FtpWebRequest FTP Download with ProgressBar

My code works, but the ProgressBar jumps directly to 100% and the download will go on. When its finished then comes a messageBox to take a Info. I have already changed the buffer size, but it doesn't matter. What am I doing wrong here? Here is my Cod

Incorrect RGB values ​​in GetPixel () from the png image

This is the problem: I save a Bitmap in .png with colors say ARGB(50,210,102,70) with dimension 1 x 1 pixel. I retrieve the same image again and use the GetPixel(0,0) method, what I get is ARGB(50,209,102,70). There is a slight variation in the retri

Create and execute consecutive tasks in the list

I have a Dictionary< string, Action[] > , and i want to create a list of tasks and i have write this code to create this list of tasks that will be execute consecutively. var TaskList = new List<Task>(); foreach (var item in this.Values) { if

Using NameOf with a Variable

Why doesn't any of the following compile: NameOf(value.GetType()) NameOf(GetType(value)) This expression doesn't have a name. How can I get the string name of the type of the value that was passed? ToString() might be overloaded, so can't use that.Yo

How to apply tier tier .NET application classes / methods

We have a typical N-Layer .NET application which sits in between our database and Web API service layer. This application consists of Business Layer, Data Repository/Access along with the related DTOs and Business Objects. We have solutions in place

Type.GetProperties excludes properties with operator []

When I call Type.GetProperties(BindingFlags.Public | BindingFlags.Instance) I also get properties with [] operators. So for instance I have: MyType -> Property1 -> Property2[string] And the returned list of PropertyInfo contains both Property1 or Pr

How to extract text and word data from pdf?

How can I extract the text from a PDF document in .NET? Also, how can I get the co-ordinate of each word on the page? Can I do this with iTextSharp, or some other component?The task can be easily accomplished with help of Docotic.Pdf library. Below i

= operator in vb.net

I'm writing a graph program, and there is a place where I need to check whether the end node of a edge is equal to a node Public Function isAdjacent(ByRef n As node) As Boolean For Each edge In edges If ((edge.endNode = n) Or ((Not edge.isDirected) A

Text Copy Paste Processing for Numbers vs. Varchar Data

I have thousands of text boxes in my winforms application. I want to disable copy pasting for text boxes for numeric values for text boxes which should allow only numbers (integers). For ex: Employee number: 1234567 I tried setting false to the Short

Double-click a check box?

I have a few checkboxes representing people. Something like this: [ ] George [ ] Sam [ ] Steve [ ] Lisa Each can be checked individually, and of course it's also possible to check none at all. Code runs upon a change in check state. That code uses th

How to plan a software in .net framework ..?

I am a novice software developer and have only developed a few Java based applications. I want to make an ERP software for Windows using the .NET framework. I had decided upon using C# for GUI and logic. I went through C# quickly as I am well versed

Digital Signature Email

I have an application which is sending out customer statements. I have a request to digitally sign the email (with pdf attachment) from a few customer. I am using System.Net.Mail currently to send email. I can't seem to find a clear answer, can this

Fixed-length BitArrays Set

I'm in trouble with a BitArray. The goal is to simulate a stack of 8 80bit BitArrays, numbered from 0 to 7. I just need to be able to access them by index, and so I think a simple array will be enough for me. When initialising a BitArray object, I ne

Make .NET snipping tool compatible with multiple monitors

An alternative snipping tool solution was provided in this posting: .NET Equivalent of Snipping Tool Now it's necessary to make it work for selected screens (on multi-monitor systems). The code has been modified accordingly: Public Class SnippingTool

Inheritance and static properties

I don't understand the following phenomenon, could someone explain me please what I got wrong? public class BaseClass { public BaseClass() { BaseClass.Instance = this; } public static BaseClass Instance { get; private set; } } public class SubClassA

Is there a way to find a file simply by its name in C #?

We use absolut path or relatvie path to find a file in our C# application right now. Is there a way to find the file just by its name if the file is under the currect working directory or under one of the "paths"? Use absolute pathe is not good

How do I give access to this customized DAL?

I'm writing a custom DAL (VB.NET) for an ordering system project. I'd like to explain how it is coded now, and receive some alternate ideas to make coding against the DAL easier/more readable. The DAL is part of an n-tier (not n-layer) application, w

How to export GridView data to a pdf file in Asp.net and C #?

Currently I am facing the tedious problem of exporting complete GridView data to the pdf file so that the user can save it. I am using C# as the language in Asp.net 3.5. Kindly guide me. The gridview contains only text values. Thanks in advance.Expor

programming a stopwatch

i would like to make a site that is like this one: http://www.online-stopwatch.com/ i know a vb.net and little bit of everything else and am wondering what is the best platform to use to make this and how i can start to make this stopwatch?I'd use ja

REST friendly WCF Endpoints in .NET 3.5

I wanted to create REST friendly URLs with my WCF service endpoints by avoiding the use of .svc. I know I can accomplish this by using IIS rewrite module to append the .svc. Does anyone else know of a better way to do this? Please note that I am limi

Question String.Format

MSDN provides a digit placeholder example: 1234.5678 ("#####") -> 1235 I found this confusing (I expected 1234 or something), so I wrote this snippet in C# to test it: Console.WriteLine(String.Format("{0:#}", 1234.5678)); Console.Wr

C #: How to implement IOrderedEnumerable & lt; T & gt;

I want to implement some various algorithms for practice, just to see how bad I really am and to get better :p Anyways, I thought I would try to use IEnumerable<T> and IOrderedEnumerable<T> and other .Net collection types just to be compatible

Which is more common: a longer or shorter syntax?

I am trying to create my first fluent interface and I was just wondering what other poeple thought was more fluent and which one they would prefer to use? Check.Field().Named("est").WithValueOf("sdsd").IsNotNull() Check.Field("est