PHP Calculate total document savings per day

I'm trying to get the total document saves per day. But i don't have any idea how. Here are the Columns along with their data in my Database. report_id doc_date total_doc - 1 2017-06-06 1 - 2 2017-06-23 1 - 3 2017-06-14 1 - 4 2017-06-12 1 - 5 2017-06

How to insert form data using MySqli / PHP?

This question already has an answer here: When to use single quotes, double quotes, and backticks in MySQL 10 answers I am trying to insert form data using mysqli, php. The issue I am stuck with is that it insert '?' as the form values in the table i

MySQL export table in the name of text file fields

let's say I have the following table in MySQL create table test_tbl ( col1 varchar(100), col2 varchar(100), amount int, created datetime ) Data insert Insert into test_tbl values('unu', 'doi', 10, '05/01/2015'); Insert into test_tbl values('patru', t

SQL How to group by two columns

Bellow is an example table. ID FROM TO DATE 1 Number1 Number2 somedate 2 Number2 Number1 somedate 3 Number2 Number1 somedate 4 Number3 Number1 somedate 5 Number3 Number2 somedate Expected result is to get 1 row for each unique pair of TO and FROM col

Select from three tables

I have three tables where table_2 is the middle(connected) between table_1 and table_3 tables table_id ... ... table_rest rest_id table_id ... rest rest_id ... ... And the query to select I use SELECT m.table_id, table_name FROM tables m JOIN table_r

MYSQL query to find a specific model

i want to fetch Last Conf_type of each bot_no and ord_no given in screenshotTry like this set @type = ''; set @num = 1; select BOT_NO, ORD_NO,CONF_TYPE,row_number from ( select BOT_NO, ORD_NO,CONF_TYPE, @num := if(@type = ORD_NO, @num + 1, 1) as row_

Full-text search MySQL find a non-exact match

I can't find the answer to this on the internet, possibly because I don't know the right terms/jargon to search for. I am using my own search function to get rows from my table. I have three rows with columns with this input (without quotes): "食"

Saving today's date in the MySQL database

When my html form is submitted, I want today's date also stored in one column along with the data given by the form in mysql table. My php code: #some code $date = date('d-m-Y'); #some code $sql = "INSERT INTO table1(rollNo, password, name, item, pla

The profile of the user does not show his data

I want to create a user details page and I have created this code check this code and it's errors and please tell me what I should do to make it right and if you are giving me any code to add in my code then kindly tell me where I put that code. It's

pagination php only 10 items

I have a problem with pagination, how to display only 10 items? can do something like this in google - number increased by +5? <?php // Make the links to other pages, if necessary. if ($pages > 1) { echo '<br /><p>'; $current_page = ($st

About Modeling a DB

I would like to create a table that represents the list of contacts of an user, but each user may have a number diferent of contacts... I have a table user whith the colums id_user, nome, info Each group needs contains the id of a user that is the ow

sql joins a query problem with three arrays

I am new to mysql.Here is the structure of my db table.*How can I join all three table to give results that look like the fourth table? Table Product id name category user_id 1 abc 2 1 2 syz 3 1 Table Categories id name 1 aaa 2 bbb 3 ccc Table produc

How to decode the SMF mysql password field

I currently use SMF as my forum software but i'm currently building a my own customized forum software and i would need to import the entries from my SMF database into my new database. I noticed that Mysql uses a sha1 way of encoding passwords which

foreach loop with more than one step

I am using PDO to get result from database and then using foreach loop to display data. my code is $result1=$objPage->getGallery($id); foreach($result1 as $row) { echo "pic1=" . $row['pic']; echo "pic2=" . $row['pic']; echo "pi

Is there a way to optimize this MySQL query?

It takes a long time to complete but would love to be able to pull the information that it gathers quickly. SELECT * FROM releases WHERE (artist IN (SELECT artist FROM artist_love WHERE user='Quickinho') OR label IN (SELECT label FROM label_love WHER

MySQL Query Speed ​​Up

I'm having a problem with the speed of a query - it's running at about 16 seconds at the moment, and I need to speed it up! My table scheme is as follows: Users: id (int 10, primary key) username (varchar 100) password (varchar 100) Users_meta: id (i

Serialize the JSON object efficiently

This is a bit of a puzzle, I have these pseudo models: class Country(models.Model): name = models.CharField(unique=True) class Region(models.Model): name = models.CharField(unique=True) country = models.ForeignKey(Country) class SubRegion(models.Mode

Backup MySQL DB with SVN?

I have a MySQL DB which should be versioned with SVN. I dont want the full DB, only the structure and selected tables. I searched the net and found some information, but nothing seems to really work in a reliable way. Any experience or hints? Thanks

SELECT DISTINCT field, but avoid certain values

I have the following table: --------------------------- | id | capital_id | value | --------------------------- | 1 | 1 | a | --------------------------- | 2 | 2 | b | --------------------------- | 3 | 2 | c | --------------------------- | 4 | 2 | d

Is it possible to count two columns in the same query?

Let's say I have the following table structure: t1 ------------- id // row id userID_follower // this user is a follows another member userID_following // other member that this user Is it possible to run a single query to combine both of the followi

OR vs ET in MySQL

I'm using mysql and I can query in both ways (or / and) That means I can write query as: select * from x where () or () or () . . .. ; or I can write as: select * from x where () and () and () . . .. ; Which is preferable? Is there any performance is

How to get data from an attached table

I have two table joined with = p.category_id. I want to get but it gives an error. Could anyone tell me how to get data from a joined table please? function getGalleryone(){ $data = array(); $query = 'SELECT * FROM products AS p

mysql timestamp column

Is it possible to define a timestamp column in a MySQL table that will automatically be updated every time a field in the same row is modified? Ideally this column should initially be set to the time a row was inserted. Cheers, DonThat is the default

From MySQL, go to Oracle: traps

All my development life I have only worked with MySQL for extended periods of time, and for a client we now need to work with an Oracle database for some performance testing and tuning. Any obvious pitfalls in moving from working with MySQL to Oracle