java: Access objects in different methods

How can I access objects created in one method in other methods? I want to do this so that I don't have create the same object over and over again every time I create a new method, and want to use that object within it. This is the class I am working

Try to write a method to create a list of tables

I'm using Netbeans/GUI to make a fantasy basketball game program. I'm trying to create methods that create arraylists, that way I can call the method for the array every time I need it for one of my button events, rather than recode the array under e

How to return a string of an int array method in C #

My method is supposed to check to see if the int array I pass through has any negative values, if so it should save them into a string and return each one along with the index they are located at. Right now the method only returns the first negative

Create a method to find if a number is a power of 2?

I have this code to return true if num is a power of 2. def is_power_of_two?(num) result = num.inject(0) {|n1, n2| n2 ** n1} if result == num true else false end end p is_power_of_two?(16) I keep getting an error though. How could I fix and simplify

method not set on Ruby on Rails 4.2`

Its my first time asking a question here. I know i must be missing something very trivial here but have been unable to sort it out for a while now. I'm new to rails. I have 4 classes, Terminal belongs_to Port, Ports belong to_Country and Countries be

How to count punctuation in a string in java?

I need to write a program to count certain punctuation marks in a string. I have this code I thought would work, but at every charAt, i have an error that says the left hand of the assignment must be a variable. Need help fixing this public static vo

Access Class methods without prefix with class

In a program like: package testing; import MarcoLib.Mouse; import MarcoLib.Timings; public class Testing { /** * @param args the command line arguments */ public static void main(String[] args) { Mouse.pressMouse(1); } } Is there a way to call Mouse.

Why does the java method not support multiple return values?

This question already has an answer here: Return multiple values from a Java method: why no n-tuple objects? 6 answers While working with Java Applications, I feel most of the times one question : Why Java doesn't support multiple return values of me

overloaded method does not throw exception

I have a problem when compiling my code, I'm trying to make a method of a class throw an personalized exception, given some conditions. But at the time of compiling I get the message: Overridden method does not throw exception Here's the class and ex

Object-specific methods in Python?

I apologize if this has been answered, but I've search everywhere and cannot seem to find an answer. Say I have a class Dog. That class has two objects, Buster and Bowser. What would be the best way to create methods specific to each object? For inst

Reference of the method of passage Objective-C as a parameter

I've seen a lot of discussions NEAR this subject, but none that actually work in Xcode 5.x, especially using ARC. I have a simple problem: I need to pass a method reference to a CreateButton method so that when the button is called it calls my custom

How to add values ​​to a text file

tonight I am working on homework dealing with Arrays! I thought this was going to be simple...and it probably is but I am lost. for my assignment, I am having a program read a text file that has a bunch of integer values that represent the amount of

Pass the elements of a table as arguments to a method

class Test def initialize(*args) print "I got #{args.length} arguments!" end end arguments = ["Hello",100,30] There, Test is only receiving one argument (an array). Would it be possible to pass the array's elements

Access to type-specific methods & ldquo; class, in a collection

Situation: I have an abstract class with several methods: I have a few sub classes that extend the class above I have a collection <MyAbstractClass> collection filled with new objects of the sub classes in my main class I have a unique method of one

.net framework Obsolete methods - when will they be deleted?

I have been tasked with recompiling an application from .net 1.1 to .net 4.0. I have been told to not make any code changes - however with all the changes through the versions of the framework - I am reluctant to leave in methods that are marked as O

The ILGenerator method online

Given following code: using System; using System.Reflection.Emit; using System.Diagnostics; using System.Reflection; namespace ConsoleApplication1 { class A { public int Do(int n) { return n; } } public delegate int DoDelegate(); class Program { publ

Rails - Add a method to a text field

I'm trying to get the checkSwear method to run on each textfield before it's submitted.. I have basically this: (stripped down) <%= form_for(@profile) do |f| %> <div class="field"> <%= f.label 'I love to ' %>  <%= f.text_fie

Specifies the pow function of cmath and not declared locally

When calling ans+= c[i] * pow(x,i);, xCode is complaining "Too many arguements to function call, expected 1 have 2". I have a locally defined function as follows: Polynomial pow(unsigned int n) const; and a constructor: Polynomial(const double t

Can you get a method name from a method in PHP?

Is it possible to do something like this? public function something() { $thisMethodName = method_get_name(); } Where method_get_name() returns the method's name?Sure, you want the magic constants. function myFunction() { print __FUNCTION__." in "

What is the difference between class and instance methods?

What's the difference between a class method and an instance method? Are instance methods the accessors (getters and setters) while class methods are pretty much everything else?Like most of the other answers have said, instance methods use an instan