Problems using monkeyrunner startActivity

I have read several posts online, including Android dev website I can't start an Activity through the startActivity method. I have tried several options. Here's an example code: packa

Testing the Android app using MonkeyRunner

I have to make an application that tests an android application using MonkeyRunner tool.I have read android developer documentation.but still dont know how to work with monkey runner.please help me. I have installed the application on emulator via co

Android MonkeyRunner unable to enter text

I recently started using MonkeyRunner to test the UI of my Android application (I am also using Espresso but wanted to play around with MonkeyRunner). The problem that I am having is that I am unable to enter text into EditText fields using the autom

MonkeyRunner on the Windows command line

How does Python (or MonkeyRunner) locate imported modules? I previously asked about an error I get when running a monkeyrunner script from Git Bash. I still haven't resolved the issue and decided to try running it from the Windows 7 command line. I c

How to get the Android ID for a menu item in Android?

Is there a way to get the Android ID for a menu item? I can see getTitle() but not a getId(). I'm interested in the ID value "menu_printer_settings" rather than the title value "printer_settings" and the menu item ID (getItemId()). I n

How to run monkeyrunner on an already installed .apk

I'm trying to run some commands on an application that is already installed through monkeyrunner. I've edited the sample code listed on and I changed it to this: # Imports the monkeyrunner modules used by this program from

Monkeyrunner does not touch web viewer

I need to test android app which includes WebView with buttons. Monkeyrunner works fine for all parts of the app except WebView. Button in WebView just ignores touches from Monkeyrunner. I see that button is clicked because it became grey but then bu

adb.exe is not executable. ANDROID_HOME is not defined

I am successful in taking snapshot and open a activity using monkeyrunner. But what I want is to press a Button. So I am using ViewClient, but whenever I run my jython script the error comes: File "F:\Example\AndroidViewClient\src\com\dtmilano\androi

Try to get monkeyrunner to include an external .py file

I'm trying to get monkeyrunner to accept an external .py file. The .py file just has some functions in it, nothing fancy. import unittest import logging import sys sys.path.append("C:\path\to\helperscripts\") from monkeyHelper imp

Why does not monkeyrunner work when run from a remote machine?

I need to run a monkeyrunner script in a remote machine. I'm using python to to automate it and RPyC so that I could connect to other machines, everything is running in CentOS. written below is the command that I used: import rpyc import subprocess c

Monkeyrunner Activity

I have one problem, I has started 2 activities via monkeyrunner. How I can close one of them? I try to used device.stopActivity(package/activity), but monkeyrunner have not these command. And also i want to recieve all working activities how i can do

Playing videos using monkeyrunner

I am playing a mp4 file using monkeyrunner's startactivity function,it is working.Now,i want to know whether the video is still playing or has ended.But,as monkeyrunner doesn't wait for the video(or any other activity)to finish or say "return".H

How to end an incoming call using monkeyrunner?

I have monkeyrunner up and running: I install my .apk using monkeyrunner and have a device object ready. In other words'KEYCODE_MENU', 'DOWN_AND_UP') works perfectly. I use expect to telnet to an android emulator of mine and do gsm call

The Android MonkeyRunner sometimes launches exceptions

I am running an automated test using an Android emulator driving an app with a Monkey script written in Python. The script is copying files onto the emulator, clicks buttons in the app and reacts depending on the activities that the software triggers

How to flick using monkeyrunner? not just drag

I am trying to automatically scroll the browser using monkeyrunner. So far I can scroll by "Drag" event, but how can I scroll by "Flick". I appreciate if you can give me some hits or instructions. Using drag: for i in range(1, 40): dev

Change language programmatically on an Android device

I'm writing some Android test automation for our applications, which are localized into 18 languages. I need the ability to switch the language on the device programmatically - I don't mean to switch the language of just the application - I mean swit

User interface stress test on Android

is there a way for me to do a sort of UI Stress test, similar to that of monkey runner. I want my stress tester to click randomly on the screen until something is prompted. however, i want to be able to detect if a dialog box comes up, then i want to

Mouse and keyboard can use both in monkeyrunner?

Can we perform mouseclick event and keyboard press event at once testing time in monkeyrunner? If yes then how? Please tell me. Thanx in advance...You will need to use MonkeyRunner.DOWN for both actions then do something like MonkeyRunner.sleep(.25)

How do I send orders to Android Emulator using Monkeyrunner?

I have an application with a login, what I want to do is lunch de application and then interact with the app, sending the username and password. What is wrong with this script? # Imports the monkeyrunner modules used by this program from

Where is for the monkeyrunner of Android

I just can't find the file in order to create the API reference for the monkeyrunner. The command described at the Android references monkeyrunner <format> <outfile> does not work when i call monkeyrunner html /path/to/