Delete custom errors in my mvc application?

Hey i have an mvc app that i have published in my azure server. I get an error when i try it in the server. In localhost in works fine. But in the server i get an error that looks like this So my question is how can i remove that custom error. I want

Maximum nesting level of the Use laravel feature

so I started to use Laravel auth and in my Route in web middleware I wrote : Route::group(['middleware' => ['web']], function () { Route::auth(); }); and I got this error : Maximum function nesting level of '100' reached, aborting! and I tried to use

Custom parameters from view to controller

i'm creating a form where a user can choose a product and a quantity. I need to pass the id value from the object @event to the controller, but i dont know whats the right way to do it. As it is now, it the params[:event_id] field is always nil in th

Can not use the variables of the parent class?

So I need to have an example of inheritance in this code, and I am trying to get it so I instantiate private BufferedImage image in the parent class, and then have it take on different forms within the child classes such as Player, Enemy, and possibl

Pass a variable from the view to the controller from the form

I am trying to access a variable sent through a submit form. However it does not appear to be present once the form is submitted. see the hidden field on line: 2 <%= form_for @import, html: { multipart: true } do |f| %> <%= f.hidden_field :tree_i

jquery Select - replace with is not available to select

Environment/technologies: Cshtml / Razor, ajax, jQuery, SQL Server 2008 I implemented a simple search for my cshtml web app as follows: Input textbox for entering the search jQuery to call ajax method to request for appropriate method to do search in

Is ActionListener in the controller for Java GUI App good idea?

I't trying to follow MVC pattern. In internet as I see the most famous example is calculator, for example here. I began to use this implementation of MVC pattern. But now I have some doubts about action listeners in controller as they tend to move to

Sails.js vs Meteor - What are the advantages of both?

I've been reading a lot on Nodejs and its frameworks and recently finished my first full javascript frontend (using Angularjs). I've decided that my next pet project will be a Nodejs adventure using one of these two frameworks: Sails.js Meteor I've r

Not understanding how Backbone works

I am new to Backbone. I was creating a very simple project consisting of 2 views and got it working. But have difficulty understanding its working behind the scenes. Consider this: I have two Views : First view will show up when the app is loaded (wh

spring hibernate project init causing errors

I am trying to set up a spring mvc application with a few students for a project at university, it's a web based cookbook. While Hello World worked, we get some difficult exceptions for our code using hibernate to store the data. The domain class: /*

Manual rendering of Zend_View with the layout enabled

I'm creating a mail service within my application that has the body of the email stored in the database prior to sending it out to recipients. Each mail body is a partial view script that has the necessary parameters injected into it via Zend_View. W

Controller variables are null in views

I am very new to ruby on rails, but simple operation is driving me crazy I am passing variables from Controller to View But it's nil in the view I read all the questions similar to mine but none of them was the solution I have a method called news_re

ASP.NET MVC takes a long time in the chrome login page

I Have a Route that is in the format: http://localhost/SocialNetworkWeb/Home/Index When I press login in any other browser it works fine but in Chrome it takes too long. Is there any problem with ASP.NET MVC3 & Chrome working together or maybe IIS Ex

MVC test actions based on HTTPContext

I have a project where I need to provide action tests. My approuch has been to ensure actions do not rely on anything they do not receive as parameters, maing use of ValueProviders and ModelBinders. As such I would pass in HTTPContextBase etc. Howeve

How can I pack PHP's inheritance code into Kohana?

I have a good amount of legacy code written in PHP, which was not written on any particular framework rather it is mostly old-school style (i.e. inline) PHP. However, most of my new code is written on the Kohana 3.1.X framework. Although Kohana does

Best practices for handling form submission in controllers

Lets say for example I am creating a an online shop. I have a controller called products and within that controller I have a function called create_product. Create_product calls a view that displays a form where users get to enter new products into t

MVC type binding model in WCF?

I want to bind POSTed form values to parameters in my WCF operation in the same way that ASP.Net MVC allows me to do. So, for example if my form has "customer.Name" and "customer.Age" parameters, I want to make a standard HTML POST to

How to update TextBox in MVC Ajax

How do i update textbox using MVC Ajax UpdateTargetId option.? I am new to MVC Ajax applications. Please any one help me out. Thanks, Pon Kumar Pandian .TYou can simply wrap all you want to update in some div with id same that you're putting in Updat

How can I optimize the MVC and IIS pipeline for higher speed?

I am doing performance tweaking of a simple app that uses MVC on IIS 7.5. I have a StopWatch starting up in Application_BeginRequest and I take a snapshot at Controller.OnActionExecuting. So I measure the time spend in the entire IIS pipeline: from r

Where to connect to DB in MVC

I am using php and building an MVC for my web application. I am to the step where I need to connect to my DB, look at the current URL, compare that to data in my DB, and then return the correct content from my DB to the user. My question is, where sh

How do view controllers work in the iPhone SDK?

I have just started developing iPhone applications and I am very confused by how the "view controller" aspect of the user interface works. I did the "Your First iPhone Application" tutorial on the Dev Center. It has you set up your own