Gray shadow left behind when the dialogue closes

I use angular ModalService for dialog in my app. When I want to close dialog, black shadow left behind. My controllers : angular.module("app") .controller('TreeController', ['$scope', 'asyncService', 'ModalService', 'dataService', function ($sco

How to get a php variable in a modal window

I'm using Bootstrap modal popup window,this is the button and url <a href="#" data-toggle="modal" data-target="#applynowModal" data-id="'.$row['id'].'" class="btn action_button but_apply">Apply Now&l

Django bootstrap modal file download form

Today Ive spent about 3 hours on the internet, looking for solution, but no luck. I want to have bootstrap modal (popup) and inside that modal i have form, to choose a number between 1-6 and upload picture file. So far i have these files: S

Open the onclick modal button when it is produced by PHP echo

I need your help here please.I have a button which is echoed by a PHP file to a HTML file.When the button is clicked then I want a modal to be displayed in the HTML file.Does anyone have any idea how I can make this work? PHP echo: '<div class="mo

angular modal not closing ($ uibModal)

angular .module('angProj') .controller('UserCtrl', ['$scope', '$uibModal', function ($scope, $uibModal) { $scope.results = function (content, completed) { var modalInstance = ${ backdrop: 'static', keyboard: false, animation: $scope.ani

The page scrolls up when the modal is closed

I have implemented a modal, but I don't want the page to scroll to the top when the modal is closed. It does this automatically. Is there a code governing the code below that I am missing? Thanks for any help! HTML <a href="#target-content" i

Can not close the modal window by function

I am using modal like <modal title="Success" id='successmessage' visible="successmessage"> <form role="form"> Success ful result. <button type="submit" class="btn btn-primary" ng-click="

PHP and Bootstrap Modal Variables

Hopefully anybody can help me. I have an table with a while statement for my data. Now i want the data for each row displayed in an modal window. <table id="example1" class="table table-bordered table-striped"> <thead> <

yii modal dialog connection

I've been looking all over the internet and I can't seem to find the solution to just a simple login via header. I tried all sorts of way. The problem I have right now just reloads every time i hit login. It's only when I go to ?r=site/login it'll le

Twitter modal bootstrap does not work

I am new to Twitter Bootstrap. I am working on a modal panel, but it is not being displayed. It fades the screen, but the modal itself does not appear. I have checked the error console, and there are no errors. My code is inside the <head> tag; I in

Does Bootstrap have a real modal window?

Does Bootstrap have a real modal window as in an analogue to "alert()" in which the user must respond in the browser (not just in the tab or window) before proceeding with any change?No, it doesn't. You can set the backdrop and keyboard properti

The modal window is hidden behind the header?

So I've implemented a modal window jQuery plugin called "Reveal" for a 'Size Guide' window I've added to my bigcartel site (it isn't done yet so please do not try buying anything, button is open for testing purposes) If you're scrolled up at lea

Modal bootstrap is not displayed

I've copied and pasted the example code from twitter bootstrap to create a basic modal window in my Rails 3.2 app: <!-- Modal --> <div id="myModal" class="modal hide fade" tabindex="-1" role="dialog" aria-l

Show Bootstrap Modal Only Once Using Boolean

I'm using a Bootstrap Modal and I want to have it show up only once when a button is clicked, but not if the button is clicked again. I want to do this using a boolean that is initially true and when the button is clicked is set to false. I have actu

How can I debug a modal bootstrap Twitter box?

I'm trying to implement the standard modal box using Twitter's bootstrap. I have it working on my plain Apache server, but its not working in a JSP using Tomcat6. I can't figure out how to approach debugging it. I probably have something mis-copies,

MFC Dialog Return Vector

I am creating a modal dialog box and dynamically creating textboxes based on a user specified quantity. I then store the values of these textboxes in a vector vector <CString*> textBoxText; I want to pass the vector back when the dialog closes. I tr

Closing Modal Popup by clicking on it

I am using this tutorial to add a modal screen: Everything works great except closing it. Rather than closing it via a button, I want to give the user the option to close it b

datepicker and other popups hidden behind the modal popup

I have a jquery popup modal which I am invoking like this function showDialog(clickid,reportid) { var clickid=clickid; var reportid=reportid; reportFilterDialog= $("#reportFilterDialog").modal({ autoOpen: false, draggable: true, resizable: true,

Jquery modal dialog form does not appear as popup

I am trying to run the code from the following link Why doesn't the dialog form appear as a popup? <%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" pageEncoding="

IE6 modal window problem

I'm having a weird (and probably obvious) problem with a modal window in IE6, that works with Firefox and Safari etc; The window is set to position: fixed, and is meant to be centered, but it actually showing up at the very bottom of the page, over s

Modular form jquery

i try to do a jquery modal form. the problem is, i include myform.php into the jquery's DIV. the reason why i put myform.php into jquery's div because i want the php do some input validation/checking exiting data in the database instead of using jque

Appcelerator titanium, how can I create a modal window?

I am new to appcelerator titanium and have a question how can I create a modal window that blurs its parent, or have a semi transparent background?, I managed to create a modal window but the parent went black. thanks in advanceThis is the current wa

pass the C # byte array in javascript

i have a situation in which i have a byte array of a image in code behind C# class of a webpage (pop up page) protected void ToFile(byte[] byteImage) { string strByte = byteImage.ToString(); this.Context.Response.Write("<script type='text/javascri

How to make a pop-up window with text fields in Objective-C?

In the iPhone Objective-C app, I want to pop-up a window (which is smaller than the main view, and the app does not stop running) when a button is tapped, with textField for the user to input text, and dismiss it when it is done. This is widely used