LINQ with DataSet in

I want to select all columns in dataset.Dataset is retrived from database table. Here is my code : lstvCustomers.Items.Clear() Dim result = (From cust In dsCust.Tables(0).AsEnumerable).ToList 'When i set where clause condition (Where cust.Field(Of St

Build the .net 4.0 code with TFS2012

I have TFS 2012 installed. I want to setup gated checkins on TFS 2012 for MVC code that needs to be built in .net 4.0. What is the way to do this? I assumed TFS 2012 to be the controller and TFS 2010 to be the build agent. However, when I tri

How can you implement a work queue in .NET?

I have a Windows service that processes jobs. A job in this service is a sequence of actions, such as: A -> B -> C -> D -> E Each job is supposed to be completely independent from other jobs. The current implementation processes each job on it

Wcf services and Db settings?

I was asked to build different WCF services where each do other work against sql. We have 5 db's. All db's+connection string are in 1 xml file. ( file-system file) The services are hosted under WAS iis 7.5. since each service should read from db , ea

Creating a new view gives 404 pages

I am trying to do something very simple and I seem to be missing something. I tried to scour the internet for results but haven't gotten anywhere so I was wondering if someone can please advise on this seemingly easy and straightforward task. I have

ConcurrentDictionary AddOrUpdate by predicate

I have a ConcurrentDictionary. I use its AddOrUpdate method to manipulate its items. My question is: is it possible to use AddOrUpdate's update parameter to contain an if statement? E.g. my ConcurrentDictionary contains objects that has string Id and

How to locate the source of a link error?

How can I figure out what line of xaml contains the troublesome binding When my debug output is full of lines like the following: System.Windows.Data Error: 5 : Value produced by BindingExpression is not valid for target property.; Value='UW.Entities

What is the difference between these two StructureMap config?

We're struggling with understanding the difference between these two ways to configure StructureMap. Our understanding is that they should be identical but we get different results between these two lines inside of Initialize: ObjectFactory.Initializ

WCF: How to Set the MaxReceivedMessageSize Quota

I have a WCF Service. I get the following message when I run the client application The maximum message size quota for incoming messages (65536) has been exceeded. To increase the quota, use the MaxReceivedMessageSize property on the appropriate bind

Find the intersection of two multidimensional arrays in C # 4.0

Trying to find a solution to my ranking problem. Basically I have two multi-dimensional double[,] arrays. Both containing rankings for certain scenarios, so [rank number, scenario number]. More than one scenario can have the same rank. I want to gene

Extract the PDF text by coordinates

I'd like to know if there's some PDF library in Microsoft .NET being able of extracting text by giving coordinates. For example (in pseudo-code): PdfReader reader = new PdfReader(); reader.Load("file.pdf"); // Top, bottom, left, right in pixels

to disable the web proxy for a WCF client?

My computer have a proxy server defined globally (in internet options configuration). I have a .Net 4 application that use a WCF client to a remote host. The client code has been generated by VS add service reference dialog. As my proxy can't reach t

How to bind DataTrigger to an Interface property

I have 4 class which implement my custom ICalendarItem Interface. That interface has a property called 'Jours'. ObservableCollection<KeyValuePair<DateTime, DateTime>> Jours; My class override that property like this : public override Observabl

Field Selection in WPF Designer - No drop-down list?

Coming from a WinForms background, I'm a little surprised to see that most (if not all) of the field-related properties for things like ItemsControls in WPF lack any sort of dropdown list for selecting fields. For example, when using a ComboBox, if I

WPF .NET4.0 Listbox and ItemsControl

Im trying to populate a ListBox with items. The ItemsSource is as follows: public SortedDictionary<string, List<int>> AvailableValues when I have the following the items seem to be nicely layed out. Except that I cant select a whole item and p

Confused about this unit test!

So basically, I have an abstract class which has a unique, incremental ID - Primitive. When a Primitive (or more precisely, an inheritor of Primitive) is instantiated, the ID is incremented - up to the point where the ID overflows - at which point, I

Context.CreateQuery & lt; T & gt; is loading everything?

I have been working away for EF4 and got a lot of stuff done and its working really nicely, the one problem I do have is: Context.CreateQuery returns correctly, but it is also loading ALL its related entities too!? Which is going to cause massive iss

Azure .Net 4.0 Application Development

Presently .Net 4.0 is not supported on Azure. This thread indicates that you will not be able to use .Net 4.0 with VS 2010 until it is supported in the cloud. I'd like a way to start developing Azure applications loca