Running multiple threads in Asynctask

I'm getting info from an URL and sending that info to multiple URLs. I'm running it on a "for" in AsyncTask but the fact is it doesn't continue if other action doesn't return an error or success. So I wanted to do it in an AsyncTask-ception but

Why .AsParallel () hangs when executed in a task?

In the following simplified code, I spawn 200 Tasks. Each task needs to go through a critical region guarded by a lock. Inside the lock is a .AsParallel() statement. When I run the program, nothing happens. The program hangs indefinitely and nothing

Java process crashes, no thread dump can be taken

I am facing with a strange case. I'd be glad if you could share your comments. We have solution running on Java 1.6.085 and sometimes Java process is getting hang in production. The solution is running on Linux server. I investigated GC logs, there i

Uninterruptible thread section in the Windows API

I'm writing multithreaded application in Windows environment. Worker loops are terminated by TerminateThread. I wonder how can I implement code that can not be interrupted to avoid data loss / memory problems : For example (pseudo code) while(true) {

Selecting ThreadPool Threads Based on a Callable Attribute

I have a Callable task which I wish to submit to an Executor: public static final class PersonalTask implements Callable<Object> { private final String name; private final int sleep; public PersonalTask(String name, int sleep) { = name; th

Confusion with DBCP connection pooling and threads

I am trying to get Multi-Threading working in my Java web application and it seems like no matter what I try I run into some sort of issues with connection pooling. My current process is that I have am looping through all my departments and processin

C pthreads Mutex does not work as expected

void *printing(void*); pthread_mutex_t lock; int main() { pthread_t thrA,thrB,thrC; int num1=1,num2=2,num3=3; pthread_create(&thrA, NULL,*printing,(void*)num1 ); pthread_create(&thrB, NULL,*printing, (void*)num2); pthread_create(&thrC, NULL,*p

TcpListener-based application that does not work well

I have an ECHO server application based on a TCPListener. It accepts clients, read the data, and returns the same data. I have developed it using the async/await approach, using the XXXAsync methods provided by the framework. I have set performance c

As vwait of tcl, is there anything in C programming?

Is there any way to wait for code until some variable is reset or changed in C programming like vwait in tcl? Sample code where we can implement the same: Here using thread, we can set the variable getout to 1 and can proceed further. Note: Due to so

System.exit in the Java thread

My main thread created a new thread And when the new thread call System.exit(-1),my main thread be closed. How can I handle the exit code and keep the main thread alive? PS. the new thread will call some method in other .jar file, so I can't modify i

ReentrantLock and Condition, Best Design

I am playing around with Conditions in ReentrantLock in the context of a resource pool, from what I can see it simplifies thread communications. My questions is, I end up organically writing strange Conditionals such as acquiredMapEmpty, freeQueueNot

Why PHP does not support multithreading?

I've read everywhere that PHP does not support multithreading but there are workarounds. But why does PHP not support multithreading? For a server-side scripting language, that seems like a glaring omission.Because PHP was not written with multithrea

How can I profile threads in Java?

I have producer and consumer threads in my application and I need to profile them to see the performance of the threads, time taken before each goes to sleep and waits, etc., and take corrective action to improve the over all efficiency of the applic

Multi-threaded library calls in the ASP.NET page request

I have an ASP.NET app, very basic, but right now too much code to post if we're lucky and I don't have to. We have a class called ReportGenerator. On a button click, method GenerateReports is called. It makes an async call to InternalGenerateReports

Is a HashMap compatible with threads for different keys?

If I have two multiple threads accessing a HashMap, but guarantee that they'll never be accessing the same key at the same time, could that still lead to a race condition?In @dotsid's answer he says this: If you change a HashMap in any way then your

What are the common competition pitfalls?

I'm looking into educating our team on concurrency. What are the most common pitfalls developers fall into surrounding concurrency. For instance, in .Net the keyword static opens the door to a lot of concurrency issues. Are there other design pattern

Unexpected multithreaded result

I wrote a couple of Java classes-SingleThreadedCompute and MultithreadedCompute-to demonstrate the fact (or what I always thought was a fact!) that if you parallelize a compute-centric (no I/O) task on a single core machine, you don't get a speedup.