Replace / display the new line from MYSQL to PHP

I have a big problem displaying line breaks from mysql in my php generated html page. I tried out nl2br(), manual str_replace() and so on... In my sql database the record is like: first line second line third line BUT: There are no \n's or <br>'s in

Delete the new line symbol

I have a calculator application, which enquires the user to input an arithmetic expression like 10 + 15, follow it with an = sign, and press Enter. The program should evaluate the expression and print the result. However, the answer is on a new line,

Java - print one character at a time using recursion

I'm trying to print one character at a time from a string recursively such as: a va ava Java Java o Java lo Java llo Java ello Java Hello Java But my code below: public static String displayStuffR(String x){ return displayStuffR(0,x); } public static

How to remove newline after ls in Perl?

I am using perl under cygwin. Here is what I want to do. I want to list all the folders under a directory into an array and then print them out as a string such that I have the following result. Let, the working path is /user/. Folders inside the pat

HTML5 JavaScript download attribute

I have been working on a project for a couple months now and I am nearing the end of it. One of the last steps is to provide a file which will be filled with information which has been generated by actions of the user during their session. Can I writ

How to replace New line and ^ M characters with ~~ in Unix

I am not good at unix. I have a csv file which I is having multiple columns. Out of which, one column is containing new line and ^M chars. I need to replace all of them between two " (which is a single cell value) by ~~ so that I can treat the cell v

How to make a table from a string by newline in JavaScript?

I've got this: var quoted_text = window.getSelection; For example: Accepting the Terms of Service The Stack Exchange Network (the "Network") is a set of related Internet sites and other applications for questions and answers, owned and operated

How can I understand line breaks in XSLT?

I have a piece of XML that looks like: <bunch of other things> <bunch of other things> <errorLog> error1 \n error2 \n error3 </errorLog> I want to modify the XSLT that this XML runs through to apply newlines after errors1 through e

Java split string by newline regex with a question mark

I've written a Java class which must pull elements out of a string containing newlines. As a first step the code must split the input string by newline and place the results into an array. This is all working fine except in one specific case. I'm usi

enigmatic egrep puzzles for new line characters

I've been very puzzled by the following egrep behavior: I have an LF-terminated file. When I grep for $'\n' all lines are returned as expected. But all lines are returned when I grep for $'\r\n' even though I have no carriage returns in the file. Why

How to delete several new lines (\ n) from the json string?

It seems to be a problem with magic quotes. The original string just contains \n and \n\n and \n\n\n and \n\r and so on. These newlines arent interpreted by the browser. What we wanna do is: to replace more than 2 newlines with just 1 single \n. What

newline in a list box

OK I am having problems with writing a newline in a listbox. Its gotta be something simple and I cannot figure it out. dim decInput1 as decimal = 40.65 dim decInput2 as decimal = 500.90 dim decInput3 as decimal = 450.89 dim strOutput as string strOut

print string in C # using \ r \ n to launch a new line

I have a and c# project. I need to print this string out, i get it like this from the server: Working...: 0/0\r\nNavigating: 0/0 It should be printed out in 2 separate lines (using the \r\n), shouldn't it be doing that automatically? Am i doi

Make a new line with single quotes?

Can I do a line break like this '\n'? Or do I must use double quotes - "\n"?You have to use double quotes. Otherwise, PHP will literally output \n.

newline does not work in LabelField

I'm very confused. I've created a global variable: public LabelField title2 = new LabelField("", LabelField.ELLIPSIS | DrawStyle.HCENTER| LabelField.USE_ALL_WIDTH | Field.FIELD_VCENTER | LabelField.USE_ALL_HEIGHT); ... title2.setText("blabl

Analysis of newline Java Scanner with regex (Bug?)

I'm developing a syntax analyzer by hand in Java, and I'd like to use regex's to parse the various token types. The problem is that I'd also like to be able to accurately report the current line number, if the input doesn't conform to the syntax. Lon

Why does my Apache2 :: Log output replace newlines with \ n?

I've set up multiple vhosts under apache2 / mod_perl. I used the ErrorLog directive to get a separate error log for each vhost. This only worked as expected when I used Apache2::Log. 'warn' would only log to the regular error log. So that's all worki