Avoid skipping a line by next () ResultSet Method

This is a simple code print some rows from a Database. but When I execute this nothing is print on screen. I figured that the problem is rs.next() method is skipping a row. So How can I avoid that or Reset the Position of rs.next() method? String sea

Update user profile

I work on a project to learn Laravel. So, I creat a database with users and all users got profile informations{city,country,etc...} I create a table named 'profiles' where i have a id / user_id / contry / city ... My web file with routes looks like:

Import a very long list of strings into the MySQL database

I have a very, very long list of words, each on a new line. Like so: abactor abaculi abaculus abacus abacuses abada ... ... ... zythum zyzzyva zyzzyvas I want to import all these words in a MySql Database. What would be the most effective method to d

Foreign key & mdash; id or just UNIQUE column

Suppose that I have a table with the following columns: CREATE TABLE users { id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, login VARCHAR(50) UNIQUE, password VARCHAR(50) } And I need to create a table which will store one cookie for each account. What's better -- to creat

How to import Excel data to mysql?

I have an excel sheet that contains many fields. I have a database that contains many tables which are linked to 1 another. The fields that excel sheet contains get inserted to multiple tables which are linked to 1 another. Eg sample.xls or .xlsx id

load balancing and replication in JDBC

I have a Multi-Master-Slave Setup with 2 Master and 1 Slave. I'd like to have all the reads only on the Slave and loadbalanced (round robin) writes. There is a solution for Replication: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/connector-j/en/connector-j-master-slave

PHP MySQL PDO: get the last inserted ROW non ID

I have currently a script to insert new data automatically when using the form to add a new element. I use public string PDO::lastInsertId ([ string $name = NULL ] ) Logic of course. Now I am only wondering if this might cause any problems in case a

open gps tracker git project openshift

Sorry to bother you with that but I'm struggling with this almost 2 weeks now and researched a lot and didn't find any solution: I'm trying to run a this git project < a href="https://github.com/Adrianod/Open-GPS-tracker">open gps tracker

Search for comma-separated values ​​in mysql

I want to search this table with meta_value = '1,2' How will I write the query? Can I use LIKE ? I tried using IN clause. ╔════╦══════════════╦══════╗ ║ id ║ meta_val ║ 210 ║ ╠════╬══════════════╬══════╣ ║ 1 ║ 1,2,3,4,5,6 ║ 5636 ║ ║ 2 ║ 1,2,3 ║ 148 ║

Creating an update statement from a nested select

I have a mysql statement below select c11 as genre, t3.strGenre, t2.idGenre t2idGenre, t1.idMVideo from musicvideo t1 join genrelinkmusicvideo t2 on t2.idMVideo=t1.idMVideo join genre t3 on t3.idGenre=t2.idGenre where not (c11=strGenre) and genre='Al

MySQL query execution error

I am unable to execute the SQL query, as listed below; "Could not execute SQL query" SELECT * FROM tbl_fault WHERE id>0 AND `release`='' The reason may be, i am using mysql_real_escape_string, as listed below if ($_REQUEST["re

Group by number possible?

i have 2 tables: 1.customer (contains customers) 2.customer_order (contains orders) I want to know this: no. of customers with 0 orders no. of customers with 1 order no. of customers with 2 orders etc i have this: SELECT COUNT(co.id) FROM customer c

Error running SQL in MS-Access with an ODBC connection to MYSQL

I was helping a non-profit migrate MS-Access data to MYSQL. So, I ported data to MYSQL and created links in ms-access to MYSQL tables using ODBC. Majority of the existing SQL works fine. However I am stumped on this one error - You have an error in y

Select a maximum of 2 rows where a column has the same value

I am trying to select a maximum of 2 rows where a column has the same value. ie: id title accountid date 1 job 1 1 Oct. 1 2 job 2 1 Oct. 1 3 job 3 1 Oct. 1 4 job 1 2 Oct. 2 5 job a 3 Oct. 2 6 job z 4 Oct. 3 7 job 2 2 Oct. 3 8 job 3 2 Oct. 8 I want to

URL Shortener and hellip; mod_rewrite

I am trying to build a simple URL shortner and I have come across a few complications: A) in .htaccess how would I rewrite mydomain.com to make it so users can enter mydomain.com/4854 while the page is actually mydomain.com/url.php?key=4854. B) If I

Manage DBNull and null in ASP.NET

What is the best way of rewriting these (erroneous) lines? bool? result = dr["result"] == DBNull.Value ? null : Convert.ToInt32(dr["result"]); ...and... dr["result"] = result ?? DBNull.Value; Both do not compile. I am using t

MySQL query: select only the pages of the first generation?

I want to select the children pages (first generation) that derived from parent pages but not the children pages (second generation, 3rd, etc) derived from the first generation, for instance, pg_id pg_title parent_id 1 A 1 2 B 2 3 C 1 4 d 1 5 e 1 6 f

what is the best way to do internationalization in php?

For a PHP-MySQL application, what is the best way to handle internationalization? Do I save the data in MySQL or flat files? Is there any standard library that comes with PHP or do I need to write my own functions?Use the new Internationalization mod

Determine which table takes the most disk space in MySQL

What is the easiest way to determine which table takes most disk space ? A handicap: I have no MySQL server, only the file with all data (dump.sql)You may want to download MySQL server, install it on your localhost, import the dump file, and then use

Selecting X words from a text field in MySQL

I'm building a basic search functionality, using LIKE (I'd be using fulltext but can't at the moment) and I'm wondering if MySQL can, on searching for a keyword (e.g. WHERE field LIKE '%word%') return 20 words either side of the keyword, as well?You