Why does Unity use .NET 2.0 when Mono supports .NET 3.5?

Unity uses Mono in order to achieve multi-platform compatibility. Because of that it wouldn't make sense to use .NET 4.0 or higher, since Mono does not support them either. However Mono does support 3.5, in fact it supports most of its features , so

VC ++ Runtime on Linux

I have a .NET app which invoke W32's API (msvcrt40.dll) through P/Invoke. Under Linux Mono, the app crashed with DllNotFoundException on msvcrt40.dll load. I'd looked into Wine to search for msvcrt40 shared lib but only found fake dll which is useles

Can the TPL perform the task on more than one thread?

Mono/Xamarin-specific answers are welcomed. I'm running System.Threading.Tasks using Task.Run(). Will The TPL assign the created task to a single thread for the life of the task's execution? Or is it possible that the created task will get preempted

doc2x linux r649 zlibwapi.dll not found

Probably this is very noobish mistake, but can anyone try to reproduce my steps & check for errors? I'm using Linux Mint 15. I've downloaded doc2x (binary->openxml msword converter) from here : https://sourceforge.net/project/downloading.php?group_

TeeChart for Mono Android will not compile

I just downloaded the TeeChart trial version for Mono Android using the installation as below: TeeChartMfAEval-4.0.2012.121203-win.exe I am running Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate on Windows 8. I am trying to build the demo project, but am getting the er

Servicestack Hello could not load the http manager

I am following the Hello Web Service tutorial on ServiceStack.net. I get the message below when trying to access the service: Failed to load httpHandler type `ServiceStack.WebHost.Endpoints.ServiceStackHttpHandlerFactory, ServiceStack' I am using xsp

Mono SQLite fails to open the database

I have written a simple Mono C# application for writing to an SQLite database using the Mono implementation present in the Mono.Data.Sqlite package: using System; using Mono.Data.Sqlite; class MainClass { public static void Main (string[] args) { usi

System.TypeLoadException when using CsharpRepl (mono shell)

Before I ditch this c# interpreter I thought I would check if anyone knows what's going wrong here. The type that it complains about is is eloquera.client.dll. c:\Program Files\Mono-2.10.8\bin>csharp Mono C# Shell, type "help;" for help Enter

Mono for Android - How to speed up debugging?

I am using Mono for Android and I a like it so far. My only concern is that debugging projects is very slow. When I start debugging in Visual Studio sometimes it takes 4-5 seconds to move from one breakpoint to the next one. It seems the debugger als

Importing and developing WinForms applications on Linux

I have a Visual Studio C# project, with a GUI done in WinForms. I'd like to continue its development on Linux. I have two questions: firstly, how can I compile it on Linux? I can compile single .cs files that use WinForms, but I have no idea about wh

Android Mono. Unit test framework

Are there some unit test frameworks which supports mono android applications? I already tried default Visual Studio test framework and NUnit framework without any luck. My last try: I created Mono Android class library, referenced nunit.framework, wr

Send Windows messages with Mono

Is it possible to send windows messages (WM_...) to other applications using Mono (assuming that my app is running on Windows)? Another related question is whether there is any way to use DDE inside a Mono app? Thanks!well, if I were you I would stra

Explanation of MProtect Errno 12 (ENOMEM)

I'm writing an iPhone application using Monotouch and recently the app has started crashing stating Mprotect failed at 0x863a000 (length 8192) with errno 12 followed by a rather lengthly stack trace and Springboard informing that "the application exi

How Olive (Mono) implements (W) PF?

While reading an article about Mono on Wikipedia, I found out there is a Mono sub/side-project called Olive which aims to bring the remaining bits of .NET to Mono - currently focusing on Workflow Foundation and WPF - though they for obvious reason ca

Using Mono to transfer a C # .NET application to OS X?

Alrighty guys, I'm writing an application that I want to be cross-platform. Up until recently I've been trying to do this in Silverlight with C# because it also runs on OS X, but with me being fairly rusty with C# in addition to being new to Silverli

Mono + named / optional parameters = compiler bug?

I have encountered some unforeseen consequences of porting to mono 2.8.1. Problem can be boiled down to a sample program (I have been unable to reduce it further, after cutting several classes and ~1000 lines of code to the file quoted below) public

Configuring Nant to use dmcs (C # 4.0) on Mono

Running Nant -v on mono gives informs me it uses gmcs.exe (C# 2.0). Starting '/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/2.8/bin/mono ( "/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/2.8/lib/mono/2.0/gmcs.exe" How to setup Nant to use dmcs.exe (C

Monodevelop on OS X and display of UTF-8

Two Questions Does using Copy or paste cause monodevelop to crash, or is it just me? If you have Monodevelop installed, please can you test this, I fount that both shortcuts and from the menus cause it to crash. I seem unable to find information abou

Mono ORM that works with PostgreSQL?

I've been trying to find a decent ORM that works with both Mono and PosgreSQL. Does anyone know of such an ORM?Any ORM worth its salt should be able to handle PostgreSQL. NHibernate is a .NET ORM that sprang from Hibernate, a Java-based ORM that hand

Running the .net (mono) application in Linux and Windows

I have created a c# application in ubuntu using monodevelop. It is running well in ubuntu. I tried to run that application(firstgtk.exe file created after running in ubuntu)in windows.But it showing error message.How can i make to portable in both li

How to compile Mono with vb.net support

I've downloaded latest source from mono project, compiled it and everything works (c# projects, mod_mono, xsp) except vb.net. Vbnc, mono's vb.net compiler does not exist after compiling mono from source. This is on CentOS 5, on Ubuntu 10.04 I install

XML serialization and MS / Mono portability

I'm trying to have classes serialized using MS runtime and Mono runtime. While using MS runtime everything goes fine, but using Mono I give me some exception and program startup. The following exception are thrown: There was an error reflecting a typ

Is there a mono equivalent (.Net) to the Java Scanner class?

In Java there is a nice class called Scanner for reading strings and streams of a certain format to data-structures like integers, floats,... Is there any equivalent in Mono? In .Net there is a binary-reader, but it reads the data as binaries. I want

Winforms for Mono on Mac, Linux and PC (Redux)

(I asked this question in another way, and got some interesting responses but I'm not too convinced.) Is Mono's GtkSharp truly cross-platform? It seems to be Gnome based... how can that work with PC and Mac? Can someone give me examples of a working

best way to start configuring Mono for ASP.NET on Mac

I have recently gained access to a Mac. I am wondering if anyone has any tips/advice for setting up Mono on a mac for development and execution of ASP.NET? Most resources point to Linux implementations which tend to differ a lot from the way Mac's do