Delete custom errors in my mvc application?

Hey i have an mvc app that i have published in my azure server. I get an error when i try it in the server. In localhost in works fine. But in the server i get an error that looks like this So my question is how can i remove that custom error. I want

Running a C # executable from Iron Python

I want to create a WinForms application. However, the application I want to run it with only supports Iron Python scripts. Is there a way I can create the form in C#, and then call that exe from Iron Python? I would build the form in Iron Python, but

How can I use FakeItEasy with HttpClient, in a unit test?

I'm trying to figure out how to use FakeItEasy with the HttpClient, given the following code: public Foo(string key, HttpClient httpClient = null) { .. } public void DoGet() { .... if (_httpClient == null) { _httpClient = new HttpClient(); } var resp

How to restart a thread, no break or sleep

I've searched around and I want to abort a thread and restart it, something who should be really simple but no one is answering. Basicly I have an user who conenct throught a form, when the user is authenthified it raise an event to connect the user

Register user input for the duration of the program

I was wondering how could I save the user input for the duration of the program. My Code: struct client { public string points;//to collect the points from a textbox public int x;//variable used to temporarily save the input from the textbox public i

Link two shapes together

I was wondering if it is possible to persay 'link' two winforms together in C#. In a way that I can just call Variables like: ApplicationProperties.ApplicationPort.BaudRate instead of having to make an instance for everything I want to call? Similar

Download file with a predefined file format

In a .Net Web Application, a xls file needs to be uploaded. The required scenario is like: when the user clicks on a button (say, Browse button) on a page, it'd open the file browse window. Here, is it possible to show only the available excel file(s

FluentValidation several validators

Can I add more than one validator to an object? For example: public interface IFoo { int Id { get; set; } string Name { get; set; } } public interface IBar { string Stuff { get; set; } } public class FooValidator : AbstractValidator<IFoo> { public F

Problems with .NET reflection

Some issues with .NET reflection here ... I have a scenario working with reflection in .NET: I have a class say, ClassA, which inherits a method from another class ClassA_Base. Both are in the same assembly. The method in question takes a parameter,

Build a generic filter parameter entry interface?

I have method calls that take different inputs, i.e: public Authors GetAuthors(string name, string sortBy, string sortDir, int startRow, int numRow) { // Get authors based on filters } public Books GetBooks(string id, string year, string sortBy, stri

WPF for the people of Silverlight

For the last couple of years I have worked with Silverlight (from version 2 to 4) and never seriously used WPF. Are there any quick tours/links/tutorials that explains and introduces WPF: differences to Silverlight and its unique features?A possible

Managed objects, why not (^). compile?

I recently had the need to look into controlling a serial port so I turned to .net for this. I thought, since I'm using visual studio, this would easy...i was wrong... After figuring out what the "^" and "gcnew" ment, I stumbled upon t

ProgressBar is slow in Windows Forms

I'm using Windows Vista and Visual Studio 2010. Create a .Net 4 Windows Forms Application. Drop a progress bar on the default form, add code to handle the form load event and do a progressBar1.Value = 100; there. Start debugging and you see an animat

Dynamic drop-down list in and C #

I am trying to bind data with 2 dropdowns. I am have 2 tables created in SQL Server 2008: 1) country: country_id (primary key) country_name 2) state: state_id(primary key) state_name country_id(foreign_key) Now I tried to bind the data with 2 dropdow

How to free busy memory

I have a main window in my project, and numerous other child widows inside the main. I have noticed that. When I open the main window occupies 1500K of memory, when open one child window then adds in occupied memory 6000K. When I open the second wind

How to use the existing C # code of program C

Is there a way I can develop a sample C# program, and make it a DLL, and use it in my C program? Say, C# DLL has a function add(int a, int b) which returns or prints the result. I want to use this in my C program. Any example link should be a good he

runtime error '429' activex component can not create object

I've created a simple application .net Class that converts an excel spreadsheet into a pdf file. I then get an Excel 2007 application to call this dll which works fine on my development machine. However, when I deploy it on to a Vista machine, that h

Does Decrypting a cookie convert it to local time?

I have my own cookie created like this: var authTicket = new FormsAuthenticationTicket( version, userName, DateTime.UtcNow, DateTime.UtcNow.AddMinutes(30), createPersistentCookie, userData, "/"); string encryptedTicket = FormsAuthenticat

Are there websites that you can not create with ASP.NET MVC?

I was about to ask this question...but since it has already asked I will ask a different one. I have never created a production website and I am thinking it is time for me to learn how. (I have simple one I can do for a customer.) I personally LOVE t

Transforming the .NET executable into a native executable

Is there any approach to convert an application developed in .NET into a native executable (sources are included)? Installing the whole framework (up to .NET Framework 3.5 SP1) takes a lot of time - not always the computers are updated from the inter

C #: Using Directory.GetFiles to get fixed-length files

The directory 'C:\temp' has two files named 'GZ96A7005.tif' and 'GZ96A7005001.tif'. They have different length with the same extension. Now I run below code: string[] resultFileNames = Directory.GetFiles(@"C:\temp", "????????????.tif")

Windows .NET control for editing XML / XSL?

Apologies if this has been asked before. Had a quick search and there's nothing that answers my question 100%. I've got some XSL stored in the database which I want the user to be able to edit within my .NET Windows application. I could just stick it

race conditions in WCF with non-oneway methods

I'm designing a client-server chat application (in fact I'm not, but let's pretend I am:)), and I'm a bit puzzled by some race conditions I've experienced. Let's say I've got the following code: public interface IServer { [OperationContract(IsOneWay

How random is System.Guid.NewGuid ()?

I know this may sounds like a pointless question, but hear me out... I basically want to know if I can trust the GUID to generate a value which will be unique 100% of the time and impossible to predict. I'm basically rolling my on login system for a

Debugging .NET Dynamic Methods

We are using LINQ very widely in our system. Particularly LINQ-to-objects. So in some places we end up having a LINQ query in memory build up from some huge expressions. The problem comes when there's some bug in the expressions. So we get NullRefere

The ASP.NET HttpApplication.EndRequest event was not fired

According this MSDN article HttpApplication.EndRequest can be used to close or dispose of resources. However this event is not fired/called in my application. We are attaching the handler in Page_Load the following way: HttpContext.Current.Applicatio