How to connect with MongoDB via CodeIgniter

I am upgrading my Ubuntu server and installing latest version of PHP i.e PHP 7.0.18, MongoDB 3.2.14, CodeIgniter v 2.2. Now when I am trying to connect with Mongo through CodeIgniter I am getting error as: The MongoDB PECL extension has not been inst

The nodejs updateOne model does NOT give the same result

Trying to update a document in mongodb using the following method : module.exports.addAcc = function(id , acc, callback) { let strAcc = escape(JSON.stringify(acc, null, 4)); let pushAcc = '{'+ ' $push :'+ '{ "pf.acc" : ' +strAcc + '}}' ; let que

Search and return the user from mongodb

A little background. I am sending a post with the username. About what he came to me is displayed in the log. console.log(req.body.username); // 'username' How do I use mongodb to find and render a user with a username from the post? For example, the

How to avoid duplicates in the mongoose

I'm creating a new schema in mongoose and trying to take input from user. I want that no duplicate entry is getting updated for serverIP, for that unique : true is added. But this is not working as expected and duplicates entries are getting through.

When running jmeter tests, how can I connect to the mongodb?

I have a new meteor application, and have a few tests that inserts data into a mongo collection, but no UI for that yet. I have started a mocha test runner with meteor test --driver-package practicalmeteor:mocha. If I try to start a mongo console wit

MongoDB using $ set

If I have the following document: { _id: 1, name: "Alto", color: "Red",cno: "H410",speed:40,mfdcountry: "India"} If i issue below two commands . What is the difference? Case1:{ query: { name: &

Unroll an array of mongoDB objects

My collection contains the following two documents { "BornYear": 2000, "Type": "Zebra", "Owners": [ { "Name": "James Bond", "Phone": "007" } ] } { "BornYear": 2012,

MongoDB ODataController Get the method

How do you pass an ObjectId into an ODataController GET method? Since the ObjectId is the unique identifier of a document, my first thought was to do something like this, where '542978c4e4b0e67da1edc7f3' is the ObjectId: odata/Teams(542978c4e4b0e67da

Mongodb query excessively slow

I have a collection of tweets, with indexes on userid and tweeted_at (date). I want to find the dates of the oldest and newest tweets in the collection for a user, but the query runs very slowly. I used explain, and here's what I got. I tried reading

Mongoose returns indefinite for an existing field

After a mongoose request I have my document doc which is the result of the query Here is the schema used var searchSchema = new mongoose.Schema({ original : String, images : [String], image: String }); The model : var searchModel = mongoose.model('Se

MongoDB partial account via NodeJS

Upon viewing the Mongo Count docs, it showed the following code : // Peform a partial account where b=1 collection.count({b:1}, function(err, count) { where it count every document that has b:1. Those documents can look something like this { a:1, b:1

Suitable Framework for Async, REST and JSON Web Services

I found similar question but there's no satisfying answer for me. I'm going to create some start-up web application and I'm looking for the most suitable** language and framework. What I've decided is that: UI has to be separated from backend Fronten

Simple_form is empty! Show nothing

I'm working on an mailer with rails, but where It should be shown the fields it shows nothing. the view is: <% simple_form_for(@message, :url => mailer_new_path) do |f| %> <%= f.error_notification%> <div class="inputs"> <

Delete Mongodb records using shell

I have a simple collection populated with student data and I need to remove some records based on some parameters. I executed the following from mongoshell for(i=0;i<200;i++) { var rec = db.grades.find({student_id:i,type:'homework'}).sort({score:1}).

FOSRestBundle and Mongodb cursor object to json

I'm currently working on a RESTful API using Symfony2 with FOSRestBundle. I love Mongodb, so i've implemented just that, here is a snippet of my usercontroller. /** * @return View view instance * @View() */ public function allAction() { $users = $thi

How to connect to MongoDB from another PHP class?

I have the following code to connect to MongoDB: try { $m = new Mongo('mongodb://'.$MONGO['servers'][$i]['mongo_host'].':'.$MONGO['servers'][$i]['mongo_port']); } catch (MongoConnectionException $e) { die('Failed to connect to MongoDB '.$e->getMessag

Why am I receiving an ExtraValueException from mongoalchemy?

Here is my class: class Presentation(db.Document): title = db.StringField(max_length=120, required=True) author = db.StringField (required=True) pages = db.DocumentField(Page, required=False) tags = db.StringField(max_length=120, required=False) id =

MongoDB - Consume Tweets and Count Data

I am using the Twitter realtime streaming API to keep an active count of particular tracks. For example, I want to keep track of the number of times 'apple', 'orange' and 'pear' are tweeted. I'm using Mongo to store the tweet data but I have a questi