Why .AsParallel () hangs when executed in a task?

In the following simplified code, I spawn 200 Tasks. Each task needs to go through a critical region guarded by a lock. Inside the lock is a .AsParallel() statement. When I run the program, nothing happens. The program hangs indefinitely and nothing

How to write to a file using StreamWriter?

in my Wpf app I'm using a class Person (that is a base class), and that contains a virtual method SaveData(), and other class Client that inherits from Person. How to override method SaveData() and keeping data from base? Class Person public virtual

Set the value in app.config - no write access to program files

I would like to change values in my app.config file (or rather MyProgramName.config file) at runtime. This works fine using System.Configuration.Configuration config = ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration(ConfigurationUserLevel.None); //update v

Empty Web API List with Null Security

I have an angular controller which is do a post to a web API method. I was trying to add null safety on the ienumerable, but when I did it caused the ienumerable always to be empty. angular call $http.post(customer/DoSomething, {names: ["chris",

MS Project Server 2013 and Sharepoint 2010

I try to know- can i write ASP.Net app wich use Project Server 2013 API and include it as webpart on Sharepoint 2010? Thank you.Yes you can providing the Project Server 2013 libraries are stored on the GAC or alternatively on the bin folder if you se

first selected element of combobox in Winforms

I have comboBox with some items. If the user does not select anything I want to select first item from comboBox Right now I made selection like this var selected= (CustomData)comboBox1.SelectedItem; of course this works only with user selection. I kn

Debugging post-mortem .Net

Added a .Net component (C#, COM interop) to an old VB6 application. The old application crashes sometimes (access violation), before and after the change. The difference however is that the post-mortem debugger (i.e. drwtsn32.exe) is not started anym

Identification of multiple object edges (graphics) from points

I've got an application which is identifying motion in a webcam image. It produces something like the following... Areas in black indicate motion. This is largely done on a per-pixel basis (although nearby pixels are taken into account) So... Now tha

Loader animation for a C # desktop application

Is there a way that similar in jquery ajax beforeSend and complete in C#? Because in web I usually do when pressing like an add button i set beforendSend: a function to show an image and hide image function in complete: And now I want to do in C# des

Currency at the chain

Normally I would use string.Format() to get a formatted string. But I got the requirement that all amounts should be printed as text and not digits. i.e. something like: Format(3000, "us"); // => Resulting text: "three thousand dollars&q

Iterator Iterator C # (IEnumerable) in Matlab

I have a C# method that returns very large number of objects. This is to be consumed in Matlab. namespace MyNameSpace{ public static class MyClass{ public static IEnumerable<MyDataObject> GetVeryLargeResponse(){ while(CheckForSomeFunkyConditionThats

.net Sockets Basic Discussion

I have never played with .net sockets. I did a couple of things with winsock back in the day. The time has however come to make use of some comms so I am brushing up on .net sockets. Basically, it seems as tho most examples / implementations use the

How to insert text from a text file into a Label control in C #

Could someone demonstrate how to insert text from a text file e.g. test.txt into a Label control on a visual C# form pleaseYou leave much to the imagination as to where you currently are with this and from which point you need help, but in the simple

.Net 4 MemoryCache leaks with simultaneous garbage collection

I'm using the new MemoryCache in .Net 4, with a max cache size limit in MB (I've tested it set between 10 and 200MB, on systems with between 1.75 and 8GB of memory). I don't set any time based expiration on the objects, as I'm using the cache simply

ListView and MySQL in WPF

I am trying to do an editable ListView in WPF with a List View, so I found this tutorial with full code on windowsclient.net: http://windowsclient.net/learn/video.aspx?v=83530 And It works great! But, I need it to connect to a remote mysql database o

What is the difference between a class and a data type?

I have heard the following statement: We can say class is a datatype or a datatype is one type of class. Can anyone explain to me what exactly this means?C# is a strongly typed language; therefore every variable and object must have a declared type.

SocketException: No host of this type is known

I want to connect to mysql database from my asp page.So for that as per what my hosting providers told i used the connection string where server is given as "localhost:3309" Dim myConnection As MySqlConnection = New MySqlConnection("server=

Single quote management in a SQL string

I have an application where the values in the text field are sent to the database. For example I have a form with one field (text box). When I press Ok button then the content of the text field is inserted as a record into a table. I'm just trimming

How is U [] castable in T []?

It is clear that the T[] array type is not covariant as the elements of a T[] can be set by index. And yet, a U[] can be cast to a T[] without any complaints from the compiler as long as U derives from T. Man[] men = new[] { new Man("Aaron"), ne

Where is the compiled .NET JIT code cached?

A .NET program is first compiled into MSIL code. When it is executed, the JIT compiler will compile it into native machine code. I am wondering: Where is these JIT-compiled machine code stored? Is it only stored in address space of the process? But s

Sizing Issues When Adding a .Net UserControl to a TabPage

I have a complex Windows Forms GUI program that has a lot of automated control generation and manipulation. One thing that I need to be able to do is add a custom UserControl to a newly instatiated TabPage. However, when my code does this I get autom

When the get and set method property was called?

i have the following property declaration Public Property IsAreaSelected() As Integer Get Return If(ViewState("IsAreaSelected") Is Nothing, 0, Cint(ViewState("IsAreaSelected"))) End Get Set(ByVal value As Integer) ViewState("IsAre