How COUNT column is not NULL in the same table?

How to count a table column that not Null or Zero and Insert the result into "Count" column like table down below in Mysql? column1 | column2 | column3 | column4 | Count 3 2 4 2 4 2 2 3 0 3 3 0 5 2 3 0 0 2 3 2 0 0 6 2 2 One way is simply using c

You can not update a column in SQL?

I cannot update my remarks column using the below query update Customers set customers.Remarks = remarks_stg.remarks from (select remarks from remarks_stg) remarks_stg where customers.Remarks = 'updateme' The query executed successfully but the remar

R - Delete column if last value is NA

I want to delete column(s) in R data frame if their last value is NA. Example data frame is below A B C D 11 10 19 20 22 20 29 40 33 30 39 60 44 NA NA 80 I would like to get the following output (Column B and C dropped because they had NA values in t

change the whole column and the row in Matlab

how can I change the positions of entire row and columns in a matrix [nxm]? For example, I want to change my entire 10th row and 10th column into entire 1st column and 1st row. Thank you.A dummy example: A = magic(11) n = 10; A(n,:) = A(1,:); A(:,n)

Rearrange the column with empty values ​​using awk or sed

i want to rearrange the columns of a txt file, but there are empty values, which cause a problem. For example: testfile: Name ID Count Date Other A 1 10 513 x 6 15 312 x 3 18 314 x B 19 31 942 x 8 29 722 x when i tried $ more testfile |awk '{print $2

How to collate a list in python?

I have a pandas Series, sufficiently small so I can read all items (about 80), but too big for the size of the screen. Is there some python command ou ipython (notebook) magic command or pandas function to columnate that list or Series so I can read

Python Pandas - n X m DataFrame multiplied by 1 X m Dataframe

I am trying to multiply a 10X7 Pandas dataframe by a 1X7 dataframe in Python. Here is what I have: df = pd.DataFrame(np.random.rand(10,7),columns=list('ABCDEFG')) df_1 = pd.DataFrame(np.random.rand(1,7),columns=list('ABCDEFG')) I tried this: df_prod

Command to print a specific column from an entry

I was wondering if there is some built-in otherwise command available that can print Nth column from input. E.g. awk '{print $2}' or cut... It would make life easier when I want to run it on piped output while running it via ssh (quoting it always a

Excel formula that checks columns and count values

So say for example I have a set of columns going down (i.e Sample 1...Sample n) is there a function that can check to see that it has String Test && integer. Then counts it. So I know an if function is needed, but whats the function to check to se

How to get data from mysql db that saved as array

I want to get the data from my mysql db , but one column is saved data as an array ... How can i get the values separately . Please advice... This is how Data saved in db for the dropdown values {"value":["Authority ","Boards"

MSSQL - attach two views on different types of data

I have two views and need to join them on two different data types and two columns. the first join is on: the one view has a productlength field of 0.138, data type varchar. the other view has a length field of 0.138, data type float. the second join

SQL Using values ​​in the row to create different columns

I have several tables in my database and want to select a couple columns from a couple tables, which is all fine. Now, there is a 3rd table, and this table has a column that has different text values in it, but the same few "text_values" for dif

SQL calculates a column from two rows

I'm looking to compute a column based on two other columns, but I have some special cases where the computation has to take multiple rows into account. Here's the query as it stands now: SELECT UserName , EntryDate , Project , HoursWorked , HoursAvai

How to get the css3 multi-column account in Javascript

We're using the new css3 multi-column layout properties to get our text into newspaper columns. Each column gets a fixed width, and the column-count defaults to "auto", which means that the browser decides how many columns there are. How do we g

MySQL joins several columns of the same table

I am trying to write a query that returns a users profile information, along with a count of occurrences of the user's ID in 2 columns from another table. An example below: TableA userID userName 1 UserA 2 UserB TableB LinkID leadID followID 1 1 2 2