The submit button on the php login form does not work

My php login form doesn't work, i can't find the problem. I tested the sql query in php with fixed values and it works (without the button). So my guess is that its the submit button. The database works fine, i can select items from it but i can't in

Request to get the last distinct value from the table

In MySQL I am trying to get the only one latest data of each user. I am cureently doing the following query SELECT DISTINCT username, value, date FROM table WHERE date >= CURDATE() ORDER BY date DESC Its returning all the values by username and the q

MySQL error: sql_mode = only_full_group_by

i have this script where i'm used to do a simple projection for a dynamic result SELECT M.nom_utilisateur, SUM(M.montant_bulletin ) as Montant_Total_BS, SUM(M.montant_payer ) as Montant_Total_payer, COUNT(M.ref_bs ) as nbr_bs_total, (SELECT COUNT(*)

How to insert multiple image files into a row on my database

if(count($_FILES['upload']['name']) > 0){ //Loop through each file for($i=0; $i<count($_FILES['upload']['name']); $i++) { //Get the temp file path $tmpFilePath = $_FILES['upload']['tmp_name'][$i]; //Make sure we have a filepath if($tmpFilePath != &q

SQL queries - 2nd largest

Using sql, how can I find the second largest number through a query?or use limit: SELECT number FROM numbers WHERE 1=1 ORDER BY number DESC LIMIT 1, 1

Meteor accounts with MySQL

I'm fairly new to Meteor and currently have an application using MongoDB as the database. But there may be a possibility that I have to switch to MySQL due to server requirements. Has anyone tried to use MySQL as their database of choice with a Meteo

Automatic insertion into the database every month

I want a functionality that insert data every month... I have some idea to implement this that is as follow.... When User Create 'INVOICE' at that time the 'INVOICE' automatically generated every next month once user create it. Let have some code...

sql HAVING max (count ()) returns zero rows

I'm trying to get class rooms with overlap course schedule, my tables: courses: COURSE_ID NAME 11 matematika 22 logika 33 himiya 44 sport 55 algoritmika 66 hedva 77 algebra linearit schedule: ID COURSE_ID ID_ROOM DAY HOUR 1 11 105 Mon 10am 2 11 105 W

20,000,000 tables coming together too slowly

I have a table (variable (unlimited variety), attr (exactly 3 different attributes), date, state (can only be 0, 1, or 2) ): PK PK PK ------------------------------------ | Variable | Attr | Date | State | |------------------------------------| | V1

php blob image will not show

So I am trying to show an image from my mysql database. The image is saved as a blob format. I made seperate php file for fetching the image. I then call this file from where I want to show the image like so: <img src="image.php?id=3" /> T

PHP Activateecord - Join on the same table

I'm using php.activerecord and now I'm trying to to a join on the same table but somehow it doesn't work. I want to achieve something like this: I have three main categories and n x subcategories. What I want to

EJB abstract schema unknown but exists in the database

I'm blocked on this problem for many hours and I don't understand the problem as it works fine with another entity of my project. I created a Java EE project with Glassfish 4, JPA 2 and EJB 3 in Eclipse IDE. I'm using a mysql database for storing. I

MySQL - case use of GROUP BY

My understanding of GROUP BY is that its standard use is to aggregate items. So a typical example might be: select count(id), department, from table group by department The above would a count of all id's per department. So, I got taught a very usefu

Recover data from the database using PHP

I am trying to retrieve data from mysql using PhP. I am just testing my PHP file. If this works then I will start working on getting those results to my Android App. The PHP results shown are always null. I can confirm that data is available in the d

Android login activity with the mysql database

Hi I am new to android and I am developing an app which has a login screen. I have tried many tutorials but I am not sure how to connect the mysql database to my android app. In all the tutorials they have used php to connect the android app to the d

sql differentiate each week

I am a novice sql programmer so i need a little help trying to get a query extraction. I need to get the unique songs played out of a table per week. Say in a certain week there have been played 8 different songs but those 8 songs have been played nu

Mysql Request to retrieve records

I have a table structure which looks like as follows In the above table I need the team_id for which win+runs_scored is maximum. I know that task can be accomplished by PHP code but if there is any query possible for this then it would be easier for

Insert a delayed error

I just received an email from my hosting provider stating the following: Your DB has been blocked because of high MySQL usage. This was caused by the following query: | 17649732 | DELAYED | localhost | k*** | Delayed insert | 22 | Waiting for INSERT

What is the best way to increase the invoice ID?

I'm developing a simple invoice system using PHP and MySQL. My initial thought was to use ID (auto incremented) for invoice ID. But that will not work. A temporary invoice is created when user commits an order to my Payment Service Provider. If the t

Backing up db mysql from the command line

I am trying to backup my database and keep getting error : ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '$ mysqldump -u root -p chandlers > b

MYSQL query problem - attach product details to the result

I want to get some data out of my database that is similar to a receipt you get at the supermarket (just an example which suits kinda good to my real situation). For example you get the 2 (always only 2) products 1 and 3. These products are stored in

php friends table

I'm struggling with this for hours so please help me. This is my users table id | username | last_activity(timestamp for online system) And this is my friends table id | uid | fid What I want is to order the output by last_activity My current query l

select from one table, count from another where ID is linked

heres my code: $sql = mysql_query("select, c.address, c.postcode, c.dob,,, count(select * from bookings where b.id_customer = as purchased, count(select * from bookings where b.the_date > $now) as remaining, from cust

Conditional mySQL statement. If true UPDATE, if false INSERT

I'm trying to create more robust MySQL Queries and learn in the process. Currently I'm having a hard time trying to grasp the ON DUPLICATE KEY syntax and possible uses. I have an INSERT Query that I want to INSERT only if there is no record with the