Syntax for 'new' in Java

This question already has an answer here: Java inner class and static nested class 23 answers Constructors of non static member classes take an extra hidden parameter which is a reference to an instance of the immediately enclosing class. There is al

How to specify a nested custom display class?

Available nested classes SuperView and NestedView. class SuperView : UIImageView { class NestedView : UIImageView { var text : String = "Nested View" } var text : String = "Super View" var nested : NestedView? } I would like to set for

JAVA creating a nested static class instance with reflection

I want to create an instance of nested static class with reflection. I have the following code: if (Modifier.isStatic(nestedClass.getModifiers())) { //TODO - WRITE HERE SOMETHING } else { ctor = nestedClass.getDeclaredConstructor(outerClass);

Private nested Java class in the UML diagram

I have a question regarding UML. I have a class which simply contains an inner class with the private access modifier - cannot be accessed from anywhere else... Normally in order to present an inner class relation I can use a (+) relation like here (

MVC binding model to nested classes

When I try and create a new 'Flow' class the nested classes ('Action') always come back as null in the controller So I have classes within classes like so: public class Flow { private Action actionField private string nameField private bool enabledFi

is a nested class a singleton in Java

In Java a nested class is an inner class that is declared static. E.g.: class Basic{ public static class NestedClass{}; } I am wondering if a nested class is a singleton by default, or if I may create a list of instances such as class Basic{ public s

which requires more memory - nested class / separate class

What takes up more memory: Creating a nested class Creating a separate class This is not a OO/design related question, I was just wondering and wanted to know the answer. Thank you in advance. EXPLANATION WITH EXAMPLE : SITUATION One public

how to access the method in the nested class from main - C #

this is editing of my first question: so i checked the assignment again. all code is working as my professor want it to work, but only my question that i asked before is my problem. - how can i execute the method ShowGrade directly from the list (whi

C # nested classes and inheritance

Just need some help with nested classes and inheritance.. namespace blah { private abstract class InheritedSomething { public void doSomething() {}; } class OtherClass : InheritedSomething { //Stuff class NestedClass : InheritedSomething { //Stuff }

The nested linq list contains

I have a question for you linq experts out there! In a nested list of Component instances, I need to know if there is a component of a particular type in it. Can it be expressed by linq? Take into account that there may be application.Components[0].C

Partial nested form class with designer

I am making a MessageBox like class (MessageBoxCustom). I would like to have a Form with designer support in a separate file so I can modify the appearance through Visual Studio (MessageBoxCustomDialog ). I would also like to make this MessageBoxCust

Inherit Nested Structures: Templates and Pointers

I am trying to add some additional fields to a nested struct in C++, and the design dictates that I want to do so via inheritance. I'm getting an error that curiously depends on whether I'm working with type T* or type T**. I'm fairly confused and wo

nested classes in C ++

my question is how often do You really use nested classes in Your practice and in which cases? what is the real power of the nested classes, what can't be done without them? P.S. please don't explain what is it, I know it (from technical point of vie

Is it a good idea to have a nested class in an interface?

Is it possible to have an inner class inside the interface in java ???You can. But here's what O'Reilly says about it: Nested Classes in Interfaces? Java supports the concept of nested classes in interfaces. The syntax and dynamics work just like nes

In Java, what are nested classes and what do they do?

In java what are nested classes and what do they do?They're just classes within other classes. They make it possible to have a hierarchy of classes, and if you make them private they're a convenient way to encapsulate data that isn't exposed outside

When do you want to nest classes in C #?

This question already has an answer here: Why/when should you use nested classes in .net? Or shouldn't you? 12 answers Specifically, can anyone give me concrete examples of when or when not to use nested classes? I've known about this feature since f

nested structure with array

Please, help me to create a nested struct with an array. How do I fix this code? class CMain { public: CMain(); ~CMain(); private: struct { CCheckSum() : BufferSize(500) {memset(Buffer, 0, BufferSize);} const int BufferSize; char Buffer[BufferSize];

Remove nested test classes with maven2

I use nested classes for accessing private members in JUnit tests. They are alaways named "TestProxy". I would like to remove them at Build time using maven2, to not include it into the jar file. Is there any configuration option? Can it be done

Returns a nested class type in Java

I have a base class that has an abstract getType() method. I want subclasses to be able to implement this method and provide the actual class to use. In code, something like the following: public abstract class A { public static interface Tile; prote