MySQL, Node.js Sequential Actions - How Do I Do This?

I've the following code: function query1() { var defered = Q.defer(); console.log("In query1"); var connection = mysql.createConnection({ host: '........', user: 'm...c....a.....i', password: '......Z....9...K', database: '.....ol' }); connectio

to display MySQL data in web without server

I want to develop a web page to show a google maps map and put markers with the information of a MySQL database. The objective is to make a file "map.¿php?¿.html?¿.js?" which do that. The file must be used in several environments, where they hav

I want to combine two tables to get a result

i have two tables, 1.Orders, 2.Items. 1.Orders Skeleton +-------+-------------+------+-----+---------+----------------+ | Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra | +-------+-------------+------+-----+---------+----------------+ | id | int(11) | N

How to echo a variable that is sent by php

I have php form which get variable from other page. the code is given below: <?php $fname = "$_POST[fname]"; $lname = "$_POST[lname]"; //these value getting from another form ?> <form action="test.php" method="p

Previous registration in MySql

In my table i have date records like 02-04-2016 , 03-01-2016 and 04-01-2016 if i am on 03-01-2016 i want the previous record which is 02-01-2016 But it gives me 01-01-2016 which is the first record of my table. No matter what date i am on. if(isset($

Redirecting a page after logging into php

I am new to php and I googled a simple login form with source code in it. The code was working but it wont redirect me to home page rather it stay still in login page. Here is the code for the authentication that is responsible for redirection if use

Conversion of CSV from two rows to columns with a timestamp

I have a CSV file which is in the format of two rows with 24hr of data in it: (Comma separated. I failed to specify this in my original question, sorry!) Site ID,Meter Reference,Date,Units,00:30,A,01:00,A,01:30,A,02:00,A,02:30,A,03:00,A,03:30,A,04:00

How do I delete some rows from the MySQL table?

Okay, so my database looks something like this: MapID h-1 h-2 s-1 s-2 What I'm trying to do is delete rows where the MapID begins with h, and not the rows that begin with anything else (I have multiple alphabet letters to distinguish which type of da

Search results in the SQL table

I need to search a SQL table in C# for a value(filename). If it existed return TRUE and if not return FALSE and continue my code based on that. This is what I have but it's not working: SqlCommand cmdName = new SqlCommand("SELECT CASE WHEN EXISTS (SE

Count the number of records based on the unique user name

I am trying to do a weird SQL query that I can't seem to figure out. I have the following schema: username ip user1 12345 user2 12345 user3 11111 I am trying to count the number of user's per ip. So for instance it would report to me 11111 1 12345 2

Using two php variables in the select mysql statement

I am not sure if I am apporaching this in the best way, but what I am trying to do is use two php variables for a IN clause in a mysql select query. "select * from `user` where '$phpvar1' IN ('$phpvar2')" Normally instead of $phpvar1 I would use

MySQL - Combine two tables in third without duplicates

I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around a concept here. What I have are three tables that are identical structure. I need table 1 to be combined with table 2 and INSERT INTO table 3. My issue: table 1 and table 2 have duplicate content, EXCEP

MySQL query with variable wildcards

If I execute my PHP code: $serName = $_GET['username']; // Code for sanitation here // [...] $sql = "SELECT NAME FROM PLAYERS WHERE NAME LIKE '%$serName%'"; I get division error, how do I use a variable in a query with wildcards on both sides?ri

The Mysql query looks for specific lines

i have one table trip_data.Every one second i getting packets and inserting data to database.trip_data table contains four fields.trip_paramid,fuel_content,creation_time&vehicle_id.I want to select all rows in which difference between creation time i

How do I exclude certain records in MySql?

here is my problem... sorry if it's too simple for some users, I'm a newbie at this. I have three DB tables, People(idPerson), Question(idQuestion,Answer), AskedQuestions(idPerson,idQuestion). When I ask a question to a user, i add a row to AskedQues

Insert the calendar for each week in a loop

I have set up a schedule email script using listmailpro. I need to schedule a email to be sent for each Monday of the month for the next couple of years. The example below shows what I am trying to achieve. How could I write a quick PHP script that w

MySQL: link tables

I have been creating my first database for a website and I have created the following diagram to work from. Does this look like it would work for many to many relationship between business and categories as well as categories and subcategories? Can y

mysql cluster the table is full, workaround?

We are trying to put several Tb in to MySQL Cluster, unfortunately the index does not fit in to memory. Are there way to overcome this limitations of mysql? are there way in mysql process range operations in parallel? My data has a 3D points: (id x y

convert the mysql timestamp to the actual date and time?

I have dates stored in a mysql table, they are set to store as CURRENT TIMESTAMP in each row and are stored as follows: 2010-05-29 01:17:35 but what i am trying to do is somehow use PHP to be able to seperate everything and create a date more like: M

Password hashing and salting - is this a good method?

I was doing a little research or googling for different methods of handling password hashing and salting and came across this interesting link: Now, essentially what this proposes is the creation of two user functions, one for ha