how to use .dll, .lib, .exp not managed in a c + + project

I am way out of my league here so I am hoping someone can give me some advice on how to proceed. The long story is, I started with a jar which i ran an application called ikvm on to produce a .net library of my java classes. This was tested and works

External WPF binding styles without XAML tag

If I have a WPF DataGrid that looks like this: <DataGrid x:Name="DataGridQ" AutoGenerateColumns="False" Grid.ColumnSpan="2"> <DataGrid.Resources> <Style TargetType="{x:Type DataGridRow}"> <Sette

How to round correctly with NET Math.Round (decimal & gt;

In .NET, why does System.Math.Round(27.2351, 2, MidpointRounding.AwayFromZero) yield 27.24 instead of 27.23? Third digit is 5 so we check for 4th digit that is 1 less than 5 so result should be 27.23 Is there any way to get this result. See My proble

Get the number of the string using the regular expression

I am trying to capture number from my error message i.e something like this Command parameter[8] '' data value could not be converted for reasons Does anyone know how to get the number i.e. 8 from the following string using regular expression in c#?U

How to remove the title bar in the Windows Form Application

IDE: Visual Studio 2010 c# .net, Windows form application Hi, I am trying to remove the title bar in windows form application but I am not able to do it. ( Image is here): Title Bar: for removing it, I have tried this code: this.FormBorderStyle = Sys

Remote debugging does not work

After setting up remote debugging by following this post, we were able to locate and attach the Template Builder Process ID in Visual studio 2008. However we are still not able to debug. After creating a breakpoint, we attach the Template builder pro

EXE returns errors when DEBUG does not do it

The program has a form that pops up, you enter text in a few fields, then press close. Upon close the information entered is saved to a class newItem. When I press F5 to debug my program everything works fine. But when I run the executable from my de

Tabulation data lost on the selected item has changed MVVM

I have been trying to do this for ages and having no joy whatsoever. I have a ribbon window of the following hierarchy: MainWindow MainContent (Tab Control) TabContainerViewModel ViewModelBase View model base has an ObservableCollection of tabs type

Quick way to write the SQL server table into the file

I have a remote SQL server. I want to make a local copy of all tables in this server. I don't care about the file format used locally, I'm looking for the fastest approach of getting the data from SQL server into the file. (note: server side backup i

How to deploy a DLL in constant evolution?

I have created several small applications that use my own DLL. The problem is, this DLL is constantly changing. My current solution to this problem is that I have a Setup project in the class library solution that creates and registers the DLL. In al

Problem with OleDbConnection, Excel, and connection pooling

So, I have the same symptoms as described in C#/ASP.NET Oledb - MS Excel read "Unspecified error", but my my answer did not seem to fix it. Even always closing the OleDBConnection and disposing of it show the same symptoms. var connectionString

How to run a batch file in a C # GUI form

How would you execute a batch script within a GUI form in C# Could anyone provide a sample please?This example assumes a Windows Forms application with two text boxes (RunResults and Errors). // Remember to also add a using System.Diagnostics at the

How to get rid of COM context error

Am working on a windows form application which uses interop to call a COM dll. I keep getting this error in the app method where the flow is like this: 1.Fetch about 7 records[R] from database 2.For each of this record,app instantiates a COM class us

Change the words keeping their meaning intact

We have a requirement in which we need to change change the words or phrases in the sentence while keeping its meaning intact. This application is going to provide suggestions to users who are involved in copy-writing. I don't know where should I sta

Interfaces in .Net

I would like to use the same code for copying files to an FTP server, and through USB. I've already written some code, which as of now uses functions from the System.IO namespace. To minimize code duplication, I've listed the functions which I need f

Periodically iterating on a constantly changing collection

I have a collection of objects that's constantly changing, and I want to display some information about the contents every so often (my application is multi-threaded, and differently threads are constantly submitting requests to modify an object in t

F # and op_GreaterThan

I've recently tried to write something in F# making use of Microsoft Solver Foundation Services and while doing so I bumped into an issue: I had to express a (Term > Term) condition which in C# could simply be expressed as t1 > t2 and returns anothe

How to make full duplex programming with .NET?

After seeing the Google Wave demos, I thought of incorporating "real-time" capabilities into my web application, where one user will be able to see text another user is typing in as it happens... Besides the soft real-time capabilities built int

Can I stop .NET eating IDs?

I'm an Information Architect and JavaScript developer by trade nowadays, but recently I've been getting back into back-end coding again. And, whilst trying to get an HTML prototype integrated and working with our C#-based CMS, I've come to blows with