Concatenate data frames with different lengths

This question already has an answer here: Simultaneously merge multiple data.frames in a list 7 answers I have many data.frames in different length, and I want to concatenate them one by one by row.names in R, if one data.frame miss some names, then

Merge multiple text files into a single CSV file

I have couple of files which contain data like this: file1.txt abc def hij file2.txt def abc qlm file3.txt def lop tmn desired output: mergedfile.csv file1 file2 file2 abc def def def abc lop hij qlm tmn Python Documentation CSV File Reading and Writ

Merge the vector of nodes to obtain the vector of common nodes

Given that I have the following knots vector U1, U2, U3 U1 = {0.25, 0.25, 0.5, 0.5, 0.75, 0.75, 0.8}; U2 = {0.21, 0.25, 0.3, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8}; U3 = {0.25, 0.3, 0.7, 0.8}; Now I would like to calculate their common knots vector , i.e., a knots vector th

How do I know how many master's commits are not in my branch?

We are using GitHub to store our code repositories, and we would like all developers to ensure that branches are up to date with master before doing local developer testing, and merging. There are two ways of updating a branch with the commits of mas

pandas complicated joining operation

I would like to implement a specific join operation with the following requirements: I have a data frame in the following format, where the index is datetime and I have columns from 0 to N (9 in this example) df1: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2001-01-01 2 53

Merge xts objects with different time intervals

I download quotes from yahoo with quantmod, compute quarterly returns and want to merge the returns and quotes into one xts object. In this new object I would like to see only the date where I have both a return and a quarterly return (typically last

The merge function generates duplicates

This question is just to understand why this would happen. I'm merging two databases: bot.rep.geo <- merge(x = bot.rep, y = geo.2016, by = "cod.geo", all.x = TRUE) The original databases have the following dimensions: bot.rep has 1634451 obse

How to get another branch git up to the current branch?

I've redacted the image below for privacy reason, but basically I have two branches that I am trying to get on the same commit. The commit with the tag is on a different branch than then one with the tag I've tried merging

Git merge does not take a new file

I have branch A and branch B . I am trying to merge from B to A . I am on branch A I run git merge B Git merges some stuff. I can see some conflicts and merged files, but there is a file in B which is new (no versions of such file in A) and that file

Fusion of two matrices of different sizes

I have two symmetrical correlation matrices, of which one represents a subset of the other. I want to merge both matrices into long format, to later use this for x,y plots. Here is a small example. library(reshape) library(ggplot2) dist1 <- matrix(ru

Merge the parent branch into the child branch

I'm using bitbucket and sourcetree and I've done this: I have a develop branch. From this branch I have created a feature branch. After creating I have fix some errors on develop branch and push it to this branch only. How can I have these fixes in t

How to reduce NA and merge multiple columns in one column

I have a merged dataset looks like this: V3 V1.x V2.x V1.y V2.y V982 V2163 1 10075 Whitten Jamie L. 1225 <NA> NA 2 2 2 10421 Yates Sidney R. 1252 Yates Sidney R. 1252 2 0 3 10520 Gonzalez Henry B. 445 Gonzalez Henry B. 445 0 0 4 10573 Brown George E

How to array_unique dimension tables

How to array_unique dimensional arrays I have array below : Input Array [0] => Array ( [staff_id] => 1 [service_id] => 1 [avatar_url] => gallery-1.png [full_name] => Germaine [price] => 0.00 ) [1] => Array ( [staff_id] => 3 [servic

Join files with common columns in Python

I have a problem joining two large files with 5 common columns and returning the results, which are the identical 5 tuples... Here is what I exactly mean: File1: 132.227 49202 107.21 80 132.227 49202 107.21 80 132.227 49200 107.220 80 132.227 49200 1

Combine 2 rows of tables (sum 2 values)

I have this array: array( array('id' => 1, 'price' => 20.00, 'stock' => 2, 'year' => 11 ), array('id' => 1, 'price' => 20.00, 'stock' => 3, 'year' => 12 ), array('id' => 1, 'price' => 20.00, 'stock' => 2, 'year' => 13 )

merge the same file with mercurial

Ok so I've done a lot off reading and watching of videos but I am still struggling with merging and how its handled i am currently using sourcetree and commandline for most of my testing. So the question is when two users edit the same file but the e

Concatenating two paintings of chains?

I am new to the c world and I want to merge two arrays into one array, i have one idea how to do this, but it doesnt work :P char *s_one[] = { "Zorro", "Alex", "Celine" }; char *s_two[] = { "Zorro1", "Alex1&quo

PHP: Need loop to switch between returned messages

I have a an array of posts that are returned by doing three queries. 3 posts from the blog where posts are NOT in 'In the Media' or 'Insights', 3 from the blog where posts are in 'In the Media' 3 from the blog where posts are in 'Insights'. Here's wh

How to update an external property while performing a svn merge

I have a private branch that is quite out dated from the trunk. When I do SVN merge from trunk, it seems that it is not updating the revision values of external dependent repositories with new values from the trunk. I am using SVN 1.6.16. Is there a

Find the smallest number of n ranks sorted

So, you have n sorted arrays (not necessarily of equal length), and you are to return the kth smallest element in the combined array (i.e the combined array formed by merging all the n sorted arrays) I have been trying it and its other variants for q

Merge the 2nd column for each 1st column in MySQL

I have data that looks like ABC 1234,2134,6754,7658 XYZ 4324,5643,6754,9832,5478,0987 DEF 2938,4637,1093,6734,5632 GHI 3274 ABC 9983 DEF 1211,4782 What I want is to merge the 2nd column for each ID in 1st column ABC 1234,2134,6754,7658,9983 XYZ 4324,

Java: Merging InputStreams

My goal is to create (or use existing) an InputStream implementation (say, MergeInputStream) that will try to read from a multiple InputStreams and return the first result. After that it will release lock and stop reading from all InputStreams until

Combination of the history of merged branches in GIT?

In my git repository, I have merged branch "B" into "master", getting the the following structure: --> A --> B --> C --> D (branch master) | | F --> G --> H (branch B) I now want to combine the branches to get the fol