How to store unlimited tags in the database?

I am working on a website which asks user to give tag's to their newly created content (similar to stackoverflow Tags). But how to store this tags? , if mysql database used then I have to set limit on number of columns and number of tags itself. Sinc


My problem is solved but now i have a few performance questions. I want an overview of my caught pokemon for all editions, it works as far as i tried, but i don't think it's best practice. select #p.idpokemons as ID, as Pokemon, as Tr

Returns NULL values ​​when using min ()

I have a query that returns images by a specific month (the min). The query works fine, except that the min never return NULL values, and i need the MIN to include NULL values. I understand that MIN does not return null values, that's why i've tried

Select different channels in the same row

I have a table called "character_certifications" where I need to select different strings as count in the same result. The table looks like this: classId charId var 0 268482320 EmergentAbility65-1 0 268482320 EmergentAbility65-2 0 268482320 Emer

django encoding at utf8 does not work

I am a bit stuck here. I have this code, which unescapes html elements inside the text and encodes it into utf8. import HTMLParser def clean_text(text): htmlparser = HTMLParser.HTMLParser() return htmlparser.unescape( ' '.join(text.replace('\n', '').

Order by custom value in wordpress

I Have this data: id meta_key meta_value 1 d_t_w 4 weeks 2 d_t_w 2 Days 3 d_t_w 3 Weeks 4 d_t_w 4 Days 5 d_t_w 1 Week WP query: $query['orderby'] = 'd_t_w'; $query['order'] = ASC; $query = new WP_Query($query); The Result: id meta_key meta_value 5 d_

Using the command between SQL

I have the following table drink_name........cost........calories Black.............1...........30 Clue..............2...........40 Elephant----------3...........50 When I use the between command for characters (it excludes ending positions) select d

Create multiple lines in mysql with php random number generator

I need to create more than 1000 rows in my mysql database. I have written some code which generate a random number with 5 integers with the number between 2-8. I want to create a new row in my database with the number generated. I have all this, but

List activation issues in Symfony2 / Doctrine2

To preface my question, I have tried every solution suggested by this StackExchange question. This is the error given: [Doctrine\DBAL\DBALException] Unknown column type "enumAddressSource" requested. Any Doctrine type t hat you use has to be reg

add a php variable in a mysql wordpress query

I am trying to insert into DB data from an ajax query. When I test the function with simple text it works : array('reference_id'=> 'test'), array('checkin_time'=> 'test'), but my PHP variables do not while they are correct (tested by alert(), they a

Stored procedures and cursors in MySQL

I have two tables, Employee and Department. They look like so: Employee Name SSN DeptID Salary Department DName DId Total_Sal Department.total_sal is a sum of all of the employee's salary who belong to that Department. I need a stored procedure that


I have two tables. Uploaders - id, name, icon, views Videos - id, uploader, video, views uploader column is used as reference to the uploader of the video. so, I am able to use sum() function to count how many views each user has in total from all of

How to design a simple page cache?

I would like to limit the number of times a page is generated in a certain time frame, but am unsure of how to even approach the problem. Previously, I have solved similar problems by scheduling the pages to be generated and saved in a cron job, but

Name of the mysql query from the list identifier

i have a little problem here... let me explain.. lets say i have a table like this... Barang ╔══════════╦════════════╦════════════╗ ║ IDBARANG ║ NAMA ║ IDKATEGORI ║ ╠══════════╬════════════╬════════════╣ ║ 1 ║ Ban Becak ║ 1,3 ║ ║ 2 ║ Velg Becak ║ 2,4

MySQL stored procedure error: unknown system variable

I have a problem with a stored procedure in MySQL 5.5. This is the table on which the procedure must work: Table `diba`: ---------------------------------------------------- Column | Type | Null | Default | Links to ----------------------------------

php, mysql, "Else after while while"

How can I write a condition such that if the row wasn't found to then do something? My code $resultt = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM objednavky WHERE kdo = '$kdo' and kdy = '$the_rday'"); while ($roww = mysql_fetch_array($resultt)) { echo "<

Exporting the database via my java code

I want to export my MySQL database using my java code. But I have not found any way to do. What I want to do that there is a button in my app as "Export Database". When that button is clicked, my database should be exported to specified path. I

Optimization of the MySQL query LEFT JOIN

My goal is to select articles where the primary_category_id (articles table) or any of the secondary categories (articles_secondary_categories join table) are a given value. In this example query, category 1. I tried using other types of joins but th

Adding multiple tables to the MySQL database using PhpMyAdmin

I have created a form and from the form fields I have created a sql file that I am going to use to create all the database fields for the form in my mysql database. I am using type following code to create the entries with : ALTER TABLE `rok5g_chrono

Order of columns in a multi-column index in MySQL

I'm trying to understand what is better when defining multi-column indexes: Putting the most selective column first (higher cardinality, for speed?); or Putting the less selective column first (Lower cardinality, for index compression?) Or maybe it d

Mysql has trouble using $ _SESSION in the program

I'm trying to use $_SESSION['valid_user'] in a .php script that accesses the table "mail" under "users." $_SESSION['valid_user'] has been defined in a script which I included. Whenever I use "WHERE to=$_SESSION['valid_user']"

MySQL join with a & ldquo; bounce & rdquo; on a third table

I have 3 MySQL tables. companies with company_id and company_name products with product_id and company_id names with product_id, product_name and other info about the product I'm trying to output the product_name and the company_name in one query for