How can I use crud operations with rabbitmq and node js?

I m new to this topic but still want to Know how to approach to this. I want to build a system that uses messaging to perform crud operations on a nodejs Server. I Know about Rest but i cant figure out how to translate it to messaging with rabbitmq.

Twilio on cross-platform mobile tools (Ionic, React-Native)

I'm looking to build with Twilio's IP Messaging APIs using a cross mobile framework like React Native or Ionic. My question is - is this a sane request? I see that Twilio has a Javascript library that I plan to use. Examples of successes/failures wou

Cloud messaging in RabbitMQ

I'm trying to implement functionality similar to Google Cloud Messaging. I want to send message from server side, and retrive same message on Android device. I chose RabbitMQ as an "engine". On the client side I created listener and bind it to q

to create a remote queue manager in WebSphere MQ

I have been working with WebSphere MQ since last few days. I have only tested this with creating local queue managers and sending/receiving messages from queues that works fine as expected. but I am not able to create remote queue manager. I am using

Move messages between queues

I am looking to be able to move messages between queues (manually) in Rabbit. For example: first-queue has messages ['a','b','c','d','e','f'] second-queue has messages ['x','y'] I want to be able to move for example message 'a' to second-queue from f

Creating a retry mechanism in MSMQ without WCF

I have multiple existing applications that send and receive messages using MSMQ via the System.Messaging API. The queues are generally non-transactional and are a mixture of MSMQ 3 and 4. The receiving applications handle poison messages now to the e

Reading sequence diagram

I have the following Sequence Diagram consists of two lifelines and synchronous message I read it as the following : The "lifeline1" represents an object execute during a period of time. During lifelin1 execution and exactly at The red circle &q

Distributed computing with Java and Spring, Messaging or RMI?

I am working in a firm that is new to java and I am the only java programmer and I need to write about 10 systems within a few months.. The firm has 2 other programmers that know basic java. Not Spring or anything like that. The firm has User Data in

RPC calls to multiple consumers

I have a consumer which listens for messages, if the flow of messages is more than the consumer can handle I want to start another instance of this consumer. But I also want to be able to poll for information from the consumer(s), my thought was that

Rails form an empty object - nested resource

Looked at a number of resources and can't seem to figure this out. I am working on a messaging system based on this code by BinaryMuse: It doesn't have a respond feature

Can JMS messaging be replaced by a Webservice poll?

Existing scenario: Two Apps are communicating using Queues. One of them is always the Producer, and other is always the consumer. The 'Producer' generates and saves data in its own storage. It then sends it to the Consumer, using Queues. The more I r

Messaging / Event framework in the Spring project

I need a messaging or event framework in my Spring project. Basic requirements: Single producer/sender, which will create the messages/events Global channel/queue/etc where the producer will send messages into Multiple components should be able to re

LAN Mail with HTML5?

I want to create a program that runs on iPads, Playbooks, and Windows computers that will allow me to create a user database and have user send messages between each other. I only need this to run over a LAN and due to who the users are do not want p

Local and remote queues in pub / sub messages

If I was building a system with dozens of publishers/subscribers using message queues, it seems I have a few network configuration options: I could have one clustered broker that all machines use - each machine would not have a local queue I could in

Approach to managing long-term processes with Camel

I'm working on PoC for small process engine based on Camel. Requirements are to have ability to execute set of consequence steps and each of them could potentially take hours to execute. Asynchronous communication style is obvious choice in this case

Message types available in JMS?

This is based on a past exam question. The question is asking to describe the four types of message available using JMS. The problem is it says the four, not just four. So it assumes their is only four, no more no less. However according to this site

Options for Unlocked Messaging from a SQL Server Transaction

I maintain a SQL Server-based application that requires us to send notifications of certain database changes to connected clients. These clients are fat-client C++ apps with high-bandwidth connectivity to the server. Up until this point, we've been u

JavaDocs for Tibco datagrams (TibrvMsg)?

Does anyone know of available Javadoc for Tibco rvd datagrams (specifically, class "com.tibco.tibrv.TibrvMsg")? It is not hard to decompile classes to get signatures, but that does not tell a lot about expected optimal usage and such. All I need

Service Bus Recommendations .net?

We are in need of a distributed architecture messaging system/service bus with the capability of Publish/Subscribe. Does anyone have any reccomendations for a framework that we can use for .net applications?NServiceBus is growing in popularity. It is

Why should I use ActiveMQ to send emails?

many weeks ago recommended me for send emails, ActiveMQ. So i search information about this, but i don't understand totally how this works. Could someone explain me why i should use ActiveMQ for send emails ?I think there has been a communication bre

Design Help - Polymorphic Event Processing

Design Question – Polymorphic Event Handling I'm currently trying to reduce the number of Event Handles in my current project. We have multiple systems that send data over USB. I currently have a routine to read in the messages and parse the initial

Can someone explain to what message brokers are used?

In my line of work it's hard to go five minutes without someone extolling the virtues of MQ Series or MSMQ or the like, and I always wonder, after the sparkle of buzzwords has passed, what are some actual examples of these wonderful devices out in th