Mongoose / MongoDB - Delete and insert in one transaction

I wanted to delete certain set of documents in the mongo collection and insert new records, in case if the insert fails I want to rollback the delete. Basically, it is either both or none. Someone know what is the best approach for this. I'm using mo

How to connect with MongoDB via CodeIgniter

I am upgrading my Ubuntu server and installing latest version of PHP i.e PHP 7.0.18, MongoDB 3.2.14, CodeIgniter v 2.2. Now when I am trying to connect with Mongo through CodeIgniter I am getting error as: The MongoDB PECL extension has not been inst

Search and return the user from mongodb

A little background. I am sending a post with the username. About what he came to me is displayed in the log. console.log(req.body.username); // 'username' How do I use mongodb to find and render a user with a username from the post? For example, the

How to avoid duplicates in the mongoose

I'm creating a new schema in mongoose and trying to take input from user. I want that no duplicate entry is getting updated for serverIP, for that unique : true is added. But this is not working as expected and duplicates entries are getting through.

Mongoose Group Results by Year and Month

For the following schema (pseudo code). var Post = { title: "", content: "", date: new Date() } I want to return results grouped by month & year, so something like so, again psuedo code: [ { year: "2016", month: "4&q

MongoDB using $ set

If I have the following document: { _id: 1, name: "Alto", color: "Red",cno: "H410",speed:40,mfdcountry: "India"} If i issue below two commands . What is the difference? Case1:{ query: { name: &

Count the number of tables in mongoDB without null

I have a document like that: { "_id": ObjectId("55fa4615b70ad91c40069736"), "test": [ null, true ] } The "test" field is array with 2 elements. I want to count the number of array without null value use aggregate. I

Mongodb Search () Powershell Query

For the following Json file, I have a mongodb query to select "Car" part of document only: db.collection.find({_item:"Home"}, {"Car":1, "_id":0}) How do I write this query in Powershell? { "_id" : 1, "

Unroll an array of mongoDB objects

My collection contains the following two documents { "BornYear": 2000, "Type": "Zebra", "Owners": [ { "Name": "James Bond", "Phone": "007" } ] } { "BornYear": 2012,

JSON parsing fails when there are regular expressions

I am trying to parse a mongodb query in json to dictionary and the JObject.Parse throws exception. The JSON string is something like below { vendor: "xyx", product: { $in : [ /prod1/i, /prod2/i, /prod3/i ] } } The exception is message is Error p

Mongoose returns indefinite for an existing field

After a mongoose request I have my document doc which is the result of the query Here is the schema used var searchSchema = new mongoose.Schema({ original : String, images : [String], image: String }); The model : var searchModel = mongoose.model('Se

Convert JSON to INTeger for MongoDB?

With .post of FORM data to express/node.js All of the values are currently stored and returned as STRings Am looking to have one of the data values (req.body.quantity) stored as an INT //POST'/add', function (req, res) { db.collection('demo

Using MongoDB

I am just getting familiar with MongoDB and its my first time to use it. I am using Ubuntu enviornment for the development. I installed the MongoDB as per the instructions mentioned in the tutorial available on the MongoDb website. They said that the

Filemaker at the Mongodb Collection to View Data Using Data

I have a a table on filemaker that has about 1 million + rows and growing. It has about 30 columns. I need to display this on to the datatables on my PHP page. My research online says FileMaker to PHP is super slow. So, i am trying to get the data to

Delete Mongodb records using shell

I have a simple collection populated with student data and I need to remove some records based on some parameters. I executed the following from mongoshell for(i=0;i<200;i++) { var rec = db.grades.find({student_id:i,type:'homework'}).sort({score:1}).

FOSRestBundle and Mongodb cursor object to json

I'm currently working on a RESTful API using Symfony2 with FOSRestBundle. I love Mongodb, so i've implemented just that, here is a snippet of my usercontroller. /** * @return View view instance * @View() */ public function allAction() { $users = $thi

Why am I receiving an ExtraValueException from mongoalchemy?

Here is my class: class Presentation(db.Document): title = db.StringField(max_length=120, required=True) author = db.StringField (required=True) pages = db.DocumentField(Page, required=False) tags = db.StringField(max_length=120, required=False) id =

Children objects in MongoDB

I have been following along with Rob Conery's Linq for MongoDB and have come across a question. In the example he shows how you can easily nest a child object. For my current experiment I have the following structure. class Content { ... Profile Prof