Best way to update Android-UI in while loop

I'm working on a Tetris-app and I have a Thread.sleep command to animate the falling of the tetriminos. But that creates a conflict with the UI. So I tried runOnUiThread() like this: while (gameover == false) { tetriminoSettled = false; try { Thread.

Clean internal class implementing Runnable

I have got a Class for a CustomView that has to inner Classes, both implement Runnable to do a Job in a separate Thread. public class ValueSelector extends LinearLayout{ ..... private class AutoIncrementer implements Runnable { @Override public void

What happens if a volatile variable is written from 2 threads?

Consider the snippet from Java Concurrency in Practice- @ThreadSafe public class SynchronizedInteger{ @GuardedBy("this") private int value; public synchronized int getValue() { return value; } public synchronized void setValue(int value) { this.

go block vs wire in core.async

From : To get a bit more concrete let's see what happens when we try to issue some HTTP GET request using core.async. Let's start with the naive solution, using blocking IO v

Does this synchronized code cause a useless thread?

We have an application that has a class which holds members that are populated via the database. Here is a representative example of the situation. private AtomicBoolean data1Initialized = new AtomicBoolean(false); protected SomeSynchronizedDataStruc

The c # form application label is not updated

Hi everyone this is my first question to stackoverflow and sorry for my English. I searched for a week and couldn't find the solution. I am working on a project which uses RFID antenna and tags . A machine reads the tags and produces tag id like bcbc

Random on ThreadLocalRandom

Instances of java.util.Random are threadsafe. However, the concurrent use of the same java.util.Random instance across threads may encounter contention and consequent poor performance. Consider instead using ThreadLocalRandom in multithreaded designs

How to restart a thread, no break or sleep

I've searched around and I want to abort a thread and restart it, something who should be really simple but no one is answering. Basicly I have an user who conenct throught a form, when the user is authenthified it raise an event to connect the user

Thread Sleep when processing JMS messages

My process is listening to a JMS Topic. As and when it receives the message, I am processing it and adding it to a List. Say List<ProcessedMessage> I have to send this list to an XMLGenerator. But I want to wait/sleep for 5 mins before I do so. Afte

Speed ​​up a Java application

How to Speedup a Java application? I am working on an Java application, which parse Cobol files line by line, extract the necessary data from them and populate into DB2 database. If there are more files to parse, then the application takes more than

RMI loopback: same thread?

If a thread jack on host A calls an RMI method foo on host B, and in that method host B calls a method bar on host A, will bar be executed by thread jack? I assume it will be another thread, but I think it might be possible in theory. Why somebody wo

Threading & amp; lambda in C #

I have the following code which sends out a batch of emails to our list of recipients every 60 seconds. What I'm not sure how to do is get to the completed part of the thread so that when it's done I can record the final status of how many emails wer

Static class, another thread and events

I am trying to learn networking by making my own little network library. Currently I have a list of new clients that a code like this can use. The NewClientConnected() method returns true if there's anything in the list and removes the first element.

How can I change my Perl script to use multiple processors?

Hi I have a simple script that takes a file and runs another Perl script on it. The script does this to every picture file in the current folder. This is running on a machine with 2 quad core Xeon processors, 16gb of ram, running RedHat Linux. The fi

Updating the user interface when using a serial queue

I am using a serial queue to do a background thread (block) for video processing. I want to update a UI component (specifically a progress bar). I've found that while I can interact with the UI, my progress bar is not updating with calls to setProgre

Linux 2.6.31 Scheduler and multithreaded jobs

I run massively parallel scientific computing jobs on a shared Linux computer with 24 cores. Most of the time my jobs are capable of scaling to 24 cores when nothing else is running on this computer. However, it seems like when even one single-thread

WPF Dispatcher, long-distance worker and a lot of pain

Ok this may be really simple but everything I try just seems to hit a brick wall. I have a view model with two properties, which are bound to my WPF form: bool IsWorking {get;set;} ObservableCollection<OtherViewModel> PendingItems {get;set;} I have