have seen a c++ example for (int i = 0; i < list.size(); i++) { f

How to call a 'self' property of prepareForSegue:?

I have a @property in the model class of my app that will call prepareForSegue:. It's publicly declared like this in my CalculatorBrain class. @property (readonly) id program. The getter looks like this: - (id)program { return [self.programStack copy

how to capture the first letter of each table entry

I have a sorted array of NSString values, I would like to know how to capture the first letter of each string only when the first letter is different and put it in a new NSArray. For instance if I have an array that was like like "a, aaa, aaaa, b, c,

How to get the first characters of a string array insensitive

In my iPhone app i have an array of stings. fron that string i need to get the array of first charecters. For this i have implemented logic as follow. it works but in this i have retrieve charectes twicw 1.Small letters and 2.Capital letters. I need

insertion sort algorithm in Objective-C to implement in iphone

I am trying to sort 15 random numbers using Objective-C in the code shown below. The code is not working as planned. I took the concept from the the insertion sort C code. The 15 random numbers are generating properly but the sort is not working. C c

NSarray from NSdictionaries

I am loading some values in UItableview from an array of dictionary values. I then alter the dictionary in the array by adding one more key value object as below NSMutableDictionary *rowDict = [tableList objectAtIndex:arrayindex]; [rowDict setObject:

Query on a board from another board

I have the following 2 arrays. Array A with i.e. 10 id's, and the other array, Array B with 300 id's with all the corresponding data. I want to retrieve all the data from B with id's which are stated in the array A. I could just loop all entries in a

indexOfObject vs. indexOfObjectIdenticalTo

What is the difference between these two NSArray methods?indexOfObjectIdenticalTo checks for the exact same id (same address). indexOfObject checks that isEqual: returns YES.

NSArray to Core Data Elements

I have an method that reads an xml file and stores the xml nodes at a certain XPath-path in an NSArray called *nodes. What I want to do is take each one of the items in the array and add it to a core data entity called Category with the attribute of