How can I attach multiple files by awk

Well, I have several files and I'm having trouble to join them with awk. Here are three sample files: FileA 2 2 31771 15 5327353 4.73E-04 1 1 2 2 40642 23 27428869 -8.29E-04 1 1 2 2 21517 7 89002990 -2.41E-04 1 1 2 2 33787 16 44955568 2.86E-05 1 1 Fi

How to open a multiple .py program

(sorry my english). I had a program (python 3.6) of one .py file (i think this is called Script, no?) that i used to code in python basic IDE 3.6, then try it in the shell and finally i used it doing double clic in the .py file. Now, i met Eclipse (w

Looping through several Excel files in python using pandas

I know this type of question is asked all the time. But I am having trouble figuring out the best way to do this. I wrote a script that reformats a single excel file using pandas. It works great. Now I want to loop through multiple excel files, prefo

Pass variables in PHP

I have been trying to solve this and need some help. I have a user that logs in and I am passing that variable through Sessions. The main pages are templates that populate based on a key word search (I am passing the variable as a POST) and fill in b

Multiple downloads of Carrierwave fail with mount_uploaders

I'm using a new way to add multiple files with carrierware as describle here: When I try save the object I got this error: Invalid JSON text: "Invalid value." at position 1

Find and Replace Mass in Multiple XML Files

I need to do a find and replace on 700+ XML files for the following: <base>7.4</base> needs to become <base>7.2</base> However, the only tool I have to use is Notepad++, and it continually crashes when I try to do the "replace

delete multiple sequenced files in R

i created multiple files named 1:100 + random letter to file: for (i in 1:100){ file.create( paste0(i , ".txt"), showWarnings=TRUE) # assign random LETTER to files AZ <- sample(LETTERS,1) cat(AZ,file = paste0(i,".txt"),append=TRUE)

Using loop and rbind to iterate over multiple files

I have a small R script of 14 functions and want to run it for 81 files. While I have read several posts on Stack Overflow that address similar issues, I am still having trouble getting this working. I am using a for loop and rbind. All functions wit

TCL, wait: multiple files with SCP

I was able to transfer files with scp and expect, now I tried to upload several files at once: #!/usr/bin/expect -f # Escapes spaces in a text proc esc text { return [regsub -all {\ } $text {\\&}] } # Uploads several files to a specified server proc

Download multiple files using jsp & amp; servlets

I am currently working on a dynamic web application that I want the user to be able to upload multiple files at once for the application to use. I don't know how many files the user may upload at once; it could be 2 or it could 100+ files. I am new t

Vim: Tabe multiple files?

I know about running vim -p file1 file2 file3 But is there away to do something similar from within vim? What I've thought about wanting to do is :tabe file1 file2 file3 or (IMO worse, but still an improvement): :edit file1 file2 file3 ...but neither

(Perl) Run the same code for multiple files

As of right now, I have 22 files that and 22 separate, but identical (in task), scripts for each file. Very basically, this is what I have: file_1.txt, file_2.txt,..., file_22.txt and for each file, I have a script:,,..., scri

Read several songs with the intention of Android

In my application, I need to launch the Android Music Player. And, for now, it works perfectly : Intent intent = new Intent(android.content.Intent.ACTION_VIEW); File file = new File(file_path); intent.setDataAndType(Uri.fromFile(file), "audio/*"

include a directive obstructing the program

I got a situation, I can't get a program compile since I splitted the files cause i thought it was too big. Once the files is all merged in one, it works perfectly. Now that i splitted them, the compiler gives me the following error: ||=== Snake_Game

With R, loop through two files at once

Hello my favourite coding experts, I am trying to loop through two files at a time in R: i.e. take one 'case' file and another 'control' file, create a graph and dump it into a pdf, then take another set of 2 files and do the same and so on. I have a

Split the code into multiple files

I know this has been asked a billion times before, but I'm still having trouble. I began with one main.cpp file that contained all of my code. Say it looked like this: int a = 0; void foo() { a+1; } void bar() { a+2; } int main() { foo(); bar(); a +