Replace / display the new line from MYSQL to PHP

I have a big problem displaying line breaks from mysql in my php generated html page. I tried out nl2br(), manual str_replace() and so on... In my sql database the record is like: first line second line third line BUT: There are no \n's or <br>'s in

Replacing the substring in MySQL

I have fields like this table in mysql database, <table border=1 ><tr><td>No</td><td>Value</td></tr> <tr><td>1</td><td>System Code id(19032809128); unique list system</td></tr>

Run nested MySQL queries with PDO

I have a MySQL nested query I want to run in PDO. When I run the query in the phpmyAdmin console it executes successfully. However it does not execute with the pdo code in php file. below is the code: try{ $dbh->beginTransaction(); $stmt2 = $dbh->pr

Get a foreign key with maximum occurrences

I have following following tables. user option question answer I want to fetch the following records Number of answers grouped by user Most answered option grouped by user I tried using following query SELECT,, COUNT(a.question_id) as nu

txt in csv using Python

I have a sql dump in txt format , it looks like this way - "Date:","8/21/2015","","Time:","16:18:38","","Name:","NC.S.RHU10.BRD" "System Name:","NC.S.RHU10.BRD&

mysql report join tables and database structure problem

I'm trying to achieve the following report result: campaign_name visits leads registrations 3333 3 0 0 direct 3 2 1 (null) 0 1 1 test 0 1 1 I have this database structure and I'm quite sure now that the relationships are incorrect. I played around wi

Update the SQL table with a PHP error

I tried to update a MySQL database table (online) with a php function, but everytime that i click on "button update" it answers me: Could not update data: Unknown column '$username' in 'where clause' can somebody help me with this error or only

Update records without updating

Apologies if this has been asked before but I'm not sure what to search for exactly so I thought it would be better to explain it. I am using php to get records from a mysql table and present them. However I have added couple of dropdowns and search

MySQL encoding issues on iOS

So I'm building a PHP site that inserts POST variables into MySQL database. The whole site is encoded in UTF8 to support Hebrew text. It works excellent on desktop but in iOS the site inserts variables in gibberish for some reason. this is the PHP co

Select a group by the same table

I have a table users like this: id user refid 1 a null 2 b 1 3 c 1 4 d 2 5 f 3 I need to select the users, grouping by refid and the count of each refid for each user. For example, id user count 1 a 2 2 b 1 3 c 1 This is what I have tried: SELECT use

The addition of the Fulltext index blocks the MySQL service

I'm trying to add a Fulltext index to a table. When I run the query, ALTER TABLE thisTable ADD FULLTEXT(thisText); I get the message SQL Error (2013): Lost connection to MySQL server during query and the mysql service will indeed be stopped. If I res

Retrieve records from multiple tables

So like the title suggests, I am trying to retrieve records from multiple tables. I have the following tables : ads1 , ads2 , ads3 ,.... each tables containes 1 or more records with auto_increment id and names of people under the column named names.

Special characters in the MySQL table do not display correctly

I am using CodeIgniter to build my queries and one of the fields that I am importing is something like: textØ=125mm The insert/update is always successful but it is appearing in the table as: text??=125mm How can I get around this?check your database

Considerations to make the auto_incremented user ID visible?

I've noticed that SO and other sites use the auto-incrementing primary key of the user table as a publicly viewable user id (at least I assume this is what they are doing). In the case of SO, the user's profile can be viewed if you know or can guess

Proxy server responsible for duplicate requests?

I have a PHP script that is making a MySQL insert query based on parameters in a URL via GET. I noticed today that two users who appear to be coming from the same LAN both have duplicate records, the first recording with an IP that resolves to proxy.

How to get the createuserwizard user ID for the mysql database?

I am using the createuserwizard to store additional user info into a mysql database, apart from the info provided by the membership provider. I would like to store this info into another table called 'userprofile'. The user id in 'userprofile

ORM DataMapper for Codeigniter Relationships

I have a table ... CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `messages` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `to` int(11) NOT NULL, `from` int(11) NOT NULL, `subject` varchar(50) NOT NULL, `message` varchar(1000) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFA

Why does this MySQL stored procedure not work as I want it?

I want a stored-procedure to create a temporary table, populate the table with data, then return the table. This is what I have: CREATE PROCEDURE sp_create_r3(p_panel_id INT) BEGIN -- create new temporary table DROP TABLE IF EXISTS temp; CREATE TEMPO

How to find MySQL DB is a slave?

How to find mysql DB is slave with out using "show slave status" by query?Here are 3 options you have to detect if Replication is running OPTION #1 : Check Status Variable 'Slave_running' Using MySQL 5.1/5.5 select variable_value from informatio

Joomla website management

Currently my workflow is like this: Make some changes to the local copy of my website Use Akeeba backup to make a copy of my website and database Delete contents of hosted server Upload Akeeba backup files Visit website and run akeeba restore which s

ASP.NET MySQL on a large scale. Recommended?

I'm thinking of using ASP.NET and MySQL together on a large project. Does anyone have any experience in using these two on a large scale and are there any aspects I should be wary of? If there is a chance that there could be compatibility issues, the