Double toolbar displays on the fragment

Hello Guys, My problem is related to double toolbar is coming in my app while inflating(or say replacing) a fragment. I have an activity class which contains navigation drawer with it's toolbar with navigation toolbar icon. There is some fragment i d

problems with onBackPressed Fragment

in my navigation drawer there are 5 menu of them is about us item.when I click on this item, I call AboutUsFragment and show it(its content is just a text).but when I click onBackPress, fragment is gone but its texts remains on my activity.

Navigation Drawer: Style / Title Sub Menu

I am trying to style my navigation drawer after the specs from google. But I am not able to get this red marked submenu: This is my current menu structure. I got the divider by splitting it into some groups but I don't get the title for the submenu.

How can I change the color of the separator in NavigationView?

I'm trying to use NavigationView to implement NavigationDrawer. I have added the separator by setting group id in menu. However I can't see the separator. I guess it is because the separator color is same as the background. So I want to change the se

No view found for ID 0x7f090058 for fragment

I'm doing an app that uses Google Maps APIs (with two separate maps), and I want to use a navigation drawer to switch between the two maps (fragments). I created the main activity with the pre-compiled Navigation Drawer Activity in android studio, an

Navigation drawer several containers and best practices

I am relatively new in Android UI development. So I need some help from more experienced developers. I am creating my app with Navigation Drawer, I have faced with a lot of problems. Firstly, here is sample code for Navigation Drawer. <android.suppor

Get an error using ScrimInsetFrameLayout

I'm using ScrimInsetsFrameLayout to get the Navigation Drawer on the ToolBar with the StatusBar on it so I followed the guide and read a lot about it but there's something wrong even if I'm not missing anything. Whenever I click one (of the four) act

Android navigation drawer icon on ActionBar

public class MainActivity extends ActionBarActivity { private String[] drawerListItems; private ListView drawerListView; private DrawerLayout drawerlayout; private ActionBarDrawerToggle drawToggle; @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstan

Nullpointer with navigation drawer

I'm trying to get put data to my list view in slide menu application using navigation drawer. I created a list view and defined the adapter but when i run it i got null pointer in the logcat here is my codes: package; import android.

How can I make DrawerLayout appear under the toolbar?

How to make the drawer layout be below the actionbar/toolbar? I'm using v7:21 app compat library with the new ToolBar view. Examples that I see looks like < xmlns:android="

Navigation drawer with activities

Currently in my application i have a navigation drawer. When i began working on it i discovered that many people used fragments instead of activities, however, i needed to work with activities as i realised you weren't able to put fragments within fr

Status of the Android Browser Drawer Fragment

I'm currently utilizing the Navigation Drawer for my Android APP. In my first fragment, I've a fragment that loads data using Facebook's Graph API. Thus, when my App is first loaded, it first goes to the first fragment. Then, I use the Navigation Dra

How to put 2 ListViews in the navigation drawer?

Here is the xml schema for my navigation drawer_main... i have to place user image in upper listview and other data via 2nd listview just like soundcloud. but i get 2nd listview in navigation drawer button and by moving edge i get first drawer.. help

Android Action Bar Custom View Hidden Navigation Indicator

I'm adding a custom view to the action bar but when I do the navigation indicator icon is not displayed. When I don't display the custom view, the indicator shows up and works fine. getActionBar().setDisplayHomeAsUpEnabled(true); getActionBar().setHo

Orientation interferes with the navigation drawer

I have an app which uses the NavigationDrawer. I switch fragments like this: private class DrawerItemClickListener implements ListView.OnItemClickListener { @Override public void onItemClick(AdapterView<?> parent, View view, int position, long id) {

Navigation drawer - Disable click on items behind the drawer

Is there any way to make sure that the navigation drawer stays on top of the content in the fragment? I created a small test application with dummy data. 10 fragments with a corresponding numbered button and textview. The issue is with the fact that

ActionBarDrawerToggle does not set the drawer flag

I am trying to add the navigation drawer in my app.. Everything is working fine But now I still got the arrow icon although I replaced it with the ic_drawer from Android? Here's my code: private ActionBarDrawerToggle mDrawerToggle; @Override protecte