Launching JNLP from a dotnet web application

Oracle recommends using the JnlpDownloadServlet to launch JNLP from Java web applications - However, I need to launch a JNLP application with a dy

Failed Persistence of WPF Combobox SelectedItem Data

I've been trying to solve this issue for one day and still no success. I am looking for an advice where to move next. Problem is that every time when I select an item from comobobox the value in ViewModel (VM) has been changed but right when I trigge

can not convert the string to datetime using ParseExact

I have a string like this (in 12 hr clock) in my XML config data file: expires="10/27/2014 2:42:57 PM" I want to assign that value as a (datetime) member of a class like this: Common.SOExpiries = DateTime.ParseExact(gSet.Attribute("expires&

Using Saxon from VB6

I need to invoke XSLT 2.0 transformations from a legacy VB6 application. I had a very good previous experience with the command line version of Saxon, so I decided to give the Saxon's .NET version a try. This is my first serious experience with COM/.

TextBox text update with MultiThreading

I'm having quite an annoying issue with Multithreading, I'm just updating a textBox with multilines inside a loop like this: if (results.Lines.Count() != 0) this.InvokeEx(f => f.results.Text += Environment.NewLine); this.InvokeEx(f => f.results.Appe

How to edit the XML file in c #?

<Customers> <Customer1> <Name>Bobby</Name> <Age>21</Age> <Address>Panjim</Address> </Customer1> <Customer2> <Name>Peter</Name> <Age>32</Age> <Address>Panjim</Addr

Waiting for results from GetGeopositionAsync ()

I'm developing a WinPhone 8 App. On this App there is a Button 'Send SMS'. When the user clicks on this button two things should happen: (Method A) Get the geo-coordinate of the current Location (using Geolocator and GetGeopositionAsync). (Method B)

Modern user interface for Windows VB NET desktop application

How can I design my VB.NET application in a modern UI style like the one that is available for WPF template, for example at MSDNMaking your application look like that isn't that difficult, making it act like WPF (smooth transitions and animations) is

sql call procedure

I am coding winform application where i call procedure in my datagrid. I have method where I define parameters of procedure public int Add_Nastavenie(out int typNastav, int nastavID, string hod) { ResetParameters(); cmd.CommandText = "add_Nastav"

relationship problems in EF-first code

I have two tables that i want to join Game and Details. Game has one Detail The problem is that i cant bind the tables correct. The error i get is "The entity types 'Game' and 'Details' cannot share table 'Details' because they are not in the same ty

WCF channel and ChannelFactory caching

So I've decided to up the performance a bit in my WCF application, and attempt to cache Channels and the ChannelFactory. There's two questions I have about all of this that I need to clear up before I get started. 1) Should the ChannelFactory be impl

Get the name of the feed file from an XmlTextReader

This is somewhat trivial but here goes. I am passing an XmlTextReader object to a method using .Net 4.0 framework. public void TestMethod(XmlTextReader reader) { try { //... //Logic //... } catch(Exception ex) { //I also want to log the file location

How to dynamically create a class in C #?

I have a class which looks like this: public class Field { public string FieldName; public string FieldType; } And an object List<Field> with values: {"EmployeeID","int"}, {"EmployeeName","String"}, {"Des

How can I get more than one jpg. or a txt file from a folder?

i have two Application to listen network Stream : Server.cs on the other hand; send file Client.cs. But i want to send more files on a stream from any folder. For example. i have C:/folder whish has got 3 jpg files. My client must run. Also My server

MailMessage, difference between the Sender and De property

I've been using the System.Net namespace ever since we switched from .NET Framework 1.1 to the 3.5 framework, but there's one thing that's been puzzling me since. What's the difference between the Sender and the From properties in the MailMessage cla

Static abstract methods in C #

I know it's a tautology to have a static abstract method, but how can I do something like this: Base, abstract class: abstract class QTimerDatabaseObject { public static abstract QTimerDatabaseObject createFromQTimer(DataRow QTimerRow); public abstra

Continue with Microsoft Enterprise Library?

I've been using the Microsoft Enterprise Library since before it was labeled as such for abstracted data access, in place of writing my own DAL. Originally I was just importing one file (sqlhelper.cs) into my projects, but then the later releases req

Should I persist this application data?

I have a class in my application that translates path tokens into fully qualified paths. For example: it can take a string like "%MYAPPDATA%" and return C:\Users\user.DOMAIN\AppData\Raoming\MyApp. Alternatively, the class has an overload to the

Why do users use Velocity and / or NVelocity?

Over the past year I have heard alot about Velocity and NVelocity. Reading their documentation and doing searches on the net hasn't given me the answers I was looking for. In what situation would I use this library in my development? What problem doe

Webservices - Java or .NET?

I need to implement webservices in an upcoming project and wanted to know what are the main points to base the decision on whether to implement using java or .NET I'm a C++er...If you're a Java shop use Java. If you're a .NET shop use .NET. There rea

How to edit the CSS style of a div using C # in .NET

I'm trying to grab a div's ID in the code behind (C#) and set some css on it. Can I grab it from the DOM or do I have to use some kind of control? <div id="formSpinner"> <img src="images/spinner.gif" /> <p>Saving...&l