Can I access NFC without manifest authorization in Android?

I need to create app with optional NFC functionality. Can I get access to NFC without manifest permission (Android)? Or should I create two apps: an NFC version and one without it.This is not possible without adding permission into manifest. And you

How to delete a `tag listener` in Phonegap NFC plugin

I am using chariotsolution's nfc plugin for phonegap ( and it's all working perfect until the time came that I needed to remove a listener. I can't do it and it seems like it's not working. My question

Text and URL together on an NFC tag

Is it possible to program an NFC tag with text and a URL that can be linked to a website so when you tap it, the message will then cause a browser to open and take you to the website? Example: Hello my name is Mike click here to go to my website.This

IPhone 5 / 5c / 5s family: NFC emulation

Everybody knows that Apple introduced NFC with their iPhone 6 smartphones breed. I am curios: are there any ways to emulate NFC on iPhone 5/5c/5s ? Could it be simulated somehow with hardware iPhone 5-series provide?The short answer is No. However, 5

How to determine that NFC is disabled in Windows Phone 8?

I've seen in many articles a way to check that NFC is disabled like this: if (ProximityDevice.GetDefault() != null) MessageBox.Show("NFC present"); else MessageBox.Show("Your phone has no NFC or NFC is disabled"); ProximityDevice.GetDe

Read data received on an Android phone from a PC

I have a requirement to implement a solution to read data from an android device, connected to PC via a USB cable. i.e. the phone connected to the PC will receive data through another android device via NFC where the PC - C# program must read the rec

How do I know if an NFC tag is still in Android's reach now?

As I know when an Android phone gets an NFC tag touched, it will send an event (NDEF_DISCOVERED intent), but Android doesn't seem to care whether this tag is staying in place. My solution is to lock the screen and then unlock it. If the tag is still

Compare hex in C

*Context: I'm wanting to test the Uid from a Mifare card using libnfc. I have taken apart this example:* print_hex is a helper function at the top of the linked example, it is this: prin

BLE tag functionality in iOS7

I want to know if Beacons can launch a simple URL in iOS7 devices when they come into a predefined range of the Beacon or do they need a specially designed BLE enabled application sitting on the phone to do this other than a browser like Safari, Chro

Pass the intention to my fragment

I have implemented the NFC foreground dispatch in my Activity. The code works fine, when the NFC tag get close to my phone, the onNewIntent(Intent intent) is called. Now, I would like to show an Fragment( when the onNewIntent(Intent i

Unique identifier of NFC tags

I'm developing a system including NFC tags and Android phone , using unique ID of NFC tags . But don't know what is the differences between 4 types NFC tag . I've found this : "NFC-compatible tags can be of the following technologies/standards and ea

what is the correct mime type for vcalendar

I'm trying to create vcalendar for nfc tags,but what is the correct mime type? It should be something like this WindowsMime:WriteTag.Text/vcalendar WindowsMime:WriteTag.Text/x-vcalendar but when I try to read the tag, the prompt message is "Sorry you

Launch a specific activity when analyzing the NFC tag

I'm trying to launch a specific activity when my phone scans an NFC Tag. This is what my manifest looks like: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <manifest xmlns:android=""

How to detect the type of an NFC chip

Does anyone know how I can find out via the Android NFC API which NFC chip is used in a tag which I am reading? Ideally I like to get the both the chip model and the manufacturer. Is that available somewhere in the Tag object? For clarification, I do

RFID reading with Android phones

I did enough research on reading RFID tags using Android phones(smart phones). My understanding of this is that for NFC-enabled smart phones (Nexus S) it is possible to read RFID tags, but there are restrictions. For non-NFC-enabled Androids we need

NFC on MifareClassic gross authentication Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I am trying to use Android's NFC API to do raw authentication (send commands to MifareClassic cards using transceive method). But I keep getting TagLostException for all NfcA transceive calls. This is my code: NfcA mfa = NfcA.get(tagFromIntent); //Mi

How to put bluetooth via NFC

Possible Duplicate: Transfer an image via blutooth in android I have a problem that I want to handed over bluetooth connection when I connected with NFC. Means how we communicate over bluetooth after NFC connection establishment. Edit: I have two NFC

Android NFC: SNEP protocol and P2P response

I am trying to implement a P2P communication between two Android phones (one of them will be replaced by an independent device in the end). I have seen that Android 4 supports SNEP which is published by the NFC forum and should be available on non-an

How to implement NFC (Near Field Communication) on iPhone?

I am looking forward to implement NFC in iPhone. Can anyone share some sample codes for its implementation? Till now I know that one needs an adapter to implement this on iPhone while this feature has already been deployed successfully on android pho

Bring the Android TAG Project (NFC) to work

Used Android Project:Tag After copying the Tag project into your workbench you should import the guava lib, to solve most of the errors. The Nullable errors can be fixed by importing the jsr305-1.3.9.jar regarding this solution After fixing all Error