How to download files using Angular 2+, Express and nodeJs

Im trying to upload an image using Angular 4, node and Express with the Multer library. here is my route.js : const storage = multer.diskStorage({ destination: function(req, file, cb) { cb(null, 'uploads') }, filename: function(req, file, cb) { cb(nu

Pact released with code 1

I'm trying to execute some tests with Pact library and I'm getting some errors. Here is the test configuration: const path = require('path'); const Pact = require('pact'); const expect = require('expect.js'); const config = require('../../../src/serv

The Node.js and ExpressJS body-parser package retrieves data

OK first time user of Node, and I am trying to send data to backend/index.js Requirements Post data to back-end node Retrieve posted data and store values as variables Whats the problem The post is 200 success, that works. however when I navigate to

By using multiple routers in express

I've applied the routes to my application like this: var express = require('express'); var app = express(); var router = express.Router(); //localhost:8080/api/story router.get('/story', function(req, res){ res.send('welcome to our story'); }) //loca

return python JSON to node via spawn

I have a python script that takes two arguments; a directory and a file name. The python script will create a JSON object from specific files in the directory provided and save it with the name being the second argument. However if the second argumen

how to read ajax data in my express server nodejs

My webpage is able to get ajax data with the following code $.ajax({ type: 'POST', url: "/get_cache_transactions", async: true, data: JSON.stringify({ a: 11, b: 22, c: 33 }), dataType: 'json', contentType: 'application/json; charset=utf-8', succ

Angularjs - 500 (Internal Server Error) on $ http Post

I am new to Ionic and angular. I am building a sample with ionic framework using angular.js. I want to call WebApi through $http post method. I checked this(ionic-proxy-example) solution and I am trying to implement the same using my api. When I call

is this legal in

This is my function: io.on('connection', function (socket) { socket.on('checkcrn', function (msg) { socket.on('error', function(err){ console.log("err + " + err); }) console.log("message " + msg); }); }); What I am trying to do is call

Linking `this` in a setTimeout () callback in Node.js

In Node.js, inside a callback passed to setTimeout(), this seems to be bound to the timeoutObject returned by setTimeout() itself (both in strict mode and in non strict mode!): var timeoutObject = setTimeout(function () { console.log(this === timeout

How can I use the setTimeout () functions in Mocha test cases?

I'm writing a test in Mocha / Node js and want to use a setTimeout to wait for a period before executing a block of code. How can I accomplish this? It appears that within a Mocha test case, setTimeout() does not work. (I am aware that you can setTim

Sails.js API authentication.js authentication

I am trying to develop an API backend in Sails.js. The most basic thing which I require is authentication. With that, I found the sails-generate-auth generator, I have followed all the steps listed at sails-generate-auth . Now, when I access http://l

Control-Flow with NodeJS and Sequelize

I have the following function: function retrieveNotifications(promotions) { promotions.forEach( function(promotion) { //find all notification groups that have to be notified db .Notification .findAll() .then(function (notifications) { //some code tha

Automatic message on my facebook page from the Node.js server

I have a Node.js server running a social network site and I also have a facebook page for that site. For certain actions performed by users on my site, I want to post details on the facebook page of my app. I referred to Thuzi facebook node sdk here

req.session not defined in the route

I'm building a simple site with expressjs and passportjs and I'm running into the problem that I can't access session variables in my routes. There are a lot of threads with this topic but the solutions don't work for me. It looks like my error is so

What is node.js for SharePoint?

I have read few posts on web on using Node.js on SharePoint. There is a SharePoint npm package too, but I couldn't find a genuine reason to what purpose does Node.js serve on SharePoint?. This question may sound vague but I couldn't find a reasonable

can unit3 work with

i'm trying to connect to my node.js server using client. the problem is that unity does not support it, as well a the current .Net version. i tried some 3rd party solutions like this with no luck (a lot of bugs and crushes). can anyone reco

Running grunt-contrib-jshint only on newly modified files

We're going through refactoring the code on a very large site. I would like to enforce linting on any files that get changed, but ignore the rest (as many of them will end up being removed so it's a waste of time to tidy them up). I would like to hav

Returns the method variable in a loop

Something like this var joined = function(arr) { var res = []; for (var i in arr) { var u = DB.getUser(arr[i].user_id, function(user) { return user; }); arr[i].user = u; res = arr[i]; } return res; } I need to get user variable from DB.getUser scope.

file_get_contents () equivalent for Node.JS

I was wondering if there was any file_get_contents() equivalents in Node.JS modules or elsewhere. It has to lock the process until the download is finished, so the existing request() code in Node.js won't work. While it doesn't need to read into the