Deleting Certain Strings in an Access 2010 Query

I currently have an Access query that returns data in two forms One form is 5 numbers, e.g., 12345 The other form is 2 letters, followed by 5 numbers, e.g., ab12345 This is coming in the same field, and I need to get only the numbers. I can't strip o

MS ACCESS VBA as a user to register as a path

By default the following code sends the exported file to My Documents: Public Sub cmdExport_Click() Application.ExportXML ObjectType:=acExportQuery, _ DataSource:="export1", DataTarget:="whatever.xml" End Sub Is it possible to ask the

IIF and LEFT functions

Could somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong in this query to get a calculated column? IIf(Left([VIN Number],2)="1F" OR "2F" OR "3F" OR "1L" OR "2L" OR "NM","Food","Comp") It's

Game update time

I'm trying to update an MS Access database in Excel VBA using an ADO Recordset object. When I fire the rs.Update method, I would like the following code to wait until the database has been updated before executing. It appears the database takes 3-5 s

SQL ORDER BY behaves strangely in the MS Access 2010 report

I have done my research on this in Stack Overflow and am aware of offered solutions whereby the advice is that MSAccess reports override queries and the sort order is usually set in the report properties, or by VBA OnLoad, or something similar. I hav

How to get the last entry of the particular identifier

Below is my query I want to fetch last entry of visitno ,of particular pid,this query works fine but selects all rows of pid ,visistNo is of Number Datatype public int GetPatientID_visitNo(int pid) { int data = 0; try { string sql = "Select VisitNo F

recently stored data can not be read by another method

I have added the data as: public static void insert() { try { string connStr = (@"Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=G:\test.accdb;Persist Security Info=False"); OleDbConnection conn1 = new OleDbConnection(); conn1.ConnectionString =

Related Tables ODBC Convert Tinyint Fields to Yes / No

I'm in the process of converting an Access .ADP project to a .ACCDB with linked tables. I know that a big issue when working with a SQL Server backend is the use of nullable bit fields, since Access's Yes/No data type doesn't allow for nulls. So I co

Compare Two Access Database VBA - Unique Join

Need to compare two access databases. Please guide on 1. how to use VBA to connect multiple database 2. how to dynamically choose which database to connect 3. how to find if match is unique / and if not insert result into different table 4. query to

Link ms access to the sql server

I want to access my MS Access database through a SQL Server R2 instance. Is it possible? If yes than how?The short answer: OPENDATASOURCE I have a few examples here My examples are not a "direct h

MS Access Distinct Records in the recordset

So, I once again seem to have an issue with MS Access being finicky, although it seems to also be an issue when trying similar queries in SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio). I have a collection of tables, loosely defined as follows: table widget_mfg

Insert date / time in the Access database

I'm using ASP.NET/VB and I'm trying to insert a date and time into an Access date/time field, but I'm getting an error (Data type mismatch in criteria expression). Here's a simplified version of my code: Dim myDate As Date = Now() Dim myIns1 As New O

Move multiple row data in its own column

I've searched StackOverflow and google for quite some time now and haven't been able to find an answer even remotely close to my desired solution using SQL. I have a CSV file (1 table) and it has data for numerous users. The problem is each user has

calculate if the date falls within a given range

I'm working with MS Access 2010. I have a table of projects and each project has a STARTDATE, ENDDATE, and a True/False field for ACTIVE. Active is true if today's date is within Start and End dates - and I want it to be automatically checked or unch

I can not insert a value into my access database

This my code in VB.NET. My try catch says there is a syntax error in the instruction INSERT INTO. I don't know what happened to my INSERT. I searched for the error for over an hour... I'm not an expert in VB.NET, I'm better in C#, but I need to do th

The query will not display decimal values

I have an Access query that should pull the quantity purchased in a month for a set of items. My join is set to select all items from Analysis, and items from product that match analysis. SELECT AnalysisItems.Pmid, AnalysisItems.ProductName, Sum(Tran

Help with query syntax!

I am running this query in Access 2007 and getting a syntax error on this query UPDATE INQuery SET Awords=(SELECT Coalsce("SELECT (parentdesc & '/' & keyword) From Awords LEFT JOIN INQuery ON",";")) WH

SQL query, separate lines needed

Hey guys, I have the following table structured like this: So basically as you can see, the department goes through name changes every couple of years. Look at number 16 for example. I want a select query that will only get the name when the date is

question about how often access is updated

i have a table in an access database this access database is used on a regular basis, basically from 9-5 someone else has a copy of this exact table. sometimes records are added, sometimes deleted, and sometimes data within the records is updated. i

how to make multiple replacements in the table in ms-access

i am a little confused in finding out what would be the best way to replace all occurances of 1. Blanks 2. - 3. NA from all collumns of TableA with question mark ? charachter. Sample Row in orignal tableA 444586 RAUR <blank> 8 570 NA - 13 - SCHS299

SQL Select Question

I using this in Access 2003. Pardon me if this is in the wrong spot, but I hoped someone could help. I have a table with multiple records that have a text represented date field. The date is in a format like: "06/01/2009" I need to select all th

ms-access import dll with end backslash in path dll

I'm expecting to see a reference to VBscript Regular Expressions 5.5 by adding the path c:\windows\system32\vbscript.dll\3 to ms-access via Tools > References. However the directory tree only shows me the full path without the ending "\3" Wha