How to delete millions of records from the mysql table

In my MySQL table contain more than 20 millions of records . I want to delete it from lower index by running delete FROM mydb.dailyreportdetails where idDailyReportDetails>0 order by idDailyReportDetails asc limit 1000 ; While running the above query

What is h2 with disk-based persistence in jhipster

I am new to jhipster, while starting I was asked to choose between H2 with disk-based persistence H2 with in-memory persistence MySQL databases what are the differences between these. Thank youWe currently use H2 in-memory persistence by default. It'

Multiple-to-one SQL IN statement

Suppose I have a MySQL table read that records a userid and an articleid that records what users have read what articles. I now want to list the users that have read articles 1, 2 and 3. I know that the following is not possible, but it illustrates t

How to create a matrix for SQLI?

I want to create an array for the query using i++ for the id of player. $i=2; $query = mysqli_query($link,"SELECT * from jogadores where id=".$i." "); $row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($query); $arrName = $row['First Name']; <form id="

PHP / mySQL - for loop does not work properly

I have these lines of code: $user = $_SESSION['name']; $con = mysqli_connect("localhost","root","","db_shop"); $sql = mysqli_query($con,"SELECT * FROM tbl_cart WHERE `user` = '$user' AND `done` = '0'"); wh

Unable to install Mysql 5.6 on Ubuntu 14.04

I'm trying to upgrade from Mysql 5.5 to Mysql 5.6 on Ubuntu 14.04 I've tried: Installing directly with sudo apt-get install mysql-server-5.6 - no success Removing Mysql 5.5 fully first, according to this thread: Removing MySQL 5.5 Completely then ins

How do I send my MySQL data with PHP code to morris-data.js?

I got a problem how to make morris chart with data from MySQL database. I have made a php code with output like how JSON template can accepted to morris-data.js. Here's my php code name cobaJson.php: <link rel="stylesheet" href="//cdnjs.

Canceling the Thread Task

I've got a MySQL connection which is executing a query in a separate thread, represented by a Task. Through the cancellation token, I am stopping this thread when the user clicks a button. My problem is that an error is being presented saying the fol

Syntax error near 'WHERE emp_id = $ emp_id' in line 1

I've been trying to make a php form page for the users of my website. When I open the .php page I got the standard error message : Could not enter data: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server ve

Complicated MySql Update Join Query

Have is an example of the problem I'm facing. The database tables are a little different than usual, but needed to be setup this way. Items: id, order_id, other fields Items_Drinks: id, drinks, other fields Orders: id, other fields Orders_Drinks: id,

where in the nested query clause

I am using mysql and php. I am unable to delete any records even if records exist to meet the condition specified in the query , please help to identify the problem, my query is Table1 (id, LName) table2(id,LName) delete from table1 where Lname in (s

MySQL command line '-bash command not found'

The following link at the end of the post was helpful but can someone clarify this. There are 2 answers that are in complete conflict so I am asking about it. One person responds that you should get to the MySQL command line like this Navigate to the

Automatically filling the MySQL date column with current date

I have a table where I have a date column. Is there a way for MySQL to auto fill this field whenever I insert a new registry with the current date? Or is this made automatically by default? P.S.: I'm using PHPMyAdminYou can specify default values for

How to avoid duplicate entries in the admin django template

I have an application having a model called Verifications. It has fields like: asset_code, Status, Location, Emp_id etc. I can add verifications using "Add Verification" from django admin panel. But I want to restrict adding duplicate asset_code

MySQL (InnoDB) - How many attachments does it make?

I have deloped some program that auto-generates some code used to automatically generate queries in a structured way in Java. The latest option that I have added is to get a result of one table, while actually specifying constraints for some other ta

DataGridView with adapter and combobox

If i bind a DataGridView(dgv) to an adapter, the dgv is populated automatically with the contents of the table. However one of the columns that is now presented as text, I want to change it to a ComboBox. This code prepares a data adapter: MySqlDataA

mysql_fetch_array mysql_num

This question already has an answer here: mysqli_fetch_array()/mysqli_fetch_assoc()/mysqli_fetch_row() expects parameter 1 to be resource or mysqli_result, boolean given 33 answers I received the following warning : warning: mysql_fetch_array() expec

How to find with python on ubuntu if MySQL works?

On Ubuntu this command line: sudo netstat -tap | grep mysql if MySQL is running returns something like that: tcp 0 0 localhost:mysql *:* LISTEN 6732/mysqld and nothing if it's not. I'm using subprocess to find out from inside the python code if MySQL

SQL Injection and multiline comments

I was testing a clients' queries and came across an interesting question. Could a bad intentioned hacker SQL inject the following query: SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE 1 AND cfield='0' AND ( field1 like '%$searchterm%' OR field2 like '%$searchterm%' OR

How to get the next and previous line in a query

I have a table like this in MYSQL: SELECT * FROM test_table id u_id name date 1 101 name2 2012-05-14 2 305 name3 2012-05-11 3 506 name4 2012-05-05 4 207 name5 2012-05-12 5 108 name6 2012-05-03 SELECT id,u_id from test_table order by date; id u_id 5 1

What FOSS RDBMS should be used for geospatial data?

I'm developing an application using Google Maps API. The goal is to geocode certain locations and then allow users to search for these locations based on which ones are nearest to the user (e.g. "Thing x is 20 miles from you"). In MySQL, I can j

How to ask my table columns to be printed alphabetically

desc foo; prints all the columns. How do I make it list all the columns in a alphabetical mannerYou can use the information_schema for that, depending on exactly what you want displayed. Something like: SELECT COLUMN_NAME, DATA_TYPE, IS_NULLABLE, COL

QUERY speed with limit and millions of records

Hi i have a 7milion records db table for testing query speed. I tested up my 2 queries which are the same query with different limit parametres: query 1 - SELECT * FROM table LIMIT 20, 50; query 2 - SELECT * FROM table LIMIT 6000000, 6000030; query e

WHERE clause within the COUNT clause (DISTINCT)

this is a question asked by Ryan Frank on, which i am facing as well. I have the following in the beginning of my SELECT statement: SELECT,, accounts.first, accounts.last, COUNT(DISTINCT accounts_log.logi

Save the image as a block

I have used MySQL to save a image as a blob type. I 'm uploading files through PHP and when I get the image back I revive only a part of it. How can I improve the max size ? (my image file size is less than 300 KB) PHP uploader... if($_FILES!=null &&a

Search with words of a long character (MySQL)

I have a table Books in my MySQL database which has the columns Title (varchar(255)) and Edition (varchar(20)). Example values for these are "Introduction to Microeconomics" and "4". I want to let users search for Books based on Title

Can MYSQL queries significantly slow down my website?

Hey, I'm doing a website that requires me to use about 5 mysql "SELECT * FROM" queries on each site and I'd like to know if it can slow the download speed in any way.Yes. Here are some useful links to help you understand how to measure MySQL per

Connecting to the MySQL database with PHP

I have this little function do connect to a MySQL database: function connectSugarCRM() { $connectorSugarCRM = mysql_connect ("localhost", "123", "123") or die ("Connection failed"); mysql_select_db("sugar5"