conditional pthread wait in c

I'm not sure how to ask this other than to give an example of what I'm trying to do, so here goes. Suppose I have threads A,B,C,D,E and F. I have a shared resource called Car. The Car is able to fit 2 people in it, aka threads. So now I'm going to cr

OpenMP - Critical section + reduction

I'm currently learning Parallel Programming using C and OpenMP. I wanted to write simple code where two shared values are beeing incremented by multiple threads. Firstly I used reduction directive and it worked as it was meant to. Then I switched to

Can not add a newline when repeatedly adding to a string

I am trying to write to a text document with a specific format. Here's what I have right now. String line = ""; double totalCost = 0; Node curr =; while(curr!=summary.tail) { line += [an assortment of strings and variables] +&q

What should I use to solve this multithreading problem in Java?

I am very new to Thread in java. In my application, i will have a single thread(producer) which will do some processing from the input data and keep adding String objects into a data structure named A(which i dk what to use) and concurrently, multipl

Various Java threads accessing the same variable

If I have 10 threads or so accessing the same variable (only reading it, not writing) will java allow these to read the variable simultaneously or each thread will queue for reading? I am interested on the standard behaviour, i.e. no special care was

Does Parallel cause a crash?

I'm new to C#, but learning it. I figured out C# has many awesome methods such as Parallel. So let's say my program has this method. private void stackOverFlowExample() { List<string> testCompany = new List<string>(); List<People> testLi

Is puma the only HTTP server with multiple threads 4?

I've gotten our stack converted to Rails 4 (yea!) and I'm looking to take advantage of the thread-safe code. Puma works in getting up, stopping it appears to be a different problem :( Is Puma the only multi-threaded rails? Thin -> EventMachine Unicor

End thread execution for 24 hours

I have my service working mostly as it should, but it should only do it's work once every day. To arrange this, my boss recommended I sleep the worker thread until 7am tomorrow: This Thread.Sleep call is copied directly from a similar service he wrot

dynamically change bitmap in imageView, Android

All, I have a problem related to imageView, android. I have array which contains of 10 bitmap objects, called bm. I have a imageView, called im. Now I wanna show the bitmaps in the array in im one by one, so I did the following: new Thread(new Runnab

c passing multiple arguments to threads

when i create a thread, i want to pass several arguments. So i define in a header file the following: struct data{ char *palabra; char *directorio; FILE *fd; DIR *diro; struct dirent *strdir; }; In a .c file i do the following if (pthread_create ( &t

Why C # Parallel.Invoke is slow?

I am doing this: private static void Main(string[] args) { var dict1 = new Dictionary<int, string>(); var dict2 = new Dictionary<int, string>(); DateTime t1 = DateTime.Now; for (int i = 1; i < 1000000; i++) { Parallel.Invoke( () => dict1

Can it create many transactions at once in Android SQLite

Reading this document, it says that SQLite supports transaction and nested transaction. I wonder that it is possible to create many different transactions. For example: I have 2 threads access to a database connection, is it posible to create a trans

Can the continuous loop cause thread problems?

I have an app that runs a lot of threads. It was my first attempt at a multi-threaded app and it does not use a thread pool, I simply spawn my own threads. The methods they run just loop indefinitely. Can this cause problems? The reason I ask is that

Defining thread problems in text boxes

I'm pretty new at C# so forgive me if this is a bit of a silly question. Anyway I'm writing a little chat application that so far seems to be going well, I've run into a problem that I seem to have fixed but I'm hoping to work out why I need to do it

Does the threading violate robots.txt?

I'm new to scraping and I recently realized that threading is probably the way to go to crawl a site quickly. Before I begin hacking that out though, I figured it would probably be intelligent to determine whether or not that will end up getting me t

How can I stop a thread from the GUI button?

I was wondering how it was I could stop a Thread from a GUI. I figured that if the thread was made before the buttons were made I would be fine, but I am also trying to put in the JProgressBar so that I can update it. So now I am stuck as of how to d

COM + WaitForSingleObject

I've been trying to find a good architecture for one application for the last few days, and after some research I'm finally stuck, and the reason is COM. The app in question will have multiple GUI threads, and they will schedule work items for worker

WPF - Dispatcher PushFrame ()

I'm trying to call Dispatcher.PushFrame() from several different thread but encounter an error: Must create DependencySource on same Thread as the DependencyObject. Here is a code snippet: _lockFrame = new DispatcherFrame(true); Dispatcher.PushFrame(

The Event Shipping Thread Responds to the Java Memory Model

This is related to an earlier question I asked, where the answer was: If a field is accessed by multiple threads, it should be volatile or final, or accessed only with synchronized blocks. Otherwise, assigned values may not be visible to other thread

Multithreaded server, bottleneck issue

I am developing a multithread server which works nice so far - 1 separate thread for client accepting, threadpool for data reading and processing. Today I have added new thread for doing some stuff and sending messages to client every 500 ms (just 2-

The thread stops doing its job

We have a C# application that connects to a FTP server, downloads some files, disconnects, and after a certain amount of time (selected by the user through the UI) reconnects and repeats the process. We implemented this using BackgroundWorker, but we

Is the static C # constructor thread secure?

In other words, is this Singleton implementation thread safe: public class Singleton { private static Singleton instance; private Singleton() { } static Singleton() { instance = new Singleton(); } public static Singleton Instance { get { return insta