MYSQL Col1 Sum based on the COL2 grouping

I am querying a Wordpress postmeta table to try and pull some sales information by customer. How can I get the customers to be grouped together. The challenge here is that all the data is in the postmeta table. Heres my unsuccessful attempt so far: S

What is the cost of an additional column

I have table fields with only 3 columns: owner_id INT, value VARCHAR(255), type INT. It is planned that this table will store a lot of data. I need to add column to store values with big length (TEXT). I see 2 ways. Add new column to this table with

How to check the input string blob is hexadecimal in java?

In our product, in a java class we are receiving Blob in string format and we need to check whether this incoming blob is a hex string (Blob can be of any size) and based on the boolean result we will decide further Blob processing(because in our cas

Friendly URL Database Policies

I have a website that I want to start using friendly URLs. So instead of: I could use: I know how to do this on the .htaccess side, but I don't know how to set it up on the bac

Simple update query does not work - MySQL

Here is my Update Query in Laravel $do = DB::table('pipo_orders') ->where('id', 1) ->update(array('clientcopyimage' => 1)); The Table name is pipo_orders while i execute the query no change is happening to that particular coloumn. Is there any ba

SQL - Can cursors be avoided in this case?

In case it matters for the following will use a Netezza backend + SPSS Modeler and/or Advanced Query Tool for the query itself. I have no access to the CLI. I'm trying to understand if cursors and walking through a sorted table is necessary to handle

MySql Complex Command

I have a table with products. Their id are like 12345 for mothers, and 12345_1, 12345_2, ... for childs. I want to sort them in order to have the mother desc, but then the child ascĀ : 12345 12345_1 12345_2 12345_3 12345_4 12344 12344_1 12344_2 12344_

Conversion of MySQL indexes with duplicate names to PostgreSQL

I'm converting some CREATE TABLE queries from MySQL to Postgres and have encountered an issue with creating multiple keys (aka Indexes) with the same name on different tables. For example, in MySQL you can have multiple CREATE TABLE queries that cont

MySQLi Equivalent to return mysql_result?

This question already has an answer here: MySQLi equivalent of mysql_result()? 10 answers So since mysql is being deprecated, i'm moving my site over to mysqli. But doing research, I've been having problems finding out how the MySQLi equivalent of re

How to save the record when the value is null in cakephp?

I want to sava the record but in the for loop the next id is null, how can i save the records with this condition, the loop will be stop when it find null and save the previous records. foreach($record['ProductPlan'] as $value=>$key) { $ProductsUser

Order by datetime mysql

I have a table that contains a datetime field type, and I want to sort the select syntax depends on it descending, just like the following: 2012-12-12 01:44:20 2012-12-11 01:44:40 2012-12-10 01:40:36 2012-12-09 12:28:19 2012-12-09 12:19:21 2012-12-09

MySQL join - the data is not in the second table

I have 3 tables, t1 containing events, t2 containing "attended" events, and t3 containing some invited user ids (linked to system user ids). More than one user can attend and event. When a new event is created it's inserted into t1. Every time a

PHP & amp; API for IP geolocation

I am trying to use in my web app to show the approximate City location of an IP address. I cannot figure out how to actually show the contents of the API... Here is what I have that is not working. function showCity($c

MySQL access code support

Not to inconvenience anyone unnecessarily, but, I have done much searching on the internet and still cannot find the exact answer. There are MANY similar examples, but nothing exact (Must be because my coding is pretty ... bad) To be brief, I have a

mySQL and memcached for PHP sessions?

For a high traffic web site we are planning to scale up to use 2 web servers in a HA setup. One issue we will need to tackle is the management of PHP sessions. The obvious answer is to move session handling to the DB which is easy and example code is

mysql select if and

I'm building a query on this table my_table field1 | field2 1 | y 2 | y 3 | y 4 | n 1 | n 2 | n 3 | y 4 | y I am looking for a rule (maybe IF) to select all the records excluding the ones where field1=1 AND field2=y this record will not be selected:

php mysql filter after query

Trying to filter the results after a query. Need to find a string inside of a tinytext string. That looks like: accounting, ACT, algebra 1, algebra 2, American history, biology, calculus, economics, English, European history, geometry, grammar, liter

Generic MySQL character in selection

Is there any way to select columns with wild cards. like to select columns with names having type could be 'SELECT %type% from table_name' ?Not really. You can use the * column wildcard to select all columns. If you're joining multiple tables, you ca

MySQL table with TEXT column

I've been working on a database and I have to deal with a TEXT field. Now, I believe I've seen some place mentioning it would be best to isolate the TEXT column from the rest of the table(putting it in a table of its own). However, now I can't find t

What are the main differences between all mysql engines?

I want to make a summary of the main differences between all the Mysql engines and of course the most populars also. And what criteria should I use to determine which engine to use?They are very well described here:

Connecting remote windows cmd mysql dbf

is there a way of how to connect to mysql dbf on a remote server and run sql queries using windows command line?MySQL has a command-line client, where you can run queries. If you don't want to allow remote connections to the database on the server, y