How to add a landing page to a Meteor application?

routes.js Router.route('/', function () { this.render('Home'); }); Router.route('wall', function () { this.render('Wall'); }); landing.html <template name="home"> ... </template> drawingApp.html <body> {{> wall}} </body&g

Ssr stream router, meteor and hardware ui

Im using meteor 1.4 and material ui with react and im getting this error warning.js:36 Warning: React attempted to reuse markup in a container but the checksum was invalid. This generally means that you are using server rendering and the markup gener

When running jmeter tests, how can I connect to the mongodb?

I have a new meteor application, and have a few tests that inserts data into a mongo collection, but no UI for that yet. I have started a mocha test runner with meteor test --driver-package practicalmeteor:mocha. If I try to start a mongo console wit

Meteor returns asynchronous data using

I have this helper, which call a google api function( getDistance) that returns it asynchronously, so for the help it's undefined. How can I update the helper when result arrive? Thanks. distanceIs: function (destination){ var origin = Session.get('u

insert still works after Meteor.logout

This Meteor app has the insecure and autopublish removed and accounts-password added. It uses Accounts.createUser({username: someName, password: somePwrd}); It avoids using allow/deny and uses instead to insert documents because reading i

How to use Materialize css tabs in Meteor?

New to Meteor.js and the Materialize CSS Framework. I don't fully understand how one would connect the Tabs to 3 different ones dynamically so when a user clicks it, the .tab indicator/active property slides over along with the desired route path. If

Check if the Mongo document field exists

I want to check if the field "imageUrl" are inserted from a form into a MongoDb collection. If it has a value, I want to return the URL, else return false. I'm not used to Mongo, and wonder how I can achieve this. Not every entry have a imageUrl

Nginx can not load CSS and JS files (MIME error)?

I'm getting the following errors on my website: Error: There are multiple templates named 'velvet'. Each template needs a unique name. 1b1a247fc034d5089f331ec9540138ff6afd5f39.js:75:306 The stylesheet was not l

Update all Meteor packages to the latest versions

I'm developing a Meteor app that isn't yet in production, so I can afford to move quickly when adopting new package versions (useraccounts had a significant version bump a few hours after I'd integrated it, for instance.) This was what I thought mete

Meteor settings in a deployed application

This is probably a very basic question, but this is my first time using Meteor + Heroku and I can't seem to figure out how to use the settings.json file after deploying a Meteor app (currently using heroku). From my hours of research on web, it seems

User Access Control in Meteor

What is the standard practice in Meteor for controlling users access for certain sensitive pages? For example, only users with Admin level can access CRUD operations, so what is the best method to block/allow users access these pages? I know that we

Sails.js vs Meteor - What are the advantages of both?

I've been reading a lot on Nodejs and its frameworks and recently finished my first full javascript frontend (using Angularjs). I've decided that my next pet project will be a Nodejs adventure using one of these two frameworks: Sails.js Meteor I've r

Meteorite Meteorite npm lock version

I have update Meteor on the last version and this version don't work with Meteorite. Here my "sudo mrt" logs => Errors prevented startup: While building the application: node_modules/meteorite/node_modules/ddp/node_modules/ws/examples/fileapi

InfoWindow's close icon does not appear in Google Map

I use this code to create marker and infowindow that shows after clicking on a marker: // latLng and map are created earlier in code var marker = new google.maps.Marker({ position: latLng, map: map }); // contentString is just a string with content a

How to use pdf.js with Meteor?

I've been trying to get the helloworld example for pdf.js to run in Meteor. So far I have: Placed index.html, hello.js, and pdf.js under the "clients" directory Enclosed the contents of "hello.js" in a "Meteor.startup()" bloc

How to create a variety of views in the meteor client?

I'm wondering if we can provide different views with different URLs in meteor clients with the same server? That is, for a porker game, one view for each player. A much clear example: # a web view for a user http://app1.