Problem Locating the item on the web page

HTML of element In selenium webdriver, I am trying to locate, then clear the textbox element in the given image with this code driver.findElement("X")).clear(); or driver.findElement(By.cssSelector("input[name=X][type=text]")).

Can not use biojava in a Maven Netbeans application

I have a problem getting BioJava to work in a Netbeans RCP application, built using Maven. I've created a Maven module as a wrapper, including org.biojava.* and org.forester.* packages as public in the POM. Then, from another module I set the wrapper

netbeans 8.0.2 - unable to print utf-8 characters correctly

As title says, I'm using Netbeans 8.0.2, on Windows 7 OS. I saw many different topics about this and tried different solutions, but none really helped. So characters like [š, ć, đ, ž, È, æ] are displayed as � or squared, depending on the font. Here i

UnsatisfiedLinkError when running Mat ()

i am currently trying to code a little program to take picture of newly students and save them by their names etc to ease the inscriptions things etc. So here is my problem, i found a great tutorial to help me using a webcam: http://www.codeproject.c

What are the reasons for optimizing imports?

Are there any technical reasons to "optimize imports" via your editor? Eclipse, Intellij IDEA, and NetBeans all have ways to optimize imports. I'm wondering if there are reasons other than consistency. Also, is there a more optimal way of import

Java - How to include 2 classes in the same file?

I am trying to Include two or more classes in one file, but java just throws this error message at me! How would I include 2 or more classed in 1 file? Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError at javaapp.main(

Read / write property files in the jar file

So i am getting back into writing Java after 4 years so please forgive any "rookie" mistakes. I need to have a properties file where i can store some simple data for my application. The app data itself won't reside here but i will be storing inf

Fill a jTable from an ArrayList

I'm trying to populate a JTable from an ArrayList, The ArrayList is filled with data from my database. this is the code I tried : DefaultTableModel model = new DefaultTableModel(); model.setColumnIdentifiers(new String[]{"Numéro d'ordre", "

Since when does if / else require braces?

I just started a new project in the latest Netbeans, and I noticed it has started giving me code advisories for code like this: if (a == null) x = 0; else x = 1; it says If-Else Statements MUST use Braces it wants to "fix" it to this: if (a == n

How to hide a jButton Event method in Netbeans

I'm programming with NetBeans using Java to create a GUI interface based on JFrame. In the JFrame I have a jButton and I had created an event for this button which is mouseClicked. But now I would like to delete this event(& remove it's corresponding

How to create a Jar file in Netbeans

Well I have my source code that i have done using the IDE netbeans. Now I wanted to move this java application to a web application. For that I need to create a jar file from my source code, so that I could invoke it in ma jsp file. I have not been a

Debugging Gives PermGen Space Error in Netbeans

I have Netbeans 7.0 and Spring application. I try to debug application, I always get PermGen space error. It runs normally. I'm new with debugging so can anyone give any hints how to deal with this problem?Take a look at this Fresh Blurbs entry: Expl

Web Services Advisor

Looking for some good place to get me started in "Web Services" using java, and preferably with NetBeans?Read This Read This Are some of the web tutorials but you can always refer some good books for this. Before developing webapps using java yo

Click on the event on jTable -Java

This question already has an answer here: ActionListener on JLabel or JTable cell 2 answers I have created a table in java in Netbeans and filled it with some data. Now I want to show some detail in a text area corresponding to the particular column

Deployment error in Tomcat 6.0 using Netbeans

I overwrote the project directory in workspace with a different name and since then have been seeing Document base is not a readable directory in Netbeans while deploying the application in Tomcat 6.0 . Any pointers?If not already tried, you can unde

Netbeans 6.9 support for HAML and SASS?

It doesn't seem to be any HAML and SASS support in Netbeans 6.9. Is there a way to add this support? ThanksI went to the NetBeans Plugin Portal and searched for HAML and found some results there:

Arrays.asList compilation problem

I've used Arrays.asList dozens if not hundreds of times without problem. All of a sudden previously compiling code is failing to compile after switching to NetBeans 6.9 from 6.8. Here's a few lines in question: Node n = new NickNode(4,5); Node m = ne

Weird font rendering in Netbeans on Linux

I installed NetBeans 6.8 on Linux (Mint, based on Ubuntu 9.10) and I can see that font rendering is very weird. Fonts in NetBeans are just so thin unlike any other program, be it gEdit, Eclipse, Firefox, or whatever. Does anyone know if it's possible