How to control the speed of the balls?

I have made a simple 2D game, but when the hero shoots, some of the bullets move faster then others, especially the bullets that come out from the hero's corners (the shape of hero is simple box). Here is how I wrote the shooting code (I wrote that l

Get the RPi-Cam-Web interface running

I followed the tutorial on this site, to get my RaspberryPi NoIR-Cam running. After starting it i am retrieving the following error: mmal: mmal_component_create_core: could not create component '' (1) sh: 1: /var/www/html/macros/error_ha

Move to the closing parenthesis of the inner block

I want a movement to get from point 1 to points 2 and 3: FunctionCall(a, b, c, AnotherFunc(a, b)) ^ <--- ^ ------------> ^ 3 1 2 Ideally it would work with editing operations like d, y etc Now I count closing parentheses visually and use <n>f)

Does Motion 3.2.12 support RTSP MJPEG

I hav a Zavio P6210 IP camera ( which supports RTSP. My settings on the camera are : (profile1) encoding : MJPEG resolution : 640 x 1180 Maximum fps : 30 quality : standard Authentication is disabled on my camer

Detect the motion pattern on an Android device

I want to detect a specific pattern of motion on an Android mobile phone, e.g. if I do five sit-stands. [Note: I am currently detecting the motion but the motion in all direction is the same.] What I need is: I need to differentiate the motion downwa

How to detect motion in a video using openCV

I'm new to OpenCV and I want to detect the actions in a video by using openCV. Let say the video is a cricket match, then I want to detect who is the batmat and who is the bowler by using their motions. Can anyone guide me how can I do this with exam

The Raspberry Pi webcam can not open a video device

Error " Unable to open video device " I am using a HP Deluxe Webcam (EW193AA) with raspberry pi log of lsusb Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0424:9514 Standard Microsystems Corp. Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub Bus 001 Devi

Detect bad images in OpenCV 2.4.9

I know the title is a bit vague but I'm not sure how else to describe it. CentOS with ffmpeg + OpenCV 2.4.9. I'm working on a simple motion detection system which uses a stream from an IP camera (h264). Once in a while the stream hiccups and throws i

Camera movement from corresponding images

I'm trying to calculate a new camera position based on the motion of corresponding images. the images conform to the pinhole camera model. As a matter of fact, I don't get useful results, so I try to describe my procedure and hope that somebody can h

How to detect the movement of an Android device?

I need suggestion about how to detect the amount of movement of an android device. Suppose I have put the phone on a table or bed and then if somebody taps the table or sits or laydown on the bed then I want to detect the movement of the android devi

Estimate the motion of the monocular camera

I had read lectures and topics and I work on it since weeks, but I can't found the way to describe the motion of my camera. I don't want to reconstruct 3D world. I'm using OpenCV. I have a monocular camera and an unknown word. I have the intrinsic an

Android, helps rotate the image by touch

I am trying to rotate one of the transparent PNGs on this image. The number part is what I want to rotate. I am able to do this, but it is not what I am trying to achieve I want to rotate the numbers like on a real

The unity3d model gets up on the game

(I know I have a bad choosing-answer record, but I will definitely select a good answer from now on.) Unity3d problem: My terrain and car both have rigid bodies that use gravity. When I push play it looks like the scenery/island falls away or either

How to notice a fast movement with obsolete didAccelerate?

What i want to do is read the acceleration.y and do something like: if (acceleration.y > 0.8) { // Do something } As didAccelerate is deprecated I wonder how to get the y-value: motionManager = [[[CMMotionManager alloc] init] autorelease]; motionMana

Perlin for the movement?

I'm successfully using Perlin noise to generate terrain, clouds and a few other nifty things. However, I'm now trying to animate a group of flying insects (specifically fireflies), and it was suggested to me to use Perlin noise for this, as well. How

Motion animation in Silverlight?

This is probably a really dumb question, but I'm finding conflicting information. I have a project in WPF/ 2010 that I want to create an alternate version of in Silverlight. However, it uses heavy amounts of animation, especially motion animati

Extraction of motion data from a list of coordinates

I have a series of CSV files of timestamped coordinates (X, Y, and Z in mm). What would be the simplest way to extract motion data from them? Measurables The information I'd like to extract includes the following: Number of direction changes Initial

Draw a single-contact motion path in Android

i am trying to make a drawing application. i want to draw a single-touch motion path in android - like the way the Swype keyboard does it. And consequently i want to store x-y coordinates of EACH of the pixels of the motion path into a data structure

AS3 webcam form recognition

I'm making a dissertation on webcam motion tracking in actionscript. I am looking at different possibilities on how to do this and have found a few already. There is, however, one method I would like to try out, but i'm kind of stuck. I'm trying to a

How can you track the movement using the iPhone camera?

I saw that someone has made an app that tracks your feet using the camera, so that you can kick a virtual football on your iPhone screen. How could you do something like this? Does anyone know of any code examples or other information about using the

continuous loop with divs and jquery

I'm continuing a previous post, but I thought I'd open a new thread since it takes a different approach and has more actual code. Anyway, I'm trying to get an infinite loop going with divs scrolling through a window (the other post has an image, and

motionEnded is called several times

I have a UIViewController subclass that I am trying to have handle the shake event when its view is up. Here are the relevant methods I've implemented: - (void)viewDidAppear:(BOOL)animated { [super viewDidAppear:animated]; [self becomeFirstResponder]

motionBegan: does not work

I am running into a bit of a problem when I attempt to use (void)motionBegan:(UIEventSubtype)motion withEvent:(UIEvent *)event in order to capture a shake event. The problem is that the function isn't even running, even when I override canBecomeFirst

OpenGL revolves around a point

I want to rotate a gluSphere around a fixed point in a circular motion, like a planet going around the sun. Would it be best to use glRotatef or glTranslate? If so, in which order should I call them?You'll have to do a little of both: Make sure the g

Simulate a car moving along a track

For Operating Systems class I'm going to write a scheduling simulator entitled "Jurrasic Park". The ultimate goal is for me to have a series of cars following a set path and passengers waiting in line at a set location for those cars to return t