0 results returned with a mysql query in PHP

I am trying to create a graph which takes data from one of our databases and counts the number of issues we had for each of the last 12 months. The query is running fine but it keeps returning 0 results even though there is records in the database th

MySQL: Count () The subquery returns nothing

I want to count all user id's and all entries in the table country. But when I execute my query it doesn't display any result. SELECT ( SELECT COUNT(userId) FROM tbl_user ) AS countUser, ( SELECT country FROM tbl_user ) AS country I appreciate every

Sort using ASC and DESC

I have election table, I want to sort the first column in ascending order and last column in descending order but it is not giving desired output.The last column should also be sorted in descending order. This is the query I have used SELECT * FROM e

from the php string to the mysql date

What I'm trying to do is insert credit card info from a form to my mysql database. First of all, the input format for the expire date will be MM / YY(with or without spaces) on the form and i'm trying to concat the "20" string to the year but I

PHP :: mySqli does not insert a new row with a variable

This line is working perfectly : $mysqli->query("INSERT INTO `myDatabase`.`myTable`(Date,Time,SID) VALUES (1,2,3)"); But this not : session_start(); $sessionID=session_id(); $mysqli->query("INSERT INTO `myDatabase`.`myTable`(Date,Time

Calculation of a month apart

I am trying to find the date from the database which should be exactly 30 days from now. I want to retrieve the date from the database which is DateTime format. change this to timestamp with strtotime(). feed this to date() and retrieve the mand i an

Query a nested game table to exclude all marked subtrees

I am creating a nested set with left and right columns. There is a column called exclusion. What I want to do is select all rows in the nested set but if the exclusion column is true, remove all other rows whose left and right column values fit betwe

Converting Query to Codeigniter Format

I have a query SELECT l.id,l.name,l.city,l.email,l.phone,l.status,l.source,l.leadCreatedTime,l.organizationId FROM ( SELECT id FROM leads where removed='0' ORDER BY id LIMIT 40000 ) o JOIN leads l ON l.id = o.id ORDER BY l.id I want to convert this q

Where is Oracle sqlplus?

Background Coming from a mysql background, I find getting started with Oracle quite a different experience. Question Where do I find this command tool for Oracle? I have checked wikipedia and it only says: An Oracle programmer in the appropriately co

Spring JdbcDaoSupport

please, help me! I've got the trouble. I've next SQL query SET @sql = ''; SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT CONCAT( 'getInterviewsNumber(\'', name, '\', vtable.position)', ' AS \'', name, '\'' ) separator ',' ) INTO @sql FROM interview_portal.departments;

Using variables in the PDO update statement

Thanks to all of you who provided input. And yes i am very new to pdo and php programing so some basic errors that you guys might spot easily in my code aren't that apparent to me yet. I think my explanation wasn't that clear so I'm gonna try again.

How to join three tables in Codeigniter

I'm using codeigniter framework to develop one music cms. i have 3 tables in mysql database, Currently im working in "Album" Table and "Model, Controller". i want to SELECT "Album" Table 1 and JOIN "Album" -> &qu

MYSQL: select the sum (value)

I have a table with 2 field like this: Day_col | Value_col 2013-06-06 1 2013-06-05 2 2013-06-04 3 2013-06-03 4 2013-06-02 5 And I want to create a sql (sum(Value_col) of 3 days after - if have 3 days or more will be sum, if less 3 days don't sum ) an

MySQL query: selection of the latest results

I have a MySQL table with data, and would like to select the most recent entry for a specific test that was conducted. table: research columns: id (int), projectid (int), test (varchar), when (datetime), result (longtext) Example of rows: 1, 6, "Test

MySQL - Join actual data dated

I need to summarize data related to references with effective dates. Let's imagine a salary schema with these tables employee work +----+------+ +----+--------+------------+ | id | name | | id | emp_id | date | +----+------+ +----+--------+----------

Run a subquery in MySQL that returns multiple rows?

I am executing a query that obviously contains a subquery in MySQL. Let me just jump into the code: SELECT DATEDIFF(CURDATE(), (SELECT due FROM checkOut JOIN People ON checkOut.p_id = People.p_id WHERE CASE WHEN DATE_SUB(date_add(CURDATE(),INTERVAL 4

Import a CSV file directly into the MySQL database

Possible Duplicate: Import CSV to mysql Right I need some help with this: I am trying to import a .csv file into a mysql database using php, rather than doing it manually through phpmyadmin. This is the code I have at the moment: if($_REQUEST['func']

How to reduce the MySQL overhead displayed in phpMyAdmin?

In my MySQL database I see these statistics: Type Usage Data 16,384 Bytes Index 32,768 Bytes Overhead 405,0 MB Effective -424,624,128 Bytes Total 49,152 Bytes When I try the commands check table, ALTER TABLE 'mytable' ENGINE = INNODB, OPTIMIZE TABLE,

Collect SUM hits from another table

My query is: SELECT * FROM sites WHERE status = '1' ORDER BY id DESC From here, inside my while loop I have the all the urls that are active. I want to check these urls in another table 'hits', and get the SUM of the 'stats' for each site that is act

MySQL GROUP BY and fill empty lines

I'm sure this has been answered before, but I can't find it in the detail that I need. For an analytics system I need to be able to group rows and return them on a chart, either grouped by minute, hour, day, month, or year. I have this working correc

The second MySQL query does not work

Check this code: $select = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM nieuws ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1"); while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($select)) { $datum = $row['time']; $titel = $row['title']; $bericht = $row['message']; ?> <div class="entry"&

break the ropes with explode and foreach

I'm Trying to get a php string to break down into individual words, search for them in a database and then add the results into another database.. I currently have the string like this "SDGCC, ARISE, SDGFS" I want to search in the login tags tab

MYSQL random insert from the list

I would like to add a random value to a table. While I know how to add random integers within a range, I am currently stumped on how to add a randomly selected item from a list. Let's say I have a MYSQL table for IM accounts. I would like to fill it