SpreadsheetGear Excel using EPPLUS / NPOI not readable

Have anyone comes across this? I receive file from client which is generated through SpreadsheetGear. It looks fine if I open it in excel But it can't find data into cells if I try to read through EPPLUS or NPOI I believe SpresheetGear misses some of

How to describe PasswordValidator rules

The Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.PasswordValidator is configurable with a number of parameters which define the minimum password length and complexity rules. If the user enters a password that does not meet the criteria, PasswordValidator will throw an

How to disable the Expander extension based on a property

I am having an issue with telerik expander IsExpanded bit Scenario - I want if the bound property is False, user should not be able to expand the expander and if the expander was Expanded it should close it self. Implementation - I made a simple styl

Connect the mysql database using odbc in vbnet

I have a mysql database on phpmyadmin, I installed the connector 6.8.3 (http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/net/) I add a reference on the driver ((c:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Connector Net 6.8.3\Assemblies\v4.5\MySql.Data.dll) and I use this c

.net mvc 4 using razor and json

I am currently working on a .NET MVC 4 project. We have a razor list of items, the razor handles number of items shown and the ordering. We want to then make this client side. Is there a way we can update the razor via json to achieve this? Thanks in

Is it possible to access server-side code on the ASP.net site?

i would like to know if it possible to access the server side code of a ASP.net website. Any application that can download the server side code? Thanks a lot.From a browser? Probably not. If the site is compiled then the code is build into a managed

Separate code in DLL away from exe

We update our WPF app multiple times a week, this is a pain point as Customers are repeatedly asked to let the exe through their firewall. To get around this, I will try taking most of the code (including xaml) out of the exe, so the exe never change

Software license mechanism without internet

I've developed software that I want to protect with licensing. So far I've got code that uses the details of hardware components to generate a unique ID for each machine. I can then permit the activation of 5 machines against one single serial key (5

.Net date conversion to RSS date

I have a date in String format, mm/dd/yyyy I want to convert this to RSS date format like, friday, june 01, 2012, 12:11:25PM and i want to add this date value which is basically the pubDate to RSS pubDate tag, as follows: writer.WriteElementString("p

Prevent Designer from removing attributes on control members

I want to mark certain controls on my Windows Form with Attributes. So I added the Attribute in my TestAttributes.Designer.cs: [AmbientValue(true)] private System.Windows.Forms.Label label1; But whenever I change the Modifiers-property of label1 usin

The Winforms .Net application does not start

I have a standard winforms application that runs on most machines. On a 2003 server with .Net 4 (full) installed it doesn't run. The event viewer shows: Event Type: Error Event Source: .NET Runtime Event Category: None Event ID: 1026 Date: 4/01/2012

Data binding with a COM Interop .Net control

Is it possible to wrap a .NET control up as an ActiveX control to be used in a COM application (VB6 or MS Access VBA) and allow the COM application to set the data binding? I'd like the control to be a bound control but I do not want to have to write

Is there anyway to cache function / method in C #

I got bored with writing same to code again and again to cache the objects in data access layer. Is there anyway to cache c# function results without much changes to functions. Is there any framework supports this functionality at the moment? Can i a

How can I run the controller action method programmatically?

I'm trying to execute a controller's Action Method programatically and I'm not sure how. Scenario: When my ControllerFactory fails to find the controller, I wish it to manually execute a single action method which i have on a simple, custom controlle

Using DropDownList in EditTemplates of a GridView

I am working on a GridView in Asp.Net. When initially a the Page Loads, my gridview look like: alt text http://www.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/e45e5b66d4.jpg When a user clicks, to edit a row, I am using edit templates to show 'Domain' in a DropDown

What is Generic Parameter Helper and how does it work?

I generated unit tests on a generic class in VS 2008 and it used the type GenericParameterHelper in all of the places that a generic type was used. Is this a placeholder that should be replaced or does it have some use? What are the uses if any? Here

Is Memcached interchangeable with ASP.NET State Server?

I use ASP.NET and WCF services in a load balanced web server environment, using Memcached in the service layer. I also wanted to replace the use of ASP.NET State Server (for Session State) with Memcached. Now I am afraid it is not a good thing, becau