Can not get a mouse input from a window in my own process

I've been trying to add video support to my image viewer application which I made in .Net 4. After long research and many tests I've decided for LibVLC, which is free and supports a large number of file formats (more than Windows Media Player, for in

Does 4.5.1 / 4.5.2 replace 4.5?

I have created an vNext app and want to deploy it on a Windows 2008 R2 server. For this I must install 4.5.1/4.5.2. I want to know what issues can this cause? Does 4.5.1/4.5.2 replace 4.5? Can the system choose between 4.5.x and 4.5?It directly overw

Could not read MySQL string

Same code I used on Access. Now I am using MySql on a server PC. INSERT INTO doesn't work, but when SELECT statement only, check the commented code, it works, it displays what I am looking for, so what's wrong?Your string values need quote marks like

Hide the icon in the title bar but not in the taskbar

I have an icon that I want to display in the taskbar; however, I don't want this icon to display in the title bar. I tried setting ShowIcon to false, but that hides my icon in both the title bar and the task bar. Is there any way to only hide it in t

Split date from DateTime

I need help on splitting the date from the below image file. Please help me to extract date alone. I had call this value in my grid view as.. date = c.transactionDate, in my grid if i select today's date it display yesterday date.. My break Line disp

C # DLR, data type inference with dynamic keyword

Just Asking : Why 'withOffset' variable is inferred as dynamic as Parse method returns Struct ? dynamic str = "22/11/2013 10:31:45 +00:01"; var withOffset = DateTimeOffset.Parse(str); and after explicit cast its back to Struct? dynamic str = &qu

Lock the SQL Server table for writing but not for reading

This question already has an answer here: Only inserting a row if it's not already there 7 answers The suggested duplicate doesn't answer the question in the title. I want to lock a table so that it can't be written to, but can be read. Is that possi

Windows service with timer

I have created a windows service with timer in it works fine while i debug/build the project in visual studio but it does not perform its operation after installation. What might be the reason behind this ? code : public partial class Service

How to upgrade Enterprise Library to the latest version?

I am currently using Enterprise Library's exception logging functionality in several of my apps. A while back, I installed Enterprise Library onto my machine so that I could launch the configuration utility from my Visual Studio toolbar. Everything w

Replace multiple characters in a string

Is there a better way to replace strings? I am surprised that Replace does not take in a character array or string array. I guess that I could write my own extension but I was curious if there is a better built in way to do the following? Notice the

Best approach for sending mass emails via an ASP.NET Web page

I've written a contact management/communication system that records the details of people and allows for mass communications to be sent out. However sometimes when e-mails are being sent the following exception is raised: System.Threading.ThreadAbort

Several popups using javascript

i am developing a chat application i need a javascript function to open seperate window for each online users now i am using following javascript code var myWindow; function openWindow(url) { var width = 700; var height = 500; var left = parseInt((sc

ArrayList and Array

With reference to MSDN, It is stated that "You can set the lower bound of an Array, but the lower bound of an ArrayList is always zero" If i declare an array a[10], the lower bound is always a[0]. Is this the lower bound specified there? If yes,

Build .NET 4 projects with Nant

How do I get nant to build projects that target the .NET 4.0 Framework?2010 April 15, ... Update to above correct answer from Eugene, after .net 4 and vs2010 was released. I downloaded vs2010 and .net 4 runtime. The production version seems to be v4.

WPF ListBox Selection Problem when editing an item

When changing the selected item in a ListBox, I'm getting a weird error where the changed item appears selected but I cannot deselect it or reselect it. Is there a way to fix this? Here's a sample app that demonstrates the problem. public partial cla

Configuration files for GAC objects

Typically we keep our config values in web.config/app.config and for the environment global config varialbes (and not application specific) in server machine.config file. When deploying an object to the GAC where is the best location to keep these co

LINQ to SQL: What gives pain?

I decided to use LINQ to SQL in my personal project after hearing lots of goods. Is there any thing I need to taken care before start using it (during initial design)?EDIT Completely rewritten as earlier post was misleading - apologies. There has bee