Switching the selected object to another activity

I have a news activity in which there is a list of news.I want a user to select a news from the list and direct him to the news_details page where I give the details about the selected news, however when the user selects the news, program goes quickl

React Native - Can not call the method of another component

I have two very simple classes. All I am trying to do is call a method from another component that will print text to the console. When the user clicks the navigate button in class 2, it should call the _printtest function in class 1, unfortunately,

How to prevent Canvas from acting like a mobile image?

I have an interactive canvas, where you can click on some buttons. But when I test it on mobile, and try to click on the buttons, it doesnt react immediately. I have to press and wait for the action. test here: http://choix.me/labor/canvas/car.html h

Different window widths for landscape and portrait

My website is more or less optimized for mobile devices, however it needs a minimum width of 480 px. Using <meta name="viewport" content="width=480"> works well, but only in portrait mode. If I switch to landscape, it uses 480 px

Hybrid App Maker vs. Mobile Frameworks

When do you think is best to to use a mobile App Maker (Ex: Appery.io) and when to code using a framework (Ex: Ionic)? Of course, that coding with a framework doesn't tie you to any App Maker label... But, besides that, any other matter I should cons

How can I change Android - Boot Logo (No boot animation)

I need change android TV box default boot logo image.device has root access and i tried using change /system/media/images and change initlogo.720p.rle but i am not successes Change the bootanimation.zip under android build directory device/amlogic/$P

Find a specific string from a string value

This question already has an answer here: Android, getting resource ID from string? 12 answers I have multiple string-array in the file string.xml in my Android Project. <string-array name="SS"> <item>a</item> <item>b<

Layer 7 mobile application development platform

All, Just wanted to check to see if CA Layer 7 has any mobile app development platform? I am trying to find if there is any but couldn't. I saw only Mobile API access solutions from Layer7. has anyone known and used any mobile app development platfor

PHP - Moving from Office to Mobile & amp; Mobile to Desktop

I'm trying to make a Desktop to Mobile switch for my website, but I can't really get it to work. This code (got it from internet) works, but it only redirect me to the mobile site... <?php $useragent=$_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']; if(preg_match('/(andr

What Causes PHP Note: Undefined index:?

I have a user registration form in my jQuery mobile app but when I submit the form via an $.ajax call it inserts only a blank row and the error_log says: [01-Dec-2013 13:27:13] PHP Notice: Undefined index: fname in /home2/hedonsof/public_html/tcob/ph

Create a mobile site

I currently have a website that is only intended for a computer monitor, however I want to expand to mobile devices however I am a little unsure on how to proceed. This is how I think I should proceed, correct me if I'm wrong. I can have an alternati

JavaScript browser detection?

I need to add a certain kind of support for touch devices on a current project. As this is the first time I have to do something like this, I took a look at the code of some "well made" websites to see how they do that. One page does something l

Jquery mobile faucet on stacked elements

I'm making a webapp with a similar navigation structure as the facebook app/webapp. My problem is, that when i tap on my "show menu" button, I also tap on my menu items behind it. my HTML structure is something like this: <div id="menu&q

Svg Icons for Mobile Design

Should I use svg icons for responsive mobile design ? because of retina display. I read that it is good idea for small icons like header or title etc..Are you talking exclusively about iOS - you mention retina? I do not know about this platform but S

CSS library for mobile web applications

I was wondering if anybody knows of any css resources that are geared strictly towards mobile web apps? I am building a mobile app using backbone and zepto, but am missing a framework for handling the main user interface components. I know there is j

Tables in a responsive web design

I've followed the typical way a form has been setup in an application, which is to use a table that looks like this: <table> <tbody> <tr> <td>Field</td> <td>@Html.TextBox("Field")</td> </tr> <tr

Android custom event earpiece

Say I want to make my own event listener for my class, how do I do that? Do I need to maintain a thread manually? public class CustomView extends View(){ OnCustomEventListener mListener; : ://some code : : Create an interface that will be implemented

Android and IOS backend framework choice?

I'm going to development a mobile application (not mobile web application) with android and ios versions. I need a back-end server to store and process the data. So mobile application only use for present the data from back-end server. Now questions:

mobile detection for coldfusion

Is there a way to detection if a user is on a mobile device using just coldfusion only? I'm not doing a mobile redirect. I am using CSS media queries to change the layout to fit screen width. I just want to do a simple if mobile render this informati

Latest news in mobile web development

I know this has been asked a bunch of times before (notably here and here), but I'm looking for a good current guide for getting started in developing websites for modern mobile browsers. Ideally, I would love an updated version of Craig Hockenberry'

How to find the mobile model using the WAP page

I am planning on making a WAP page to provide a software. Now i need to find out what mobile phone model the client who logs into my webpage is using so that i can redirect him/her to the appropriate download link. This is similar to what opera does