Will HttpClient Async methods work in new threads?

I'm wandering whether .Net HttpClient async method run in new threads or in the main one. For example, In my Console Application, I invoke an async method to download a URL content using HttpClient.GetStringAsync method. Will this method (GetStringAs

ASP.NET MVC Multi-Threading, worth it?

I'm a bit confused, my ASP.NET MVC app will be hosted on a server, so is there any point in making it multi-threaded? For example, if I want one thread to execute my translations, is this a good idea? Can someone elaborate this to me please? I'm a bi

Loop not accept my key entry - Java AWT

I am using a while loop in my method public void keyTyped (KeyEvent e) The problem here is that, the program enters the loop, it asks the user for input. And if the input is within the parameters, set by "while", it just keeps on repeating that

Detect when the idle ThreadPoolExecutor thread is killed

I am using ThreadPoolExecutor to manage the number of threads, I can catch the event of creating a new Thread for ThreadPool via ThreadFactory->newThread() But I do now know how to catch the event of killing Thread which stays idle for 2minutes as fo

Parallel and end execution of multiple threads

I have a simple application in which I create 3 threads inside a class to ping 3 different websites and note the time taken to do so. I wish to enhance it by seeing which thread out of the 3 executes successfully first and terminating the other two .

discontinued method of Thread class in Java

I have this bit of code: public void run() { System.out.println("ciao"); try{ throw new InterruptedException(); }catch(InterruptedException ie){ //catch will clear the interrupted status Thread.currentThread().interrupt();}//it will set back the

How to make this method return an array?

How can I make the following method return a character array ? public char[] startThread() { // arr declaration Runnable r = new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { arr = getArray(); // arr assignment } }; new Thread(r).start(); return arr; }

Is it possible to trap start and end events?

I've inherited a reasonably large visual studio WinForms project in C# and VB.Net While I'm working with it, I get messages in the Debug window like this: The thread '<No Name>' (0x1194) has exited with code 0 (0x0). The thread '<No Name>' (0x

java: how to define a global thread ID?

Is there any possibility to set unique ID for a thread? In distributed system where threads are created on many different machines (e.g. by RMI)? I need it to create log messages. From my research I know that it can be done using log4j mdc/ndc, but o

How to cancel ProgressDialog after finishing all threads?

I have 30 threads (AsyncTask) executed in the same time. Before execute them, I will show progressdialog. After threads finish execution, I will dismiss progressdialog. Any suggestion on How to dismiss ProgressDialog after finish all threads?If you a

More DispatcherTimers in an application

I have an application behaving like autorefresh. It checks emails, new videos, jokes, etc. My client wants these single elements check in different intervals. For example emails every minute, videos every hour, etc. So there should be option for him

CherryPy with additional threads for custom tasks

We're designing a system based on CherryPy that in addition to serving web requests needs to do tasks/jobs in parallel. We want it to be a single process running as a daemon and create threads for all the parallel jobs like scheduled tasks or collect

Competition Models in nodejs

Does anyone know what the memory and threading models are in nodejs? In particular, is ii++ atomic? Does it behave as if ii were volatile in Java 1.5, in Java 1.4, in C, or not at all?It is useful to understand how node and V8 interact. Node handles

Java: Merging InputStreams

My goal is to create (or use existing) an InputStream implementation (say, MergeInputStream) that will try to read from a multiple InputStreams and return the first result. After that it will release lock and stop reading from all InputStreams until

capture a stack of calls and run it in a different thread

I need to write a logging api which does the actual logging on a seperate thread. i.e. I have an application which wants to log some information. It calls my API and the api captures all the arguments etc and then hands that off to a seperate thread

Run more than 2 threads inside a class

I've got a class which starts a new thread by calling public void omnom(){ t = new Thread(this, "My Thread"); t.start(); } The new thread then runs inside the run() method. So I have two threads working fine but how would I add a third? I'd like

Thread safety in JSF

Assume that we have Spring bean UserController with singleton scope. All my further reasoning is based on my assumption that "singleton" scope is almost similar to application scope i.e. we have only one instance for all users. If this is wrong

Winforms runs code in a separate thread

a bit of a juvenile question... I realise that in a Winforms app, long running code should be executed in its own thread. How does one accomplish this on say, a button click event? I want to do this in an effort to free up the UI thread so that I can

GDI + generic error

I have a Form being launched from another form on a different thread. Most of the time it works perfectly, but I get the below error from time to time. Can anyone help? at System.Drawing.Bitmap..ctor(Int32 width, Int32 height, PixelFormat format) at