how to use .dll, .lib, .exp not managed in a c + + project

I am way out of my league here so I am hoping someone can give me some advice on how to proceed. The long story is, I started with a jar which i ran an application called ikvm on to produce a .net library of my java classes. This was tested and works

BouncyCastle indefinite length ASN1

I try to get a X509Certificate2 from a BountyCastle X509Certificate and a PKCS12. I use the following code: certificate = new X509Certificate2(rawData, password, storageFlags); I generate the rawData, like the following: using (MemoryStream pfxData =

Should I call Application.ExitThread ()?

using System.Windows.Forms; public class App { [STAThread] public static void Main() { string fname; using (var d = new OpenFileDialog()) { if (d.ShowDialog() != DialogResult.OK) { return; } fname = d.FileName; } //Application.ExitThread(); for (; ;)

Xamarin Forms: Default image if the URL is not found

In xamarin forms we can create images like this: Image i = new Image { Source = " }; After adding this to layout if url returns an image it will display it. What I want to now is is there a way to know if ths Url is an actua

Can not compile GStreamer-Sharp on OS X

I'm trying to use Gst# (which is the C# bindings for GStreamer) on Mac, but autotools keeps failing with these last few lines: checking whether to build shared libraries... yes checking whether to build static libraries... yes checking for pkg-config

Get the process executed by MONO on GNU / Linux

I am using MONO to execute an application. Using ps command shows eihter processname MONO or CLI. How can I get the name of the application executed by MONO ? Example : mono myApp.exe I want to know, if myApp.exe is currently excecuted. Finally I wan

Mono for Android, read and write on XLSX

I am developing an app using Mono for Android. I need capabilities to read and create XLSX (Excel) files. I have tried with EPPlus and NPOI, and had a quick look at Microsoft's Open XML SDK and found the following problems: EPPlus requires the Window

How to dynamically convert JSON to the right DTO class?

I have JSON data which I want to convert to correct type and then handle it. I'm using MONO and NewtonSoft's JSON library. I.E. JSON and object must match properties 1:1 to convert to right DTO. DTO's have unique properties always. Both Activator.Cre

Mono for Android - Get the name of the executable file

In Mono for Android i'm tryin to extract (at runtime) the application name, with path, but i can't find anything working (there are hours I'm serching over internet and trying, but nothing seem to work). I need the name to obtain FileVersionInfo.GetV

MonoDoc: Installing and adding

I noticed on a recent video from Miguel that he was accessing MonoDoc with the contents of Is there an install location for MonoDoc (there doesn't seem to be one at that works) that

Detect different operating systems and platforms

I am working on a Cross-Platform open-source project. My application is going to support Android, iOS, MAC OS X, Windows and Linux. The first idea is to use the following code: Environment.OSVersion.Platform But it is not enough since I cannot cover

Encoding problem WebClient in MonoTouch when creating a version

I have been having issues with WebClient behaving differently in release builds on real devices than in debug mode the iOS simulator. Apparently the response from the server gets interpreted differently, and breaks in release builds: This question se

Mono vhost configuration errors: address already used

I've got three different error messages in my apache error log every time I'm starting apache. I've read the mod_mono configuration section multiple times so please give me a hint how to get rid of theses messages. The applications (3 project

Integrate Python and C #

I've decided to try and create a game before I finish studies. Searching around the net, I decided to create the basic game logic in python (for simplicity and quicker development time), and the actual I/O engine in c# (for better performance. specif

Monodevelop module - equivalent to the ADO.NET Entity framework

I am looking for a Monodevelop module which would allow me to run ADO.NET Entity framework-like syntax. I have installed MySql.Data and successfully run stuff like string connStr = "server=localhost;user=root;database=dbname;port=3306;password=mypass

Where can I get Mono.Cecil.Pdb.dll?

I'm trying to write a IL Weaver with Mono.Cecil, and for it to remain debugable in VS2010, I need the PdbReaderProvider class, or some similar implementation of ISymbolProvider. I've downloaded the latest Mono dlls from,

MySQL connector with mod_mono and mono 2.6.7

I've been having quite a bit of trouble getting an MVC2 web application to find the MySQL connector. I am running CentOS 5. I've installed the DLL into the GAC using the 2.0 version of the tool $ mono /usr/local/lib/mono/2.0/gacutil.exe -i v2/mysql.d

NUnit test in mono

I have a mut.cs as follows. using System; namespace ns { public class Arith { public int Add(int x, int y) { return x + y; } public int Mul(int x, int y) { return x * y; } } } I came up with a Unit test for this - mut_test.cs using NUnit.Framework; u

Mono - Unable to load file or assembly

i just exported my project to my new imac an loaded my solution into monodevelop. After the successfully compilation i started the project, and i always getting the same error. ** (/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/2.6.1/lib/mono/2.0/xsp2.e

Mono under Jboss

I would just like to know if it is possible to run MONO ASP.NET MVC under JBOSS? And if so how can I achieve this?That makes no sense. JBoss is a Java app server. Mono is .NET. They are distinct alternatives. You don't run one of them "under" an

ActiveX on Linux using Mono?

Is there any way for ActiveX controls to work on Linux? I'd imagine the answer is no, but just want to be sure. My company is considering a Linux port of a ASP.NET project (using Mono), but it uses ActiveX controls quite heavily, so we wonder if it's

Equivalent to user32.dll on OS X

I am writing a library which uses a few functions from the windows user32.dll library, but I am compiling it with Mono to see how it fares on OS X. Unfortunately it cannot find the user32.dll library for obvious reasons. But my question is this ... i