Codeigniter SUM and LEFT JOIN when deleting duplicates

I am left joining 4 tables to get SUM of the amount that is present in first table. So far, I've tried many alternatives to get the sum straight, but either it becomes 0 (if I group_by), or duplicates, if I don't use group_by. here is my code: $this-

MySql Return Distinct Rows order by sno DESC group by column

I have the following mysql table: Here in this table there could be houndred of thousands of rows, in which some may be with the same fir_sno [column No. 2]. My problem is that to select only the distinct rows from this table order by sno desc order.

Mysql configuration ansible in a file for Ubuntu 14.04

I'm trying to write a single page ansible script for mysql installation and setup a new user and create a empty DB. what I've tried so far - hosts file [mysql] webapp mysql.yml (The single file for all tasks/vars/hand

Web crawler does not work properly

I have created a webcrawler in python 2.7 and i am using mysqldb to insert data into database. I have executed each function as a different script for different webpages, but after i put them into a single file as functions, the program shows error;

MySQL internal binding problem

I'm having a bit of a problem with a MySQL query in my PHP. I'm assuming it's down to a simple syntax issue and am hoping somebody here can help me out. The query is: SELECT * FROM `Threads` INNER JOIN `Categories` WHERE `Threads`.`Category_ID` = `Ca

union of two select queries with different fields

I have two tables empmaster and allocation. I used union to do sql operation in order to get results from two tables. empmaster has empid and other empdetails. Table allocation contains empid from empmaster as foriegn key another field called per_all

Several radio buttons ajax post

I'm new in web programming and I really need your help. I have a form with several radio buttons and I want to insert them into mysql through an ajax post. I can do it for a single button but for more than one I don't have idea how to do it. This is

Dynamic radio buttons, different with unlimited names

I am doing a form that displays the questions and answers in a database and now I need to save the answers marked by the user. I need a name for each RadioButton or select dropdown. PROBLEM: I combine php and html and i don't know how to pass the rad

Apache .htaccess rule with dynamic page performance (php)

i have a new website (i'm building one right now) and i want to make sure i do it correctly and not redesigning after 1 month. so i have pages like: /candy /candy/chocolate /drink /drink/beer so i look on stackoverflow about how can i do this and i f

Define the field if the line field is not duplicated

I want to set the field coins to 100, in the accounts table for every row that has a unique PASSWORD. Is that possible in MySQL?I think this would work: UPDATE accounts SET coins = 100 WHERE userid IN ( SELECT * FROM ( SELECT userid FROM accounts AS

Codeigniter date-compare database

Im having a problem comparing dates in a database to a week from now using activerecord. I'm trying to return a list of events with their start date less than a week from now. The event_start_date is in the format of 2011-06-30 09:00:00 $this->db->s

Create a MySQL database from the schema at one time

I have a sql schema dump from phpmyadmin. I want to create a new database from that schema on a new machine. I have tried this: mysql -uuser -ppwd < schema.sql It says no database is selected. I know that I could CREATE database first then import, bu

MySQL - search for duplicates

RESOLVED! THANKS EVERYONE. I need to search for duplicates - table as follows: id, q1, q2, q3, text id is unique and I am only interested in finding duplicates where the field text is the same. Any suggestions as I have no idea where to start! Thanks

Migrating EMS MySQL Manager

I have been using EMS MySQL Manager for a while now, however my system died last week and I have since had to transfer anything I can get my hands on to a new machine. EMS is giving me problems though, I can't for the life of me work out where the us

Mysql multiplication operation

How to execute Multiplication Operation in a Mysql Query? If my query is like this : "SELECT registration.hosteladmissionno, registration.student_name, registration.semester, student_month.hosteladmissionno, student_month.student_name, student_month.

mysql query for both distinct and sum

I have a mysql fields like this: url_id time_spent ------- ---------- 120 14 120 97 120 14 120 97 I want to display only 14 and 97 based on url_id(DISTINCT). select * from table group by url_id,time_spent

Combining query results from two different tables

First select query Table 1: ID Value 131 ABC 120 DEF Second select query Table 2: ID 120 131 I want to write a single query which will fetch me combining two tables (the required output) ID Value 120 DEF 131 ABC Note: if there is no entry in Table2,

can not find -lmysqlclient

I'm trying to compile a C++ program and one of the classes uses . g++ is not able to find the libraries would be my guess. The command i use to compile is - g++ c1.cpp c2.cpp c3.cpp c4.cpp -o c4 -lm -lmysqlclient c3.cpp is the file that needs mysql.h

Deletion with Max

This is based on my previous question. I have the following table Table1 JobPositionId | JobPositionName 1 | Sound 2 | Lights 3 | Sound 4 | Ground How can I delete row three (Name = sound, and max position)Use: DELETE FROM TABLE t1 JOIN (SELECT x.job