Mongoose / MongoDB - Delete and insert in one transaction

I wanted to delete certain set of documents in the mongo collection and insert new records, in case if the insert fails I want to rollback the delete. Basically, it is either both or none. Someone know what is the best approach for this. I'm using mo

HTTP request in undefine sending angular values

** It turns out that the problem was at the server ** I'm trying to excute HTTP post request (from my angular client) to my server (node express). The server recive the request but the data is undefined. Already tried to make this req by postman and

How to avoid duplicates in the mongoose

I'm creating a new schema in mongoose and trying to take input from user. I want that no duplicate entry is getting updated for serverIP, for that unique : true is added. But this is not working as expected and duplicates entries are getting through.

Mongoose Group Results by Year and Month

For the following schema (pseudo code). var Post = { title: "", content: "", date: new Date() } I want to return results grouped by month & year, so something like so, again psuedo code: [ { year: "2016", month: "4&q

What is the use of node.js in the reporter?

I'm very new to AngularJS. I am trying to automate an angularJS app. installed node.js installed protractor (npm install -g protractor) updated webdriver manager tool (webdriver-manager update) started the driver (webdriver-manager start) I create a

Sails.js vs Meteor - What are the advantages of both?

I've been reading a lot on Nodejs and its frameworks and recently finished my first full javascript frontend (using Angularjs). I've decided that my next pet project will be a Nodejs adventure using one of these two frameworks: Sails.js Meteor I've r

Convert JSON to INTeger for MongoDB?

With .post of FORM data to express/node.js All of the values are currently stored and returned as STRings Am looking to have one of the data values (req.body.quantity) stored as an INT //POST'/add', function (req, res) { db.collection('demo

NodeJS - How to broadcast a request body without a buffer

In the below code I can't figure out why req.pipe(res) doesn't work, and yet doesn't throw an error either. A hunch tells me it's due to nodejs' asynch behavior, but this is a very simple case without a callback. What am I missing? http.createServer(

Fingerprint reader on node.js via .NET SDK

I'm trying to get a node.js app to interact with a .NET SDK fingerprint reader called U.are.U. The SDK provides .dll (win32 and x64), Java and .NET libraries. I decided to use .NET for the simple of use, having all the interfaces ready to use and all

Is Node.js Too Much For A Magazine / Information Website

I know node.js can build web apps that run super fast, but I just can't find enough info about how it would perform in a magazine or news style website. I know some CMS's like Joomla or Drupal (or even wordpress) are very good at it, but as the numbe

Node.js Railway with sass / stylus / less

i started using railway (a node.js mvc framework) and i want to use sass/less/stylus as a css render engin. i couldn't find how to configure that in railway. railway uses express.js so i guess i can install it via that. i already installed stylus (an

URL changes when published

I have this html: <form action="/Home/Insert" method="POST" name="form1"> Name: <input type="text" name="Name"/> <br/> Price: <input type="text" name="Price"/> &

The NodeJS server is not accessible from the outside

I deployed a nodejs server in Rackspace and can be accessed internally, like using: curl However, it can't be accessed from the outside (the internet) even if I do this: iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp --dport 8080 -j ACCEPT iptables shoot from github

I am trying to pull or clone a git repo from my joyent smartmachine thru putty. I can connect to my sever easily, but as soon as I write: git pull [email protected]/accoutName/repo , I get the following error: Permission denied (publickey). fatal:

How to save events to a file in NodeJS?

I would like to log details regarding server requests into a file each time they occur. What would be the optimal way to do this? Currently using:"./log_"+log_date.getMonth()+"-"+log_date.getDate(), "a+", function(er

Competition Models in nodejs

Does anyone know what the memory and threading models are in nodejs? In particular, is ii++ atomic? Does it behave as if ii were volatile in Java 1.5, in Java 1.4, in C, or not at all?It is useful to understand how node and V8 interact. Node handles